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Starting price: $51,300 USD

The new mid- and large-sized intelligent electric SUV with navigational performance will provide both pure electricity and extended capacity. In which, the pre-sale price of the extended version is 313,600 yuan and the pre-sale price of the pure electric version is 333,600 yuan. The pure electric version of the NEDC has a range of 500 km and the extended range version has a comprehensive range of up to 860 km. The new vehicle is expected to be delivered in the third quarter of 2021.

Voyah FREE was born from the Voyah iFree concept car. The mass-produced model has a more concise overall appearance and detailed handling. The lower part is a smooth air inlet, creating an overall feeling of Strong and recognizable.

Specifically, the illuminable light strip is connected to the LOGO Voyah. After nightfall is the best time to display it.

The side of the body of the Voyah FREE is very simple and the smooth waistline extends from the front to the back, which looks very sturdy visually. In terms of body dimensions, the length / width / height of the Landu FREE is 4905/1950/1690 mm and the wheelbase is 2955 mm, keeping it on par with popular rivals.

The smooth body design also gives it a low drag coefficient of 0.28cd, surpassing the ideal ONE (0.32cd) in the same degree.

At the rear of the car, Voyah FREE continues the simple design style of the front, slim taillights and wing-width indicator lights that can bring a very high level of recognition.

The interior of the Voyah FREE adopts the concept of a smart cockpit. Three large screens occupy the entire center console. The triple screen design not only enhances the overall texture and feel of the technology. Regarding its function, it can also push information such as navigation and music to each other, and can share a large number of software in the car, which is very intelligent.

When the vehicle is in "high power mode", this built-in triple display can automatically lower. At the same time, the sports atmosphere lights will light up, the air suspension will adapt to lower the body posture, and the sports aroma system will also be activated. Both the craftsmanship and the sense of science and technology have reached the same high level.

In addition, the Landu FREE roof has two configurations: a two-piece panoramic sunroof and a fully closed panoramic sunroof. Among them, the fully enclosed panoramic sky screen has ten light and dark adjustment functions, which can not only enhance the sense of space in the car, but also effectively isolate the sunlight. fruit.

In terms of interactivity, Landu FREE offers 4-zone voice recognition, and all passengers can independently control their air conditioning temperature and raised windows. At the same time, the new car also offers 4 gesture controls to quickly perform related functions and then can unlock more gesture controls via OTA; Driver identity verification offers facial recognition and voice recognition, which can automatically match corresponding driving settings for different drivers Sure.

In terms of driver assistance functions, Landu FREE will support driver assistance functions above the L2 + level In terms of hardware, the vehicle is equipped with 3 millimeter wave radars, 9 cameras and 12 ultrasonic radars.

In addition, the new car has an active night vision system within 150 meters ahead. It can also achieve functions including ACC full-speed adaptive cruise, LKA lane-keeping assist, AEB automatic braking, 360° panoramic imaging, BSD blind-spot monitoring and others. The active and passive safety configuration is very comprehensive. For NVH, the new vehicle will be equipped with double-layer soundproof glass and low-noise tires. At the same time, Voyah FREE will also be equipped with a Dynaudio sound system to create a theater-like audio-visual experience.

The seat shape of Voyah FREE is very unique, the core is more, and the comfort is very good. The seats are also outstanding in configuration, equipped with electric adjustment for the main and auxiliary seats, remember the main driver's seat position, and at the same time, there is no absence of heating and ventilation functions for the main seats and passengers.

With a wheelbase of more than 2.9m and a 5-seat layout of all models, Voyah FREE has absolutely no need to worry about seating space, this 5-seater model with a large wheelbase will have legs. The latter is quite prominent. Space Department.

The floor in the rear seats is very flat, very friendly for the middle passenger, spacious legroom and extremely comfortable.

Voyah FREE also has good performance on storage space, can see the storage compartments everywhere, such as keys and mobile phones. In addition, its trunk space is also good, and there is a standard electric tailgate for all systems, ensuring convenience.

In terms of power, Landu FREE will offer two power options: extended range and pure electric. The electric motors of the all-electric and wide-range models are the same. They are both front and rear dual-engine layouts. The official data shows a comprehensive peak power of 510kw and a peak torque of 1040Nm. The pure electric model accelerates from 100 km to 4.7 seconds and has a range of 500 km in all-round NEDC operating conditions.

The extended range model accelerates from 100 km in just 4.5 seconds. It is equipped with a four-cylinder 1.5T range extender and a high-performance generator with a peak power of 80 kilowatts. Thermal efficiency reaches 41.07%, very comprehensive flight range of the system reaches 860 km.

The vehicle will also offer four driving modes: "standard mode", "comfort mode", "terrain mode" and "high power mode". Additionally, Voyah FREE pure power and extended range both provide 11kW home charging and DC fast charging. As for the chassis, Voyah FREE will use a double wishbone front, a multi-link independent suspension structure at the rear, and will also be equipped with an air suspension to further enhance the ride comfort. .

It is worth mentioning that starting in 2021, every year Voyah Auto will launch at least one new car on the market. In the next 5 years, Voyah's automotive products will cover many market segments such as cars, SUVs and MPVs. In 2021, Landu Automobile will set up 40 direct experience stores across the country.

FREE will also apply custom production + transparent orders. Based on a digital factory and platform, users can view the entire process of order production, matching, production, logistics and delivery after placing an order on the Official App with one click. , To achieve transparent order distribution.

From a power perspective of Voyah FREE, its opponents will be Weilai ES6 and Ideal ONE. The all-electric version and the extended program hybrid version will compete directly with them. Compared with Ideal ONE, Voyah has stronger dynamic performance and many years of experience in car building of Dongfeng Motor. Compared to Weilai ES6, Voyah's pure electric version has more powerful technology, more affordable price and higher quality.

From a pre-sale price point of view, the Voyah FREE will also compete with luxury fuel-efficient models like the Audi Q5L. Outstanding design, luxurious configuration, outstanding advantages in space are strengths to make it a standard in the same segment. vehicle.

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