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Starting price: $16,673 USD

The new Binyue uses a more dynamic color scheme to create a sense of fashion. There are 5 body colors to choose from, including explosive yellow, hot flame red, storm blue, thunder gray and lightning white; the new car uses new energy storm front design, sports two-color body, black borderless front grille, X-shaped energy overflow front guard, C-shaped energy fog lights, power-pulse trim, black sports wheels and double-layer three-dimensional rear wing design, the overall shape has been renewed, and the new dynamic red and black interior has been upgraded And the interior is yellow and The newly added Jinxiang black fully embodies the sporty atmosphere of the new Binyue as a sports car.

First launched in China in 2016, the Geely Boyue, better known to Malaysians as the Proton X70, is now in its fifth year of life.

A replacement is due soon, at least for China. During a presentation to Geely investors in November, Geely Automobile Holdings Limited shared that it will announce at least four new models in 2021, among them the second generation Geely Boyue based on the platform. New CMA.

Considering that Geely's announcement comes in the context of the 'preliminary new product' keyword, we don't expect the all-new second-generation Geely Boyue to be launched until 2022.

So far, the Chinese media has very little information regarding the second generation Boyue. In fact, this is the first information regarding the new Boyue. Ironically, it came from Geely herself.

When will the second generation Proton X70 be released?
The current-generation Proton X70 only started production in Malaysia at the Tanjung Malim plant in late 2019, ahead of a February 2020 launch, just before MCO/CMCO ruined the company's predictions.

We expect the current Proton X70 to remain in production for at least another 5 years, which also means we'll skip the new generation Geely Boyue and go straight to the facelifted version instead, possibly is around 2025.

What is the CMA platform?

The current Geely Boyue, which Malaysians will know as the Proton X70, is built on Geely's proprietary NL platform, which has since been replaced by the newer generation BMA and CMA platforms.

The BMA platform is used by the Proton X50. The more expensive CMA (Compact Modular Architecture) platform is used by the Volvo XC40 and Polestar 2.

In other words, the next Geely Boyue will be the first Proton that you can tell is actually a Volvo underneath.

The CMA platform is essentially a simpler version of the SPA (Scalable Platform Architecture) platform used by the Volvo 60 and 90 models - the XC90, S90, XC60 and S60.

The biggest difference between the CMA and SPA platforms is that CMA cars cannot be equipped with an electric motor to drive the rear wheels, otherwise known as ERAD (Electric Rear Axle Drive) in Volvo terms. However, it can still perform full-time mechanical all-wheel drive normally.

2022 Geely Binyue

The new generation Geely Boyue 2022 will definitely ditch the current (and old) 1.8-liter turbocharged four-cylinder in favor of a newer, cleaner and economical 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine. More fuel is used by Proton X50. In fact, export variants of the Proton X70 were equipped with a smaller 1.5-liter engine.

The new generation Boyue will certainly be offered as a mild hybrid or a plug-in hybrid. China's stricter emissions standards could also mean that only hybrid versions will be sold in China, while internal combustion engine versions will only be used in domestic markets. less developed countries like Malaysia.

Higher semi-autonomous driving capabilities are also expected. Geely is a major player in driverless cars and car-sharing services. The current Proton X70 lacks adaptive cruise control and semi-autonomous parking capabilities, which newer CMA-powered vehicles can do.

2022 Geely Binyue launched in China on 14 /08

It is known that Binyue has just launched a total of 6 models this time, with rich model configurations to meet the personalized car needs of users. Battle, Honor and Xingyao models are equipped with a 1.5TD engine with a maximum capacity of 130kW, maximum torque of 255N m and an acceleration of only 7.9 seconds from 100 km, a 7DCT wet dual-clutch transmission. In particular, the Battle version is the top model with an exclusive custom yellow and black interior. It can be equipped with an optional racing car package that includes exhaust sound, tracking mode, intelligent AI camera. It has pulsating LED headlights and sport paddles. . Film, 72-color rhythmic ambient light, L2+ intelligent driving system, BSD blind-spot monitoring, 6 airbags, PM2.5 air purification system, borderless electronic anti-glare interior rearview mirror , new RPA remote control parking and panoramic view upgraded to 540° panoramic image, and 180° chassis perspective function added to 360° image.

Honor version is upgraded in terms of smart, safety and technology features, equipped with LED headlights, colorful 7-inch LCD screen, electric tailgate, 6-way electric support for the main driver's seat and heated seats. ; secure configuration. supports ICC intelligent steering system, ACC adaptive cruise system, AEB urban pre-collision safety system, AEB & AEB-P front collision system with two-wheeler scene recognition, assistance system lane keeping assist LKA, emergency lane avoidance system ELKA, lane departure warning system LDW, intelligent high beam control system IHBC, intelligent recognition and reminder of SLIF traffic signs; technology configuration equipped with Geely Galaxy OS based on E02 platform, which can realize full-time AI voice recognition, realize immersive interaction, and more open and interconnected intelligent cockpit, equipped equipped with T-BOX remote control function to realize remote car control, support mobile Bluetooth key for online sharing, and add DTS stereo to enhance sound effects.

Xingyao version is equipped with 1.5TD engine + 7DCT dual-clutch transmission, 18-inch sports wheels painted in black, sports exterior package, sports seats, main / co-driver seats equipped with LED makeup mirror lights and four doors. The windows are raised with the push of a button, have anti-rust function, are equipped with a panoramic sunroof with a starry sky, fully automatic stabilizing air conditioning and sports launch assist.

In addition, the new Binyue also launched 3 watch models: 1.4T + 6DCT / 6MT combination gold version, platinum version and diamond version. Gold version is equipped with 1.4T engine, 6-speed manual transmission, comprehensive fuel consumption of 6.1L / hundred km, supports CCS cruise control system and LIM speed limit system when driving smart and has TPMS intelligent tire pressure and temperature monitoring system and ESC on safety configuration. Keyless, 6-way adjustable seats, leather sport seats and other comfort configurations, fully meet the needs of daily driving.

Platinum version is equipped with 1.4T engine, combined with Getrag 6DCT gearbox, in configuration, on the basis of gold version, the car has electronic gearshift paddles, 12.3-inch touch screen. High resolution, power sunroof, support for NORMAL comfort mode and SPORT sport mode. Richer driving pleasure. The diamond version features EPB electronic parking brake, AUTHOLD automatic parking system, front side airbags, upgraded 360° high-definition panoramic imaging, HDC hill descent system, and multiple configurations. more functional.

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