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Starting price is about $21,102 USD

The development of Chinese automotive brands for many years, the products commensurate with it must also be enhanced. "Strength" here is not only Changhong's sales, which is also an image upgrade when everyone saw the first impressive car then high-end and advanced.

After years of stable development, Geely Automobile has established the leading position of the Chinese brand. Now it's time to go further. The target of China Star consists of Xingyue L, Xingyue S and Xingrui are towards high-end products and brand directions or more. About the product itself, some Xingzi generation cars have achieved that, the most obvious feeling is that it is full of senior meaning, the level doesn't lose any more expensive joint venture cars.

For Xingyue L, located as a key SUV model, this is especially important, it can be said that this is its advantage over every opponent. Feeling high quality comes from many aspects, including design, materials, workmanship, configuration, driving ways, v.V. Let's talk about each one.

The first is designed, right from the first time revealed by KX11 with the famous star Yue L, just a few exterior and interior makeup images can also attract the attention of a lot of users, real Impressive image parameters, only in general. In terms of designs, only simple straight lines can also feel its solemn and solid style, which is the common characteristic of many cars.

The details are no less important, rugged front grille, hard headlights and fitted chromium plating strips that can assess the intent of the designer when you look closely. You can leave a profound impression without an expression of an expression of mature design. Many Chinese brands did not understand that Geely did.

At the same time, Xingyue L and Xingyue S have a clear difference in style, the following model is clearly youthful, dynamic, personality, which is also due to the positioning of two different vehicles. Although all brands are focusing on rejuvenating, they cannot deny that mature and stable models still take a lot of areas.

Compared to the external form, high-end sensory interior is more important, in addition to the level of levels of use (smoothness, easy to use), a good design can also bring users a mind Good condition. The most attractive thing at the beginning was the so-called "full-screen meter-level", in fact a super-large three-screen screen realized by the control panel, central control screen and clock entertainment screen Drive. Like Tesla, it brings people a feeling of advanced technology.

Be calm and feel carefully. What makes Xingyue L furniture really comfortable is not the size of these three screens, which is a combination of screen showing technology feeling and other interior components, not uncomfortable at all , This feeling of coordination is very important to create the overall atmosphere of the interior. Compare the interior of the new BBA model, and it's a similar feeling.

Luxury feeling also comes from materials and workmanship, mentioned in most car reviews. This is really the most understandable and easy-to-feel. Xingyue L has all the best options that can be provided at this price. And the area has a great look and feel. Interior two-colored brown and white standards are very good, you can also give up more money to choose double suede Symphony with more personality and noble pins, which is a green car paint package worth 5,000 yuan.

With the development of automotive intelligence, large size and many screens are not new. Some people will ask, "What does this regard to advanced?" Consumers who understand from the configuration level, have been a high-end vehicle, should be equipped at the top level in the same class cars, if others have that you don't have it, it will not work.

How to combine these functions and configurations well and present them in the best conditions of the manifestation of strength. Digitization is just one of them, Xingyue L tries to become comprehensive to erase consumers' concerns about the top nature of cars, such as safety, which people cannot ignore . From CN95 air conditioner filter, AQS air quality management system, to the entire advanced smart driving support system G-PILOT with many different active safety functions, the top strengths are nothing Other than this.

Recently, the theme "Auto Driving Support" is very hot, traditional car companies are still relatively cautious in this regard, at least they do not use "automatic numbers" misunderstood. The actual functional performance of Xingyue L is very typical L2 driving support. , one click it can be easily opened, and the speed control, the distance between the vehicles and interfering with the steering wheel in this process can make people feel comfortable using, close one Really auxiliary roles for safe driving and reducing drivers' labor will come down to certain levels.


The feeling of dynamic driving at a high level is the most complex project, it is necessary to consider both processing and comfort. Xingyue L is built on CMA architecture with a good foundation and has also performed a targeted job of specific adjustments. For example, about strength, the entire drive-E 2.0 drive has two power versions of T4 and T5 and have the same level of light weight, economy and NVH.

High power T5 version, with a maximum capacity of 175kW and maximum 350N · M torque, combined with AISIN 8AT automatic transmission and Borgwarner's fourth-generation four-wheel drive system. If you count four 245/45 R20 Goodyear Eagle F1 tires, this is the most powerful combination. Under my knowledge, Xingyue L does not need to pay too much attention to performance, so the main model should be the first-to-drive version of T4 (160KW, 325N · M) + 7DCT average capacity, what do you think?

The first time driving the Xingyue L, you can scare by its big body, but it is actually easy to control. Also motivated. So easy. The ability to operate the powerful strength with smoothness, unless it is a sports steering mode, it is difficult to feel the power of T5, but I believe most Xingyue L users will enjoy smoothness this.

Perhaps it was an intention to pursue this calm feeling. Xingyue L has a European style handling, shown in the steering system and tight roaring system. The advantage is a very stable feeling when driving fast, and the driver will be calmer. But in the other side, the comfort of driving daily is a little affected, especially the high-end version equipped with 20-inch wheels, the sense of transmission of the car clearly, and the noise of the tire is a bit worthwhile. Concerns when sugar in poor conditions.

For top-equipped models, considering the level of configuration and face problems, more attention orientation to performance should not be criticized, but I think Xingyue L can be adjusted To create comfort at the top. Perhaps performance is low and medium. Scope models will be more suitable for this positioning.

Xingyue L, launched on July 20, has sold more than 6000 units within 10 days, this is definitely a good result. decide to buy. Important factor-price, selling price of six models: 137,200 yuan to 185,200 yuan. Taking into account the different performances above, the size of the mid-size SUV, the structure of high-end joint venture brand, the whole 2.0T strength, safe safety and smart configuration can only be tissue Description is worth the money. .

2022 Geely Xingyue L - A top star with full plush feeling and great value | Cars in China 2022 Geely Xingyue L - A top star with full plush feeling and great value | Cars in China Reviewed by My Home on August 20, 2021 Rating: 5

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