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Starting price is about $40,990 USD

Recently, due to the influence of the epidemic, self-driving tourism in China has become the main mode of transportation people are interested in during the holidays, if at this time it is possible to have a car. Luxury SUVs. can take into account both comfort and strong off-road ability. The airline would be the better choice, because its arrival not only gives us a comfortable travel experience, but can also cope with the challenges posed by different road sections and help us Discover more beautiful scenes. But most of the high-end SUV models with the above functions on the auto market are not cheap. So is there a premium SUV that can account for both extreme comfort and off-road capability and high cost? After testing the Haval H9 2022, we found the answer.

Because this change is mainly aimed at the interior decoration and hardware configuration of the car, from the overall appearance, in addition to the obvious changes at the front of the car, the sides and body are still according to the design of the car. previous models. At the front of the car, it retains the previous matrix LED headlights with the ability to automatically adjust the high beam, low beam, creating a sense of power in the lower half of the grille, which is also deliberately thickened. In addition, the original fog light position on both sides of the front bumper has also been changed to a more fashionable design with fake air intakes and LED lights. The whole new styling of the front lights also makes it more in line with the identity of Haval's flagship Model car. Add faces.

Unlike the exterior that tries to create a sense of authoritarianism, the interior of the new H9 stands out for its premium comfort and a sense of technology. As a domestically produced high-end SUV, the equipment on the car can be mentioned as standard leather seats, perforated leather multi-function steering wheel, 7-inch LCD clock, electronic gearshift paddles, air filtration system, ambient lighting, three zones. air conditioning, etc. Configuration level has everything.

In order to keep up with the times and improve the sense of science and technology on the car, on the basis of keeping the previous interior design, the center control area is replaced by a high-definition 12.3-inch LCD screen. new equipment. motorcycle system. This large screen motorcycle machine not only refreshes the entire center console, it is also very convenient to operate. And for the sake of practicality, the original physical parts of the car engine are replaced with a row of functional touch buttons located along the left side of the screen.

During use, the image quality displayed on the screen is very clear, there is no phenomenon of machine freeze, image breakage during operation. Enter the main interface of the vehicle and machine, the overall layout of the functional area is neat and logical. Above we can see more famous entertainment applications such as Aiwei, Douyin, Aiquting, Brand Bookshelf, etc., combined with the extremely quiet space brought by the front double-glazed glass and sound configurations. 10 speakers Yanfei Lishi. The system on high-end vehicles makes our journey more relaxing and pleasant.

Due to the adoption of the new Tencent TAI3.0 ecosystem, more than 20 small programs from Tencent's WeChat have been added to the car to make this car more practical, and a new version of Tencent Gaodejia is also used. . makes its vehicle navigation more precise, intelligent and detailed than ever before.

A model that can be called a high-end SUV is of course not inferior in terms of driving comfort, in this respect the H9 has done quite well. The cushion of the entire car seat is very soft and has a certain level of support, the smoothness is not inferior to imported D-class cars. This time, the front and rear seats of the top 5-seater premium version we tested have heated and ventilated seats, and the front seats also have a massage function.

When it comes to the rear seats, the angle of the seat backs can be adjusted, allowing the rear passengers to stay in a semi-reclining position. At the same time, the high non-upholstered headrests can also provide good support for the rear passengers' heads Along with the center console for the rear seats can control music, sunroof, rear seats and lights ambient lighting it can bring to you. offers a kind of VIP-class enjoyment on a first-class aircraft.

As we all know, a good power steering and off-road system can improve the passing ability of a car. In terms of power, the 2022 Haval H9 is equipped with a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that meets the country's latest 6b emissions requirements, when combined with ZF's 8-speed automatic transmission, the maximum power is 165 kilowatts and The maximum output torque is 385 N m. During the test drive, due to off-road tuning, the accelerator pedal response is not very sensitive in the early stages, but the current in the middle and late stages is continuous and very smooth, the overall acceleration performance is good.

In addition, compared to other brands, this power combination belongs to the upper class, driving this H9 weighing a little more than 2 tons is not a problem. Surprisingly, this engine can be filled with 92# gasoline, definitely saving the user some money on gas.

Off-road, in addition to a non-load-bearing chassis with reinforced beams with a ground clearance of 206 mm and excellent traction and torsional performance, and a 28-degree approach angle, 23-degree departure angle, and wading maximum 700 mm In addition to the inherent advantages of the body, this car is also equipped with many "professional" off-road systems. For example, there's BorgWarner's two-speed TOD intelligent four-wheel drive system, CCO low-speed off-road cruise, TAB tank spin, second-generation ATS all-terrain control system, and three differential locks. extremely hard. These off-road systems also allow us. It's not surprising that the H9 can have super-powerful off-road capabilities. Of course, most of the time they just gave us enough off-road confidence, and we didn't need them.

As the flagship product of the Haval brand, H9 has also made great efforts in ensuring vehicle safety. In addition to Bosch's original 9.3 generation high-end ESP body control system, which supports L2-level autonomous driving assistance and a fully automatic parking assist system, the new H9 also adds a set of additional suites. Original driving record and features found on top models. The intelligent cockpit voice facial recognition system that recognizes the driver's voice and facial features can effectively monitor the driver's driving status and communication, and when needed When necessary, it will also give corresponding prompts to the driver, certainly providing the driver with more protected safety.

In short, if you do not have a high budget to buy a car but want a high-end SUV, with powerful off-road capabilities and comfort, then I think the Haval H9 is a pretty good choice. We must know that imported SUVs or joint ventures with the same configuration almost all cost tens, even millions, so we will feel that the H9 is really very cost-effective. And I think the upgrade of the 2022 model is in place, it correctly optimizes the shortcomings of the previous model, especially in the engine-vehicle system, I believe its changes can be better adapted. with the usage habits of the people. In addition, the newly added towbar system with a maximum towing capacity of 2500 kg and the pre-installed winch position also gives H9 owners more ways to play in the future.

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