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Starting price: $12,180 USD

Haval Jolion 2022, Great Wall Motor's third new lemon-based model, has been officially launched, priced from 7,89-122,900 yuan. As the first entry-level small SUV of the Great Wall, Haval has been "favored" by many since its debut at the 2020 Guangzhou Auto Show.

Its name is Haval Jolion 2022, and it's clearly reaching out to emotions and young people. The passionate design language of burning love, the brand new family front design, the hexagonal honeycomb mesh, etc. all embody the purity and personality of Harvard's Haval Jolion 2022.

In fact, the first impression of Haval Jolion 2022 is especially good, as soon as you enter the gallery, your eyes will definitely be drawn to her. With a youthful and trendy appearance, the meticulous and elaborate interior decoration is even more eye-catching. So, such a pattern will make you fall in love at first sight?

Irresistible "par value"

Haval Jolion 2022's appearance continues the family design while making it more trendy. Large front air intake and recognizable chrome honeycomb grille, standard LED headlamps water to identify degrees. extremely high.

The headlight cluster has a very personal design, connected to the left and right air intakes of the front of the car, LED daytime running lights are equipped below, helping to improve the lighting efficiency of traffic.

Two-color exterior rearview mirror, angular shape, integrated LED turn signal and side camera, 360° panoramic image, adjustable function, electric folding, heating and auto-folding car lock, very practical . .

When it was announced, Harvard fans told me that her pictures were familiar, and her favorite pictures were compared to H6's beautiful design. The bodywork looks slim, the windows are decorated with texture-enhanced chrome trim strips, the contours are painted black and the bottom of the doors is fitted with anti-collision bars, giving the entire body a sporty look. .

The rear of the car does not have too many fancy layouts, the tail wing is very wide, the vertical taillights are very recognizable after being lit.  British brand logo is mounted in the center, matching the black diffuser below the rear of the car. The new car adds more sporty flavors.

 Haval Jolion 2022 is "excellent" in terms of appearance, the large grille brings strong visual effects, the uneven headlights and taillights are clearly visible. The most eye-catching point is to provide 6 body colors including scarlet red, blackboard, chalk white, pencil gray, sky blue and very "youthful" playground blue.

Exclusive "featured configuration" of young people attracts attention

 Haval Jolion 2022 continues the latest home decor style, close to the 3rd generation H6. The overall style is simple and fresh, without any frills.

Like the body color, the interior color scheme is also very "personal", with 5 colors including black gray, black red, black brown and dark blue.

The technological atmosphere inside Haval Jolion 2022 is relatively strong, with three screens: 12.3-inch LCD central control screen, which not only supports WIFI smart projection, but also can realize three-way smart link screen with 8.6-inch full-up display. and LCD dashboard.

In addition, the car engine system also supports GPS positioning, road call rescue, original factory connection, facial recognition, car network connection and OTA upgrade function, and there is no problem. What's the problem when meeting the user's daily car scene.

The multifunction steering wheel is fully functional, the gearshift knob is very delicate, the car is equipped with a number of physical buttons, some areas are covered with leather, and the materials used are sincere.

Specifically, the car's charging ports are equipped with a lot of charging ports, there are 3 USB charging ports in the front seats and 2 USB charging ports in the rear seats, if needed you can also install a Type-C charging port. .

Although it is a compact SUV model,  Haval Jolion 2022 did not disappoint in the space. The length, width, and height of the body are 4472/1841/1619mm, respectively, and the wheelbase is 2700mm. The rear seats support a 4:6 ratio, and they are basically level with the floor.

It is worth mentioning that Haval Jolion 2022 is equipped with facial recognition and voice recognition, this system has been tested on models of the WEY brand. play a very good role as a youth supervisor.

At the same time, the new car is also equipped with a warning system, which can actively prompt the driver to open and close the windows, turn on the air conditioning, ventilate and heat the seats depending on different temperatures and different road conditions. , and at different times.

Equipped with 1.5T . turbocharged engine

Finally, let's talk about motivation.

Haval Jolion 2022 is equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine with a maximum capacity of 110kW and maximum torque of 210Nm, combined with a 6-speed manual transmission and a 7-speed dual clutch.

Because the gear lever uses a knob to shift gears, during driving, the car owner only needs to turn the knob to change the gear, in high-end cars, it is also equipped with a steering wheel to shift gears, very technological and more suitable for the driver. Young people doing exercise. Car buying concept.

Although it is not possible to start the actual exhibition car, it can be seen that the new car is equipped with L2 panoramic autopilot features, including intelligent dodging, emergency lane keeping, safety assistance for passengers. walking/biking, intersection assist and forward collision warning with brakes. Functions., Warning/brake when reversing, 360° automatic parking and other functions.

In addition, the proportion of high-tensile steel used in the new car body is up to 73% higher than the industry leading level, and the torsional stiffness of the whole vehicle reaches 16.2kN m, ensuring excellent safety. for driver and passenger.

Regarding the chassis, due to the starting price of 78,900 yuan, the new car of course does not use the independent rear suspension configuration, the MacPherson independent front suspension and the rear torsion beam non-independent suspension system as well. are expected.

As the third model under the lemon platform, Haval Haval Jolion 2022 has youthful appearance, stylish interior, advanced electro-electronic architecture that offers cool three-screen linkage, multi-function car engine. L2 driving ability and support, very suitable for young people. has a strong attraction. In terms of means of transportation alone, Harvard's Haval Jolion 2022 also shows a strength that is not inferior to the opponent.

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