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Starting price: $23,000 USD

With the Honda Fit arriving in the US market without a replacement, the next-generation Honda HR-V is an important launch for the Japanese brand. The HR-V version mentioned in this story is what markets around the world get this year, but not the US or Canada. A Honda spokesperson told Carscoops.com that another next-generation HR-V is headed to North American markets.

According to Honda's US press office, the successor to the HR-V "will be designed to meet the unique needs of US customers". Honda's Canadian press office says the same about their next-generation HR-V, replacing "American customers" with "Canadians". Expect details to follow mid-year on the change in store, especially the cabin.

Citing Honda Chief Project Officer Kojiro Okabe, a report from autonews.com has said that the next-generation HR-V for the US will be based on a slightly larger platform with a stiffer styling. Instead of the coupe-like rear of the global model, we deduce that it could have a room-friendly vertical rear end. It can provide better cargo volume to make it a practical vehicle for leisure activities and trips between cities.

Small SUV customers in the US and Canada prioritize practicality over style. With the Fit discontinued in these key North American markets, Honda was forced to refresh the surviving subcompact model perfectly.

The HR-V is one of Honda's flagship models in the US and Canada. In Canada, it was the company's third best-selling product last year, with sales of 12,068 units, according to data published by goodcarbadcar.net. This is only Honda's 5th most popular model in the US, but the number of discounts is too large - 84,027 units.

HR-V records best-ever monthly sales in the US in May 2021 - 15,200 units. In June 2021, sales dropped slightly to 14,019 units. From January to June 2021, Honda sold 68,441 HR-V units in the US market, an increase of 85.5% compared to last year. It continues to be Honda with the 5th highest sales in the country as of June, showing great potential.

Honda did not offer the HR-V with a hybrid system in the US and Canada. Perhaps, that could change in the next generation as the company works to increase the share of electrified models in its portfolio. “Our strategy is to focus on introducing a higher proportion of hybrid vehicles in our core models going forward,” Dave Gardner, Executive Vice President, Honda USA, said on June 28. 2021. Furthermore, Toyota plans to launch a hybrid variant of the Toyota Corolla Cross, the HR-V's new competitor, in the US in 2023. Honda could attract potential customers of the Corolla Cross Hybrid. to its showrooms with the HR-V Hybrid.

2020 is the best year in Honda's history for electric vehicle sales in the United States. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the company increased sales of electric vehicles by 4.5% in 2020 to set a new record. Globally, Honda targets electric vehicles to account for two-thirds of auto sales by 2030. A model as important as the HR-V clearly needs electrification in all mass markets, including Japan, the United States and Canada, for Honda to achieve its goal.

Honda's Electrification Strategy (North America)

Honda plans to convert 40% of its sales to EV/FCV models by 2030 in North America and increase that number to 80% by 2035. Its ultimate goal is to convert 100% of sales. sales in North America to EVs and FCVs by 2040. Initially, the company will borrow GM's third-generation global EV platform and Ultium batteries. Leveraging on its partnership with GM, the automaker confirmed the launch of the Honda Prologue 2024 electric SUV in early 2024 and the Acura 2024 electric SUV a few months later.

Honda's long-term plan is to develop a new 'e: Architecture' natively exclusively for electric vehicles. The company has confirmed that it will introduce the first e:Architecture models in North America, starting in the second half of the decade, and then in other regions.

As we all know, the 2022 Honda Vezel debuted in Japan in February. The new compact SUV is equipped with an e:HEV hybrid system almost across the entire range in its first market, where it went on sale in April.

Inspired by the Honda SUV e: concept, the global Honda HR-V 2022 (codename: Honda NX) presents a bold style with a noticeably steeper rear glass that makes the car look sportier, with taillights. thinner obviously makes a difference to the latter. The all-new model looks sporty thanks to its tall coupe-esque styling at the rear and SUV-like from the upright front end and straight lines. It's impressive how the designers managed to balance a solid SUV stance with a coupe-like hunchback.

The Honda HR-V 2022 has a characteristic design that combines a traditional SUV and a modern crossover. It has a stiffer front end with a significantly larger hexagonal grille, a flat, upside-down V-shaped roofline, and sharper headlights.

On the sides, the Honda HR-V 2022 has a larger greenhouse and a straighter roofline that improves outside visibility and space for rear passengers. The rear end contrasts with the front and sides, with an extremely rugged windshield for the sporty look typical of SUV coupes. Like the headlights, the taillights are sleek and interconnected, giving the car a bolder look.


The Honda HR-V has done a diet to free up space and looks very ready. The sleeker dashboard is a big contributor to this, and the most unique center display is the immediate next on the list. Repeated customers will appreciate the new dual-zone climate control panel with physical controls with a rotating watch face. The side AC vent controls come with similar but smaller buttons that contribute to the minimalist theme while providing more convenience. The steering wheel and dashboard look smaller than the old Honda HR-V.

Honda has taken the newly developed rear seats on the HR-V 2022 and placed them 30 mm (1.2 in.) further to the rear. The company has provided two additional degrees of recline for the rear seats. The driver's seat is 10 mm (0.4 in.) higher than the accompanying model, which should provide a better view of the road ahead.

Features of Honda HR-V 2022

Honda HR-V 2022 is equipped with a lot of new features to attract young and tech-savvy customers. On the outside, the car has LED headlights with dual LED DRLs as LED sequential turn signals, active cornering lights, 18-inch alloy wheels, hidden rear door handles, free power tailgate Manual with Walk Away Close function and full-width LED taillights.

Key interior features include an Air Diffuser, a 9-inch touchscreen infotainment system with wireless Apple CarPlay, wired Android Auto, OTA updates, a driver information display. 7-inch TFT, wireless charging pad, touch-activated cabin lights and premium sound system with an amplifier.

The Honda HR-V 2022 has stable front seats with carpet-structure support instead of a spring setting, which reduces fatigue on long journeys and provides more comfort in everyday use, according to Honda. The driver and front passenger tend to feel uncomfortable when the climate control system's air blows directly at them. In this case, there is a new ventilation configuration that the new 'Air Diffusion System' allows. It discreetly releases a soft 'breeze' like air from the outer sides of the vents. Air also moves to the roof, creating a slight vortex.

In Japan, Honda offers the Vezel 2022 in a petrol variant in G trim and in a hybrid variant with X, Z and Play trims. Both petrol and hybrid variants can be purchased with FWD or AWD drivetrain.

The gas-powered Honda Vezel G 2022 uses a newly developed 1.5-liter 'L15Z' 4-cylinder engine that produces 87 kW (117 hp) and 142 Nm (105 Lb.-Ft.) . The engine is mated to a CVT as standard, and it's the same unit used in the fourth-generation Honda Fit but with a lower gear ratio.

The Honda Vezel Hybrid X/Z/Play 2022 is equipped with an e:HEV hybrid powertrain that combines a 1.5-litre i-VTEC 'LEC' petrol engine and two electric motors. The engine produces 78 kW (105 hp) and 127 Nm (94 Lb.-Ft.), while the propulsion, internally known as the 'H5, makes 96 kW (129 hp) and 253 kW. Nm (187 Lb.-Ft.) .

In Europe, the HR-V 2022 will be sold exclusively with an e:HEV hybrid system that combines a 1.5-liter i-VTEC petrol engine with two electric motors to produce a peak power of 96 kW (129 hp). . Honda has yet to reveal more details.

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