2022 GAC Hycan Z03 - electric car officially opened for pre-sale from 130,000 yuan | Cars in China

Starting price is about $19,995 USD

On August 20, 2022 Hycan Z03 was officially opened for pre-sale with a total of 3 new models on the market and the pre-sale price after the comprehensive subsidy is 130,000-150,000. Hycan Z03 is positioned as a NEDC compact electric SUV with a range of 500km or 600km.

Hycan Auto also gives users exclusive rights for Dading, including basic rights + limited rights package. The basic rights consist of six parts, namely a 4-year, 150,000 km warranty for the entire vehicle; lifetime three-source warranty; lifetime free roadside assistance; monthly 6G lifetime free car traffic; A free charging pad is provided with the purchase of the vehicle. Free installation service; Exclusive multiplayer group service.

Four surprising limited-time exclusivity: the "100-point" shopping package, which includes three car financing policies, including 1 yuan prepayment, 0 month car purchase, and buy cars 0 interest rate , so that users can buy Z03 without pressure; Redeem users can apply an additional 3,000 yuan redemption allowance; choose from three exclusive packages for Dading, with limited-time discounts to buy trendy entertainment packages, worry-free electricity, and peace of mind; there is also a limited time 10,000 points draw, You can win 10,000 yuan gift. Dading's exclusive rights are only available to users who book before September 30th. Previous bookings will be closed on August 31st. Once closed, the previous booking offer will no longer be available. again.

In terms of appearance, the Hycan Z03 adopts the design language of the aesthetic of combat power. Sharp lines and solid lines give a dynamic and futuristic feel to the whole car. It is equipped with a hollow wing-shaped rear wing to show readiness to go forward - body posture. Trendy attitude. Striking skylight front headlights and light guardian taillights, with multiple intelligent light language modes, let Z03 show the charm of fashionable technology.

In terms of body dimensions, the length, width, and height of Hycan Z03 is 4602/1900 / 1645mm, the wheelbase is 2750mm. In addition, the new car will offer 7 body colors for customers to choose from, including Mogan Blue, Yulong White, Xiangshan Red, Kunlun Xuan, Yanshan Silver, Tianshan Blue and Qinling Purple.

Regarding the interior, the Hycan Z03 uses an integrated and simple design, a 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster + a 14.6-inch high-resolution central control touch screen with 2K resolution, a smart and fun built-in Hycan ecology, and top-notch master Bongiovi's professional tuning Sound system delivers a superior and intelligent interactive experience for Generation Z users; The equipped HYCAN PILOT 2.0 intelligent driver assistance system can meet the needs of users for intelligent mobility in the whole scene.

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In terms of power, the new car will offer two lithium iron phosphate batteries of different capacities to choose from, accompanied by a permanent magnet synchronous motor, which can produce a maximum capacity of 135kW. In addition, the new car will also offer a tertiary lithium battery version, which can generate a maximum capacity of 160kW. According to the official reveal, the co-created Z03 NEDC has an optional range of 500km or 600km.

2022 GAC Hycan Z03 - electric car officially opened for pre-sale from 130,000 yuan | Cars in China 2022 GAC Hycan Z03 - electric car officially opened for pre-sale from 130,000 yuan | Cars in China Reviewed by My Home on August 21, 2021 Rating: 5

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