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Starting price is about $30,809 USD

China - Hyundai has brought us the first MPV-Hyundai Custo, which will go head-to-head with the Odyssey at 200,000 yuan, regardless of the new model's product strength. reasonable point of view, this should be another choice in the domestic market, and according to the news, the Kusto will be a "special car for China", and it will be appreciated when it Importantly, this is also an aspect of sensory considerations.

Since it is a completely new car, here is a quick summary of the advantages and disadvantages, and a quick look at this all-new MPV model of Hyundai Beijing:

1. Direct bidding for Odyssey, prices will start at around 170,000 to 180,000 yuan according to grape, and top allocation will be controlled at 250,000 (information comes from producer staff chat, for reference only).

2. The body size is 4950/1850/1734mm, and the wheelbase is 3055mm, one round bigger than the whole Odyssey.

3. No problem with space performance.

4. The seats are very smooth and comfortable, especially the two independent seats in the 2nd row. In addition to the basic multi-directional electric adjustment (not only front and rear but also left and right movement), there are also three memory settings. preset. , which is the 90° backrest of the standard chair, 110° in the view, 135° in the sleep mode respectively, especially the 3rd sleeping position. It is very comfortable to lie on it according to the principle of zero gravity of NASA.

5. Second row of seats based on 3 is indispensable According to the official introduction, second row seats are standard, in other words, all models will be offered except the non-configured version.

6. Both left and right are electric sliding doors, the large glass on the two electric sliding doors can both be raised and lowered in the doorway.

7. The configuration of the cars with the actual hood is very good, in addition to the above introductions such as the second row of seats with manual heating, the second row of seats with heating and ventilation, the third row of seats with manual adjustment. , independent air vents for the third row of seats, etc. The configuration level is very high and really lacking.

1. It is difficult to break through the image of the "driver" of the MPV model is located, the family has a feeling of happiness, the feeling of being "oiled".

2. Similar to Odyssey, there is no problem of seating space after all 3 rows of seats are upright, and the luggage compartment space problem is not large, but medium and short luggage sizes can still be solved. .

3. The old problems of Beijing Hyundai have remained unchanged after many times of teaching, the steering wheel can only be adjusted up and down, not forward or backward.

According to the official introduction, Hyundai Custo is a household MPV model built by Beijing Hyundai with style / space / product competitiveness, focusing on the mid-size and large MPV family car market. Great feature.

The jewel-inspired grille is integrated with daytime running lights. Optional color wheels, short front overhangs and long wheelbase and other details that make up this car's visual effect are coordinated from the side, with see-through taillights. Hyundai Custo's appearance is easy to make a good impression at first sight.

The interior has a very modern design style, the driver-centric driving area clearly shows its intent, the decorative atmosphere is concise without losing the sense of technology, and the acceptability of young people is also very high.

There are two shortcomings, one is the "black border" of the large touch screen and the low screen-to-body ratio, which means that Beixian single-handedly maintains a certain cost control without using the screen. more advanced image. ; second, the steering wheel Old adjustment problem is not satisfied by most of the riders but still unchanged after many instructions, still can only be adjusted up and down, not front and back adjustment. This problem occurs even in Festa, which is the main sport and driving control keyword.

One of the great advantages brought by electronic shifting is that a large area layout can be saved to take advantage of the space Hyundai Custo has left a large gap under the center console area. High heels, women's larger bags, etc. You can put it here as you like.

It is commendable that North now pays great attention to the charging interface, in addition to wireless charging in the first and second rows, the whole car also has 5 USB ports mounted throughout the car, there will be no problem with the charging needs of the car. whole families.

In terms of configuration, the actual shot of this top-equipped Cousteau has given us too many surprises, as said earlier, in addition to the 10.4-inch center console screen that integrates most functions. operating, this car is also equipped with a second row of seats. Full score on comfortable seats, sun blinds, ventilation and seat heating systems, etc., comfort configuration is very rich.

It is worth mentioning that the 2nd row of Costu's seats must mention that the seat cushion of the Costu car is extremely comfortable, with soft padding and good upholstery. On the 2nd row of seats with electric adjustment of the real car, Also Adjustment method Ordinary seats, left and right adjustment methods have also been added. Two independent seats can be centered and put together. Their original intention of designing this detail was to facilitate the second row of adults taking care of their children. .

In addition, the preset STEP mode with 3 adjustment levels is also a small highlight, in which, the seat in the standard mode is set at a 90° angle, convenient for passengers to get in and out of the car; the seat in view mode is set at 110°, which is convenient for a car with a small table. Entertainment inside; The seat in sleep mode is set at an angle of 135° and the chair design is based on NASA's principle of zero gravity, like sitting in the chair of a museum of science and technology aeronautical simulation. It is very comfortable.

Regarding the luggage compartment, this official said that with all 3 rows of seats upright, the 3rd row has a volume of 262 liters and can carry at least 6 20-inch suitcases, but two points should be noted. a larger suitcase (Example: 30 inches thick) is relatively large and it takes practice to confirm if the back door can be covered once it is put in and how much space is left after it is put in big box; second is the third row of seats, such as medium to long distance riding, it is necessary to adjust the backrest to the correct Angle, and this will also affect the luggage space.

In terms of power, Kusto will offer 1.5T and 2.0T engines, combined with 8AT automatic manual transmission.

As mentioned at the beginning, it must be a good thing for Beijing Hyundai to bring us this brand new MPV from Hyundai Custo. It works well in terms of space utilization, technology, configuration and practicality. So comprehensive, If a comprehensive new car can really give consumers a sincere price, it will be very competitive.

According to the news, Kusto will be listed in the second half of this year, after which interested car fans can learn more about it according to the price list and configuration.

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