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Starting price is about $27.981 USD

Mercedes-Benz launches the all-new Citan, a compact van available in both Panel Van and Tourer variants, completing Mercedes' commercial vehicle range below the larger Vito and Sprinter.

Like the previous generation, the new Citan shares its platform with the Renault Kangoo. Alongside the electric Citan and eCitan aimed at professionals, Mercedes-Benz will soon launch the same T-Class and electric EQT equivalent with a more premium design.

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Compact exterior dimensions coupled with ample space and high load-carrying capacity open up a wide range of applications for the new Mercedes-Benz Citan, especially in inner-city delivery and service operations. It is available both as a Panel Valve and a Tourer. Sliding doors open wide on the left and right sides of the vehicle, as well as an optional low cargo platform for comfortable entry and easy loading. Inside, passengers will enjoy the comfortable seats of the Citan Tourer. In addition to functionality and high changeability, the vehicle offers comprehensive safety equipment and a high level of driving comfort. The new Citan compact van can be ordered from mid-September 2021 with an expected starting price of less than 23,800 euros.

"With Sprinter and Vito, we have a successful presence in the full-size and mid-size van segments. And the new Citan in the minivan segment will round out our portfolio. It's completely redeveloped. by experts for professionals, Marcus Breitschwerdt, Head of Mercedes-Benz Vans, says from design to driving characteristics, not to mention safety and connectivity systems, the Citan carries the DNA of a At the same time, the Citan is also the last new car project for commercial customers of Mercedes-Benz Vans using an internal combustion engine. All new developments in the future will be electric drive only. One logical step of this consistent electrification is hence the new eCitan. "

The design of the new Mercedes-Benz Citan is distinguished by its well-proportioned proportions and sensual surface design. The muscular shoulders and prominent wheel wells emphasize the car's power and emotional appeal - styling elements unusual for a small van. Gorden Wagener, Design Director of the Daimler Group explains: "At first glance, the new Citan is clearly a member of the Mercedes-Benz family.

One particularly eye-catching aspect of the interior is the spirited horizontal shape of the dashboard. Mercedes-Benz designers sought their inspiration for the voluptuous, curvaceous body mass of the instrument panel supporting the shape of a wing. A decisive aspect here is the continuous, horizontal position. Narrow wings extend throughout the interior and create a sense of spaciousness. The gear unit itself is cut out of this. Their shape is reminiscent of a worn stone. The resulting slot between the wing and the stone forms a practical storage compartment for quick access to important items.

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Countless possible uses and comfortable loading

The Mercedes-Benz Citan combines compact exterior dimensions (length: 4498 mm) with ample space. Thanks to several different versions and practical equipment details, it offers a variety of usability and convenient loading. The Citan will be marketed as a Panel Valve and a Tourer. Then there will be more variants with long wheelbase as well as Mixto version. But even in the short wheelbase variant (2716 mm), the Citan offers more space than its predecessor – on the Panel Van for example, the load compartment length is 3.05 meters (with bulkheads). flexible).

Sliding doors are a practical feature, especially in tight parking spaces. The new Citan is available with up to two sliding doors. They provide an extended headroom on both sides of the vehicle with a size of 615 mm. The height of the loading bay opening is 1059 millimeters (both figures show clearance). At the rear, too, the load compartment is easily accessible: the Panel Valve's loading platform sits at a height of 59 cm. Meanwhile, the two rear doors can block a 90-degree angle and can even turn 180 degrees to the sides of the car. The doors are asymmetrical, whereby the left door is wider and must be opened first. As an option, the Panel Valve can also be ordered with a heated rear door and windshield wipers. As required,

The Tourer was fitted as standard with a tailgate with a rear window. As an alternative, it is also available with a rear door. The rear bench seat can be folded down in a 1/3 to 2/3 ratio. Plenty of space and storage facilitate the daily use of the Citan.

Besides the fixed partition wall (with and without windows) between the cockpit and the load compartment, the Citan Panel Valve is also available in a folding variant. This option proved its worth in the predecessor model and has since been further optimized. If long items need to be transported, this grille on the driver's side can be rotated 90 degrees, before folding in the direction of the driver's seat and locking in place. The co-driver's seat can be folded to create a flat surface. The load guard net is made of steel and protects the driver and co-driver from the load.

Go to the construction site early in the morning, drive through a congested road at the start stop, or provide an airport shuttle - as a van driver, you know the day Your job can be very difficult. But fortunately, the developers of the Mercedes-Benz Citan have been very focused on achieving the brand's signature levels of comfort, including typical noise levels and seating comfort, not to mention. a variety of realistic equipment items. And this is not only beneficial for the driver, but is especially beneficial for safety: a comfortable driver can better concentrate on the traffic situation. To ensure that, the car is also equipped with comfort and convenience systems familiar with passenger cars, including the function THERMOTRONIC, KEYLESS-GO and electronic parking brake1.

Panel Valves and Tourers will also be available in the BASE and PRO models. With the BASE Series, customers receive a functional entry-level variant with all the basic equipment needed. The PRO series combines representative design with additional functionality.

Modern and economical engine

At market launch, the new Citan's engine range will be made up of three diesel and two petrol models. The common strengths of all of this are excellent driveability even in low rpm ranges and economical consumption values. For even more rapid acceleration, such as when overtaking, an 85 kW diesel version is available for the Panel Valve with overdrive/suppressor function. Up to 89 kW of power and 295 Nm of torque can be called briefly.

The power unit meets the Euro 6d emission standards. All engines are incorporated with an ECO start/stop function. In addition to the six-speed manual transmission, the most powerful petrol and diesel models are also available with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT).

ECitan will launch in the second half of 2022. This all-electric variant of Citan will expand its electric commercial vehicle portfolio alongside eVito and eSprinter. Expected range is about 285 km according to WLTP. With this in mind, it fits the needs of commercial people who often use this vehicle for express delivery services, delivery in the inner city. At fast charging stations, the battery is expected to take 40 minutes to charge from 10 to 80 percent. One big advantage: when it comes to the size of the load compartment, tonnage and equipment availability, customers need not make any concessions compared to conventionally powered vehicles. Even trailer coupling will be available for the eCitan.

Safe and comfortable driving characteristics, both empty and fully loaded

The Mercedes-Benz development team is particularly focused on achieving the brand's signature driving characteristics, defined as a balanced combination of driving comfort, dynamism and safety. drive. The front wheels are suspended on a McPherson axle with the wishbone at the bottom. At the rear, a space-saving torsion beam is used. The swingarm pulls, ensuring additional wheel guidance here, while the springs and shock absorbers are separate.

As part of a comprehensive range of vehicle testing, the Citan's springs, shock absorbers and stabilizers have been carefully tuned for each other. The Tourer is equipped with Mercedes-Benz-specific spring ratio springs and shock absorbers with adaptive damping force at the front and rear axles. The Mercedes-DNA is therefore even reflected in the Citan's driving characteristics. A reinforced stabilizer on the Citan Tourer's front axle helps reduce tilt inside bends.

Both empty and full, the new Citan delivers precise, safe and comfortable driving. The vehicle is not sensitive to high loads. Panel Valves are optimized for high tonnage. This means that even at full load, it still operates with high stability. The Tourer is optimized for low-load passenger transport and is therefore equipped with more emphasis on comfort.

Comprehensive safety equipment

Safety is an important brand value of Mercedes-Benz. A robust body structure with energy-absorbing radiator lines contributes to a high level of safety, as do up to seven standard airbags and a range of state-of-the-art driver assistance systems. All of these can assist and relieve the driver in many situations.

Dirk Hipp, Strategic Project Manager and Chief Engineer for Minivans at Mercedes-Benz. Smooth intervention that's barely noticeable to customers at first can be found in the ESP, as well as in Hill Start Assist and Crosswind Assist.

Supported by radar and ultrasonic sensors as well as cameras, the driver and parking assistance systems observe traffic and surroundings and, if necessary, issue warnings or assist the driver by intervention. As in the new generations of the Mercedes C-Class and S-Class, Active Lane Keeping Assist uses steering interventions instead of braking and is therefore exceptionally comfortable.

In addition to the legally required ABS and ESP systems, the new Citan models are also equipped with hill-start assist, traction assist, ATTENTION ASSIST fatigue warning system and Mercedes-Benz emergency call system- Benz as standard. The assistance systems on the Citan Tourer are even more extensive: in this model, Active Brake Assist, Active Lane Keeping Assist, Blind Spot Assist and Speed ​​Limit Assist with detection Traffic signs are all standard to provide additional assistance to the driver.

Various other driver assistance systems are available upon request, including Active Distance Assist, which can automatically steer the vehicle in traffic jams, as well as Active Steering Assist. It helps the driver keep the Citan in the middle of the lane.

The Mercedes-Benz Citan is also a pioneer in restraint systems: The Citan Tourer, for example, comes standard with a central airbag that can deploy between the driver's seat and co-driver in the event of a severe side collision. A total of seven airbags can protect the occupants of the vehicle. The valve control panel comes standard with six airbags.

Operation concept and intuitive display with MBUX and digital services from Mercedes me

Multiple versions of MBUX are available upon request for the new Citan. Among its strengths are the intuitive operating concept using the seven-inch touchscreen, the Touch Control buttons on the steering wheel or the "Hey Mercedes" voice assistant. Other advantages are smartphone integration with Apple Car Play and Android Auto, Bluetooth hands-free system and digital radio (DAB and DAB+).

Moreover, Citan is prepared to use many digital services from Mercedes me connect. Therefore, customers are always connected to the vehicle no matter where they are. So important information is always available to them both on board and outside the vehicle and they can use a number of useful functions.

With Mercedes me, MBUX becomes even smarter and more user-friendly. For example, "Hey Mercedes" works with a natural voice: the user therefore does not need to learn specific commands anymore. Other Mercedes me connect functions include remote services such as Remote Retrieval of Vehicle Status. Along with that, customers can conveniently check the most important information about their vehicle at any time, from home or office, for example. Equally practical: thanks to Navigation with Live Traffic Information and Car-to-X communication, customers drive with the latest real-time data. This means that traffic jams can be effectively avoided or valuable time saved.

Destination can be entered as a three word address based on what3word (w3w) system. what3words is the easiest way to specify a location. As part of this system, the world is divided into 3x3 meter squares with an unmistakable three-word address - this can be a great help when finding a destination, especially during activities Commerce.

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