2022 ORA Good Cat GT Magnolia Edition - pre-sale price start 138,000 yuan - $ 21,225 USD | Cars in China

Starting price is about $21,225 USD

On the evening of August 20, the ORA GoodCat GT Mulaton version was officially opened before, with a price before 138,000 yuan ($ 21,225 USD). It is like the "most human-friendly steel gun" in China, it is about to cause wind in the car segment that is friendly with women. It is known that the ORA GoodCat GT Mulaton version will officially launch at the Chengdu Automotive Exhibition on August 29.

The overall shape of 2022 ORA Good Cat GT Magnolia Edition is highlighting the dynamics of the future cat nostalgic. The carbon fiber decoration details are fully rounded, the front is floating with L-shaped nanh teeth, wheel axis and cat claws contrast, plus sport gt exclusive tail wings make up Cute "cat" aesthetics is cute and balty, which is extremely favorite by female users.

In addition, the ORA Good Cat GT Magnolia version has a smart and clone design of the future, with a smart eco-foundation, helping to maximize the car experience of ladies and sisters, simultaneously Traveling becomes smarter.

In terms of strength, the car accelerated in just 6.9 seconds and has an extremely low wind resistance 0.298. With the launch of the ORA-Launch + launcher in Sport mode, it will play an extremely fast energy at any time.

At the pre-sale event, Yao Fei, the marketing director of ORA's cat fighting unit, gave a unexpected selling price of 138,000 yuan. At the same time, he also brought three pre-sale rights and two "buffs gained" "for Moc Lan GT version of ORA cat." Optional package:

Two options "Equipment Gain Buff" for ORA Good Cat GT Magnolia Edition, ORA-Cabin has more buffs in the cockpit including fatigue driving monitoring, post-control electric control, interactive ORA Smart voice recognition -Café, based on personalization Identification ID installation and other options, can you also turn on OR-ENJOYMENT mode? Comfort, main drive seat memory + Welcome + heating + ventilation + massage and other settings to upgrade the user experience; Smart driving feature ORA-PILOT 3.0 Buff is equipped with ORA-PILOT driving, ORA-PILOT SAFETY, ORA-PILOT PARKING and ORA-PILOT PARKING. Two options can be selected at the same time, giving you a duplicated sudden.

In addition, there are three gifts before sales. "Gifts of Meo Mo" style can donate the original smart charging piles and financial discounts up to 4,500 yuan per unit; "Gifts of Meo Mo" style will provide the first genuine personal car with battery warranty, in addition to the free Lifetime Traffic + Free entertainment service for 1 year , and rescue roads without 24 hours and many other peaceful services; "intimate gift like Meo" provides free doors - service at home, helping the after-sales experience become elegant and softer.

2022 ORA Good Cat GT Magnolia Edition - pre-sale price start 138,000 yuan - $ 21,225 USD | Cars in China 2022 ORA Good Cat GT Magnolia Edition - pre-sale price start 138,000 yuan - $ 21,225 USD | Cars in China Reviewed by My Home on August 21, 2021 Rating: 5

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