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Starting price: $37,000 estimated

Recently, we learned from relevant TV channels such as the current launch of RAV4 plug-in hybrid model that can help Toyota meet EU emissions standards by 2025, bZ4X will be in full production small scale in the early stages of production. According to previous reports, the mass production version of the Toyota bZ4X all-electric SUV is expected to be launched this year and is expected to go on sale in early 2022.

Toyota Europe CEO Matthew Harrison said in an interview with the media: "It's too early to predict bZ4X production in 2023 as we haven't assessed the market value, and the car is still unfinished. thanks to the launch of the new energy version of the RAV4, Toyota is expected to successfully meet the EU emission reduction standards by 2025. therefore, bZ4X will maintain its status. state of small-scale mass production in the early stages."

According to Toyota insiders, the vehicle's dimensions are similar to that of the RAV4, and it is also positioned in the compact SUV market. However, due to its purely electric design and a more compact mechanical layout in the vehicle, it is expected that the car's interior space performance will be far superior.

Toyota is getting ready to re-enter the electric vehicle segment with the 2022 bZ4X crossover, boasting edgy styling that sets it apart from Toyota's petrol SUVs. Unlike the last all-electric vehicle the company offers - the RAV4 EV - the bZ4X will be sold at Toyota dealerships nationwide. Although only the bZ4X has been announced so far, Toyota has received several trademark applications using other bZ names, leading us to believe that the company is planning a line of electric vehicles to use specifically. this name. The production version of the bZ4X is expected to hit Toyota showrooms in mid-2022. Once it goes live, it will join a growing group of non-luxury EV SUVs, including the Chevrolet Bolt EUV, Ford Mustang Mach E ,Hyundai Kona Electric , Kia Niro EV , Tesla Model Y and Volkswagen ID.4 .

2022 Toyota bZ4X - Engine, transmission and performance

Toyota has yet to reveal much about the bZ4X's powertrain, except that it will offer all-wheel drive as standard. That could mean dual electric motors with one motor powering each axle, or it could refer to some kind of all-wheel drive system that transfers power from one electric motor. to both axes. We'll know more about the bZ4X's powertrain closer to the SUV's release date.

2022 Toyota bZ4X - Interior

From the pictures, we can tell that bZ4X will have a more futuristic dashboard design compared to other Toyota models, with digital gauge display, large infotainment touchscreen and dashboard. wide center between the two front seats. The cabin looks spacious and is about the same size as the RAV4, but we won't know how it holds up until we get a chance to test drive it.

The BZ4X will be an all-new car and nameplate for the Toyota brand and we expect to see it in showrooms in 2022.

Toyota hasn't said how much the bZ4X will cost or how many trim levels will be offered, but we expect prices to start in the high $30,000 range with truck models possibly hitting the $40,000 mark. As we learn more about pricing, features, options, and trim, we'll update this story with details and recommendations on where to best buy.

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