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The Volkswagen Golf GTI has changed a lot since its inception, but the car's core attributes, its basic character, try to remain the same. The Mk 8 generation is the latest iteration, but a new concept takes it back in time, blending elements of the Mk 2 Golf from the mid-1980s with the full delivery of today's technology into the GTI BBS Concept. It even comes with gold wheels.

The concept is a purely visual matter. The Mk 8 GTI's powerful powertrain, the most powerful ever, remains unchanged. The turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder produces 241 horsepower (170 kilowatts) and 272 pound-feet (370 Newton-meters) of torque. The only "performance" upgrade is the addition of a new Borla exhaust, which is likely to improve the sound and add a negligible amount of power to its output.

The Volkswagen Golf GTI has defined the hot hatch genre for decades, and the new Golf GTI 2022 continues the tradition. But progress doesn't mean losing legacy - that's why Philadelphia-based VW enthusiast Jamie Orr and Volkswagen have worked together on a passionate concept that delivers a healing potion. strength of the past into the latest generation.

The inspiration for this concept was the enthusiasts-built Mk2 version of the GTI, which replaced the only generation of the US-built GTI in 1984. Goal: Highlight what made the GTI so great. especially in recent years.

“I saw the Mk2, the concept model it is based on, at an auto show in 2019 and was intrigued by its simplicity,” said Sean Maynard, Volkswagen Sports Car Marketing Specialist and Sports Car Enthusiast. and strength of structure. “I had the opportunity to meet Brock Bickford, from Evansville, IN and learned that this is a project he has been building with his daughter since she was 7 years old. It is stories like these that make me more deeply grateful for the community of VW enthusiasts.”


With 241 hp, the latest GTI offers more power than any previous generation, with new driving technology that optimizes the already powerful chassis setup, complemented by a well-tuned interior. Thoroughly updated. Despite personalization and heavy modification embedded in most GTI builds, Orr was so impressed by the stock variant that he wanted to let the car speak for itself.

“We wanted to preserve the soul of Mk8, so we went with more traditional modifications. But we left the interior, bodywork and powertrain as it was from the factory,” said Orr. “Choose these wingback chairs, with their striking red design – they are extraordinary. Changing any of that would be a shame. "

“We try to make most of the modifications to the exterior and leave the interior to the cars of the enthusiasts team,” added Maynard. “That way, someone who may not have any experience with the Brand can still get a real feel for the vehicles.”

First, Orr and his team changed the wheels, giving the Mk8 a classic look with a 19×9 Super RS ​​BBS set - featuring the iconic BBS hexagonal and wheelset - wrapped in Delinte 235/35/19 D7 tires.

Then Orr lowered the vehicle. “We started with a set of coils that H&R made for the Mk8,” Orr says. “The rear fittings are still intact, but I redesigned the front a bit because I wanted to add camber adjustment, so it feels like a custom mix of H&R components.”

Orr is particularly pleased with the new exhaust from Borla, the first available for the new GTI, which is "just a step further" from the stock material. In the end, he gave it a classic red and black BBS with a body-to-tail hemline.

For the original Mk2, “Volkswagen took all the elements their customers loved about the first GTI and built on them,” Orr said. "The Mk8 has new body styling and more power under the hood, plus a host of tweaks that make it the best-handling GTI I've ever driven."

The package is completed with the classic red and black paint on the hood and red and black stripes on the side. Inside, the car is no different from inventory. It keeps things familiar to climbers inside the vintage-inspired hot hatch. The Mk 8 GTI will never be confused with the Mk 2, but Volkswagen has done a remarkable job in keeping the GTI as true to its roots as possible. The most powerful version ever right now and a few design tweaks can at least bring back a bit of the past for a nostalgic hit.

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