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Looking back at the development history of smart cars is a reflection of the history of smart cars. Previously, in the 1.0 era of smart cars, touch-screen interactions and low-level driver assistance were still car-centric; Now, smart cars have entered the 2.0 era, with advanced driver assistance, more accurate human-vehicle interactions, and human-centered transportation. tool. So, looking forward to the next 20 years, what about Smart Car 3.0?

In everyone's imagination, 5G + Internet of Things + Artificial Intelligence + Car will become a big toy; and everyone's ride becomes a lot of in-game scenes: voice chats are quick, rather than clumsy and difficult at this stage, private custom cockpits, everything connected on cars, cars feel your emotions and react like a partner... it will be a human-centered mobile space.

However, the ideal has not yet been reflected in reality. On the other hand, Google, Tesla, Baidu and other tech companies are all committed to the concept of driverless driving. Cars replace human thinking from cognitive, decision-making and performance aspects. The interior cockpit will also change its original appearance; on the other hand, some Car companies seem to be a bit slow to implement "intelligence". The two practical configurations of the driver assistance system + smart car are far behind the needs of the times.

In that context, we see that a Chinese brand has overcome the current obstacles to smart development. On a crowded racetrack, smart networked cars stay one step ahead.

In addition to the product, let's first look at the naming. Why is a new flagship SUV called Mocha?

Let's take a look at the origins of Mocha. Chocolate Mocha Coffee, with a unique and rich flavor, is a favorite of young people, but perhaps most people do not know that its birth is full of boldness and innovation.

The first innovation of coffee was thanks to the Italians. The invention of espresso made classic espresso coffees like latte, mocha and cappuccino possible. Previously, people could only drink black coffee made directly from coffee beans. . Among the Italian coffee classics, Mocha, a "chocolate coffee" made with espresso, milk, whipped cream and chocolate syrup, is another innovation, creating more Sweet taste for a slightly bitter coffee. Mocha is open and tolerant Shows more possibilities in the coffee world.

This may be the meaning of the name Mocha for this car, and it is more likely that this car has had an extraordinary destiny from the beginning.

The extraordinary is shown first of all in the speaker. On the first day of the Shanghai Auto Show, Anna Yao appeared at the booth as the spokesperson for the Mocha brand and as the platform for Mocha. Who is Anna Yao? You know, she's a young princess who's been garnering media attention before she even debuted. It is understood that when Yao Anna was about to launch, the resources she wanted to scramble to work with called into her father's mobile phone Ren Zhengfei, but why did she choose WEY Mocha as the place to come out? His first eye?

I think one of the important reasons is that Huawei's smart label behind her matches well with Mocha's smart label.

This kind of speculation seems to be confirmed by Yao Anna herself. “It took more than 30 years for China's independent home appliance brands to take the lead from the get-go; China's 3C and 5G communication brands, from birth to world number one in terms of sales, are only used I believe smart cars will look to China in the next three years. I believe that WEY and Mocha brands will be able to catch up with international brands as soon as possible and become the leader of the next generation of smart cars. "

Yao Anna's comment makes a lot of sense. Currently, Huawei is leading 5G technology with unprecedented momentum. Does WEY being recognized by Yao Anna mean there is tacit understanding with Huawei? But it is a fact that WEY and Huawei have spared no effort in scientific research and development and are similar.

There are many similarities. Huawei stands behind Yao Anna representing the smart pyramid of Chinese technology; while Mokaduo represents the intelligent pyramid of the Chinese auto industry.

"Under the wave of intelligence, the WEY brand of a new generation of smart vehicles refuses to innovate and only makes leading-edge innovations, ushering in new intelligence in the era of user sovereignty, which is exciting. , warm and understanding." Li Ruifeng, general manager of the WEY brand, understands this well. About smart innovation.

How does the WEY brand show its leading trend to the outside world? Mocha is the best answer. At the Shanghai Auto Show, Li Ruifeng once again expressed his views on Mocha: "The new flagship model of the WEY brand, the Mocha, has become the first mass-produced model in its segment to reach the mark. advanced autopilot. Everyone, we welcome everyone to write war scenarios and witness the true power of Mocha."

Perhaps from this moment on, Mocha had an extraordinary destiny, but even more extraordinary was Mocha's level of intelligence.

Some say that the three main parts of buying a car depend on traditional car companies, and intelligence must depend on new forces. What is the truth?

For a long time, traditional car manufacturers have been storming the fuel-powered car market for many years. They have given consumers a pre-impression of chassis and power advantages, but smart competition is not like the big three pieces. It takes time to gain experience and improve. There are many opportunities to overtake at corners; but the reality is that the traditional car companies have an incomparable advantage in capital and resources that the new car companies cannot match. Furthermore, the WEY brand where Mocha is based has developed a depth and breadth of research and development. The "excessive" of the name.

"Excessive research and development" means the product advantage is too high, so for Mocha what it really means is that it is the first fuel-powered car that can compete with the powers that be. new and electric vehicles in terms of intelligence. This has great significance. Moment.

On the one hand, its arrival has changed the situation that fuel-powered vehicles have long been criticized in terms of intelligence. On the other hand, based on a chassis that traditional car companies are so good at, Mocha's intelligence competitiveness changed fuel in a single fail. The common problem of the two driving modes of a car and an electric car has become a real smart fuel-powered vehicle. Then where can its intelligent advantages be reflected in everyday life?

Don't know if you have encountered the following situation: the parking plan of the parking lot is not too bad, as long as all the cars are parked in the correct position, it will be convenient for everyone to get on and off. But the problem is that not all drivers have good parking skills. They may encounter a situation where the car next to them is almost lying on their side, the owner of the car can only get out through other doors.

Currently, there is a way to solve this situation of Jiong, which is Tesla's "remote summoning". However, Tesla did accidentally collide with other vehicles because of "remote control calls", and the potential safety hazard was very high. But Mocha's gesture call doesn't need to take out the key, and this problem can be solved perfectly through the gesture. Comparatively speaking, it is not only more convenient, but also safer. Gesture operation includes wake, forward and brake functions, and these three functions correspond to different gestures.

In addition, the parking function of Mocha is also very practical. It is based on the panoramic image and collision avoidance radar system, which can automatically detect the parking spot markings and surrounding information of the parking space such as cone, and automatically complete the steering, turning, and driving maneuvers. gears, brakes and other operations without any intervention. , and easily complete automatic parking.

Many auto companies have put a lot of effort into the auto use scenes on highways and other slippery roads, and some newcomers like Tesla and Weilai are even better at this. However, WEY took a different approach and planned three levels of smart driving capabilities for the Mocha, namely HWA, NOH and HWP.

HWA is a high-speed driving assist, based on current highway and city speeds to achieve. When Mocha is on the highway and the HWA function is on, the car owner wants to change lanes without having to manipulate the steering wheel. He just needed to gently move the handlebars with his hands. Mocha can automatically change lanes when it detects that there is no vehicle behind.

NOH is a high speed automatic pilot assist. This function will be implemented in future models, adding a high-precision map to the HWA that can realize autonomous driving from point A to point B on a highway based on directional. In other words, between the upper toll station and the lower toll station, Mocha can perform the functions of lane change, overtaking, and road identification on slopes by itself.

As for the HWP, it's highway pilot driving. With HWP, Mocha can complete autonomous driving in complex road scenes such as high-speed obstacle avoidance and lane changes, and multi-vehicle lane change, which realizes fully autonomous driving according to true meaning.

Why Mocha is able to achieve such super-accurate calculations is mainly because WEY has invested a lot in Mocha.

If smart driving can relax the fatigue of the driver's hands and feet, the smart cockpit of WEY Mocha allows the driver and passengers to enjoy their travel life more. than. The current smart cockpit can almost voice interaction with the people in the car, while the Mocha is more forward-looking, able to play feedback songs or reminders by recognizing the emotions of the people in the car. in the car.

That's because Mocha is powered by the third-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon digital cockpit platform, which supports functions such as in-car virtual assistants, VIMS facial recognition, and AI experiences. At the same time, it can also realize 360° in the car + 360° outside the car. What is more remarkable is Mocha's AR-HUD function, which can combine virtual image information with real traffic conditions, making images richer, improving driving safety and sense of public turmeric. How much sincerity does Mocha have? For example, the AR-HUD function is one of the main highlights of the newly launched Mercedes-Benz S-Class line-up.

It is the excessive research and development of science and technology. This is also where China's representative of intelligence, represented by Mocha, will head when the process of intelligence has reached a new turn. As society and technology continue to evolve, how far away are the technological products that are not gimmicks but can actually make life better.

People-friendly pricing, as a popular vehicle of smart cars, uses world-standard technology and industry implementations to call for the acceleration of the 3.0 smart car era. This is the meaning of Mocha's existence.

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