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A hydrogen vehicle is an alternative fuel vehicle that uses hydrogen fuel for propulsion. Hydrogen-powered vehicles include hydrogen-fueled space rockets, as well as cars and other transportation vehicles. Energy is produced by converting the chemical energy of hydrogen into mechanical energy, either by reacting hydrogen with oxygen in a fuel cell to power an electric motor or, less commonly, by burning hydrogen. in internal combustion engines.

As of 2021, there are two publicly announced hydrogen-powered car models in select markets: the Toyota Mirai (2014–), the first mass-produced dedicated fuel cell electric vehicle. in the world (FCEV) and Hyundai Nexo (2018–). The Honda Clarity was produced from 2016 to 2021.

A few other companies, like BMW, are still exploring hydrogen cars, while Volkswagen has expressed that the technology has no future in the automotive space, mainly because a fuel cell consumes electric vehicles. about three times more energy than a battery-powered electric car per mile driven. As of December 2020, there have been 31,225 passenger FCEVs assisted with hydrogen on the world's roads.

As of 2019, 98% of hydrogen is produced by steam conversion of methane, which emits carbon dioxide. It can be produced by pyrolysis or pyrolysis using renewable raw materials, but the process is currently very expensive. [6] Various technologies are being developed that aim to provide low enough cost and large enough quantity to compete with hydrogen production by natural gas.

The benefits of hydrogen technology are fast refueling times (equivalent to gasoline) and long driving range on a single tank of gas. The limitations of using hydrogen are high carbon emissions when hydrogen is produced from natural gas, heavy capital cost burden, low energy content per unit volume at ambient conditions, hydrogen production and compression, investment in filling stations for hydrogen distribution, transportation of hydrogen to filling stations, and a lack of capacity to produce or distribute hydrogen at home.

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