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Starting price: $15.760 USD

The classics of the past cannot be surpassed, and the new generation also needs the classics. In the energetic youth and new energy wave, only by breaking free from the shackles of thinking and resonating with the new generation can we not fear the passing of time and passing years.

On November 24, the Great Wall ORA Good Cat launch conference with the theme of "rivalry of time" was held at the Great Wall Motor Taizhou production facility. A total of 5 new models hit the market. After subsidies, the nationwide uniform selling price is 103,900 to 143,900 yuan.

This conference is presented in an all-in-one display design, pioneering a new form of needless organizer, leading the new development concept of China auto market innovation conference and real fully embodying multidimensional innovations, bringing out the beauty of Euler's chroma and physics The perfect composite performance.

In terms of looks, the new car absorbs the design quintessence of classic 1960s cars and integrates the concept of futuristic technology. The former Porsche designer has designed and created a "premium" model that cannot be copied.

The overall style of ORA Good Cat is designed according to the "retro-futurism" design concept, smooth and sexy body lines, combined with a reverse sliding style and diffused "frog eye" headlights. outside. atmosphere and has tension. Stable and trendy.

The two-color body design is the highlight of the new car, and the straight roofline extends to the rear. With a more rounded waistline on the side of the body, with prominent wheel arches and short rear overhangs, the car exudes a retro charm everywhere. In terms of size, length, width, height of the good cat is 4235 × 1825 × 1596mm, the wheelbase is 2650mm.


In the car, the doggy cat's center console layout basically continues the family style, but the details also incorporate retro elements.

Based on 3D-Mesh technology, interior materials, stylish and unique color schemes, and delicate chrome-plated decorations like works of art create the gentle and luxurious texture of fine cat furniture. in handle.

ORA Good Cat's vehicle safety design standard has reached the 2021 version of the 5-star C-NCAP / China Insurance Research Institute, making for a powerful umbrella. At the same time, thanks to the ORA-CARE electrical safety feature, the battery system With IP67 + IPX9K protection, it is also equipped with the "Split Second Battery Protection + bee cloud platform" system, which monitors the battery condition in throughout the life cycle and at all times, and can send abnormal and dangerous alarms in time.

Engine power

In terms of power, ORA Good Cat is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 105kW and a maximum torque of 210N m. It is paired with a single-speed gearbox and the top speed can reach 150 km/h. The standard and long-life models are equipped with lithium iron phosphate and tertiary lithium batteries, with capacities of 47.8kWh and 59.1kWh respectively. The NEDC has a flight range of 401km and 501km respectively, meeting the needs of different consumers.

In terms of driving control appreciated by the new generation, the ORA Good Cat has a sports car-grade drag coefficient of 0.289 and a super-speed of 0-50km/h of 3.8 seconds, showing a sense of touch. the pleasurable driving experience of a fuel-powered car.

ORA's cat is based on the ultra-high "scalability" of the platform, plus the coffee smart ecosystem, thus creating a pure electric architecture model, through a dedicated 5G port that connects compatible with advanced FOTA technology, so that the cat can be updated in real time just like an iPhone, providing users with an automotive function experience that keeps up with the times.

ORA Good Cat is integrated with the ORA Smart-café intelligent human-computer interaction system, which can not only fulfill the multi-scenario voice interaction function, but also virtualize a housekeeper cat waiter. Up to 6 account IDs can be recorded via wake-up mode, and "cute pet" can be shared with 5 friends at the same time, avoiding cumbersome login process.

The camera on the A-pillar can also directly recognize the driver's shape to automatically adjust driving information, seat position, rearview mirror angle, ... and detect emotions through facial expressions to match the interior atmosphere. corresponding loss.

ORA Good Cat has more than 14 automatic driving assistance functions, providing users with a comprehensive safe and intelligent vehicle experience. On congested roads, for example, the ACC adaptive cruise system can also free your feet. It can intelligently accelerate and decelerate according to the actual road conditions.

In the future, ORA Good Cat will fully implement smart parking functions through FOTA upgrades, easily solving various parking problems and optimizing the parking experience for the new generation. .

The ORA Good Cat is available with five trim levels, and starting prices range from 103,900 yuan ($15,760) to 143,900 yuan ($21,830). Built on Great Wall Motor's 'LEMON' EV platform, the small EV can sprint from 0-50 km/h in 3.8 seconds, using a 105 kW electric motor mounted on the front axle. It can achieve 210 Nm of torque and benefits from a lightweight design with a drag coefficient of 0.289 Cd. Two battery versions are available, with a 47.8kWh lithium iron phosphate battery pack allowing a NEDC range of 400 km, while a 59.1kWh triple lithium battery pack can handle a range of 500 km, according to the manufacturer.

We also have reason to believe that after ORA Good Cat officially enters the market, it will soon be able to stand out and help increase the overall sales of the ORA brand.

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