Lynk & Co 05+ is a high performance SUV-coupe 265 HP 2.0 Turbo | Cars in China

Starting price is about $44,000 USD

China - Lynk & Co 05+ is a new performance SUV-coupe for China. The engine is sourced from a Volvo unit but is locally produced at Zhejiang Geely Powertrain. The engine designation is JLH-4G20TDH. The transmission is an 8-speed Aisin automatic that sends the horse to all four wheels. Top speed is 230 kilometers per hour.

I have to say that Lynk & Co's brand marketing did a great job. Hard power car performance no doubt. On the eve of the 2021 Chengdu Auto Show, Lynk & Co brought us the second "+" series model after 03+, Lynk & Co 05+.

For a long time, SUV coupe has been like a pipe dream of car enthusiasts, from Porsche Cayenne Coupe, even Lamborghini URUS, to BMW X2, Audi Q3 Sportback, and even the "looks" of a self-owned brand. . ., Brands are trying to win guys over, but at the same time, performance is always a key word that can't be missed. This is also where the Lynk & Co 05+ gets really good, being able to combine that fantasy with performance and ultimately realize it in less than 300,000 yuan ( $46,420 USD ). This is the romance of it.

The entire car is equipped with an all-carbon fiber personalized sports suit, the final downforce is increased by 40kg, and according to the official introduction, this all-carbon fiber suit resembles the 2.0T engine according to Highlander general sense (limited capacity, in other words, if these weren't so hard to make and so rare, or 03+ wouldn't be sold in such a shortage)

There are two types of rear spoiler for you to choose from, the small ducktail spoiler and the large fixed wing.

Exclusive performance engine theme with applied five-barrel design, centrally placed tachometer and functions such as lap time, G-value display, real-time power distribution, engine power and torque real-time data display, etc. . added (such a configuration we can usually only see on AMG and Porsche models)

Currently, the most powerful powertrain under Lynk & Co's CMA architecture - 2.0TD T5 Evo series 2.0TD T5 turbocharger, 265 hp / 380 N m, combined with an 8AT transmission Aisin's third generation and all-wheel drive BorgWarner Intelligence

This powertrain applies a variety of performance-oriented tuning. Through the optimization of the structure of the supercharger and the compressor housing, the top speed of Lynk & Co 05+ can reach 230km/h, and the fastest acceleration over a hundred kilometers is only 6.5 second

Matched with performance equipment such as super-sized front brake discs (360mm), front AKEBONO four-piston calipers, Michelin PS4S (255/40 ZR20) high-performance tires and other performance gear, mileage The shortest brake over 100km can reach 34m.

It has an exclusive drive mode switch, which can switch 6 driving modes at any time: economy / comfort / sport / performance / off-road / personalization mode. Among them, in performance mode, the ESC system can be switched on and off to the greatest extent.

Active valve control technology also allows the Lynk & Co 05+ exhaust sound to be combined with the driving mode.

The price of this flagship model has not been announced yet, but we predict it will not exceed 300,000 yuan, possibly between 260,000 yuan and 280,000 yuan ($40,228 - $43,323), expected to go on sale in the coming weeks. second half of this year.

Lynk & Co 05+ is a high performance SUV-coupe 265 HP 2.0 Turbo | Cars in China Lynk & Co 05+ is a high performance SUV-coupe 265 HP 2.0 Turbo | Cars in China Reviewed by My Home on August 31, 2021 Rating: 5

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