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Starting price is about 15.000 euro

The Fiat 500 will have competition from its own backyard. The Italians will expand their offering with the Fiat 120. It is not yet known whether the model, which has a length of 3.7 meters, will be the successor to the aging Fiat Panda.

The Italian brand Fiat has always been an expert in creating small cars. The best example of this is the city's 500, which breaks records for popularity. Its latest version - the third generation - will only be offered as a fully electric version. Despite the popularity of the Fiat 500, it turns out that the brand is working on another small model. At last year's Geneva fair, the Fiat Centoventi (meaning 120 in Italian) became a craze. Rumors say that this model will replace the long-serving Panda, but they are not confirmed.

New Fiat Centoventi Design

Fiat Centoventi's new cube design looks a bit like its designers lost their pencils and had to come up with something using Lego bricks. Just like Lego, you can personalize and rebuild your Fiat Centoventi using a range of standard puzzle pieces. There are a number of different bumper trims, some colorful vinyl wraps for the bodywork, a couple of bright paint options for the alloy wheels, and even a range of different roof styles with custom accessories. for official Fiat accessories.

The Fiat Centoventi's boxy proportions are quite similar to the Panda's go. It comes with large windows, a bluff front end, four doors, and very little bodywork other than the front and rear wheels to make navigating around town a pain. The concept's handleless doors and ultra-thin pillars are likely to be reduced for production, but the simple front end - without any large fake grilles - should be moved onto the finished car.

New Fiat Centoventi range and battery

The Fiat Centoventi concept comes with a pretty feeble 60-mile range - much less than most electric cars you can buy today. However, Fiat plans to offer an expandable modular battery that can add or subtract depending on how far you need to drive. For example, if you are planning a long trip, you can go to a Fiat dealer first and rent a spare battery that will allow you to drive up to 300 miles between charges.

The Centoventi concept also has a retractable charging cable - like a vacuum cleaner. Hopefully the production version will have a similar device. However, Fiat has yet to announce how long the Centoventi will charge or what charging capabilities it will come with.

New Fiat Centoventi interior

Some city cars claim to have simple, minimalist interiors, but the Fiat Centoventi's cabin takes this to the next level. There's a big screen in front of the steering wheel, but that's pretty much it - you don't even have a dashboard. Instead, there's a large shelf with hundreds of holes drilled into it so you can secure everything using brightly colored elastic straps and specially designed brackets.

New Fiat Centoventi Infotainment

The Fiat Centoventi comes with a large-ish screen in front of the steering wheel that displays all your driving information, alongside a second infotainment screen. Fiat could also experiment with another feature of the Centoventi concept - a built-in tablet phone holder that allows you to attach your device to the Centoventi's display and use apps. its navigation and music playback.

The practicality of the new Fiat Centoventi

You can expect the complete Fiat Centoventi to come with many of the clever storage ideas embodied in the Centoventi concept car. In addition to the neat dashboard (shown above), it could feature the concept's detachable front seats. Not only does this give you plenty of space to load long items from the boot, but it also allows you to clip into the child restraint without having to worry about locating hidden Isofix anchor points.

New Fiat Centoventi price and release date

Fiat has yet to announce when the Centoventi will go on sale, but you can expect it to be in showrooms over the next few years. It will cost about the same as the recently revealed electric Fiat 500 - high-spec versions start from almost £30,000. The Fiat Contoventi will also come with plenty of customization options. The concept previewed a bunch of 120 optional extras, including 114 that you can buy online and build for yourself at home – if you fancy giving your car a makeover.

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