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Recently, the WEY brand has announced a new generation of nostalgic smart driving. It is reported that this new car will debut at the Chengdu Auto Show.

As a brand new masterpiece in WEY brand vehicle portfolio development/differentiation strategy, the new generation of smart tide driving combines the new generation of high-end intelligent technology and hybrid technology into Classic elements have been popular in the world for centuries, ushering in a retro design as a model, Brand new category uses technology to enhance core strength, while expressing elegance and premium quality, has also become the couture ticket for today's fashion houses to express their individuality.

Each era has its own popular style and today is the age of the need for extreme expansion of personalization. architecture, and home decor., loved by connoisseurs. The WEY brand has taken the lead in understanding the revival phenomenon of nostalgia, and launched a new model portfolio - a new generation of smart driving systems in the style of trendy classics. Based on an innovative retro design, the new car re-creates this cultural gene, successfully filling the void of retro trends in the automotive sector, while providing consumers with a New travel experience more stylized and personalized.

The new generation of nostalgic smart driving is based on the classic nostalgia concept, blending contemporary aesthetic trends and featuring premium natural textures. The entire car uses a lot of chrome elements, from the shocking size and visual impact of the mesh in the middle, to the fender trim, waistline and door handles, as well as the front and rear bumpers, all all emphasize the overall unified and harmonious retro design. Aesthetics; Ring daytime running lights with Pure and minimalist Shape exude a dazzling look. The soft inner curved surface of the headlight creates a dynamic and changeable visual experience; wheel shape is a departure from contemporary industrial design rules, using a classic spoke design, rims, axles and spokes Separable, while honoring historical classics of the 1930s, it also perfectly embodies nostalgia and personality.

In the age of smart cars, the WEY brand is always trying to explore another side of intelligence. "Make smart cars more agile" is also the view of the new generation of smart classic cars. Despite the nostalgic design, "a generation of smart cars "Human is still the same. The new generation intelligent upstream driving system cleverly integrates the cultural genes of the times into information technology." smart, making the car more refined and luxurious, while also giving it a unique trendy charm of a smart travel. "It looks very classic, but it is actually quite smart. "This kind of contrast is also the biggest highlight and excitement of the new car. It breaks most people's inherent impression of smart cars. It also sends a signal as good as the industry. industry: that is, past trends can not only harmonize with Current Connectivity, but can better shape our future.

The new generation of intelligent retro driving is equipped with WEY brand's high-end intelligent system, providing users with newly upgraded intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving, three integrated intelligent services smart experience, create a comprehensive intelligent interactive experience, bring smarter and more convenient consumers A new experience. At the same time, the new generation classic intelligent driving system based on the complete DHT intelligent hybrid system, compared with traditional fuel-powered vehicles, is more environmentally friendly, while providing a better driving experience. equivalent to electric car It eliminates the worry of mileage and goes without worry.

In addition to the ingenuity in posing and winning the hearts of connoisseurs, WEY Pai always asserts that he is willing to play with users and delve into the personality and fashion wheel. In the future, the new generation of classic smart driving will create a full-fledged trend-changing model, targeting different trend groups and different interest groups, and distinguishing the direction of time play. upper, to achieve full coverage and full coverage of the audience circle coverage. In addition, the new generation of classic smart drivers will also design embedded modified interfaces for briefcases, wheels and other kits, through user co-creation and development of shapes. In different forms, the user can continue to transform according to his own needs, making it a timeless Tide vehicle.

It is worth mentioning that WEY Pai will also invite more users and partners with unique ideas in design to participate in the design of the new model. In the future, this model will become the first model of the WEY brand "Creation + Incubation", and the users involved in the design will also become the co-creator of this vehicle, creating together. out a new retro-modern class, and truly share users. Creativity is real.

WEY's new generation of smart retro fashionistas are well versed in the needs of connoisseurs. Whether it's the totally trendy retro look, or the fully empowered smart black tech, or a new round-the-clock building scheme for fashion modification, it will lead. Zi creates a new track, not only to revisit the classics, but also to lead a new trend, which not only meets the market demand but also inspires independent thinking about trends.

It is reported that at the Chengdu Auto Show that will open on August 29, a new generation of smart cars with nostalgic style will be officially launched. Let's wait and see!

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