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Starting price is about $24.465 USD

As the startup's first all-electric SUV, the C11 measures 4,750mm long, 1,905mm wide and 1,650mm tall with a wheelbase stretched to 2,930mm.

Using the Heracles electric drive unit developed independently by Leapmotor, the all-wheel drive version generates 400kW and 720N m of peak torque and can accelerate from 0-100km/h in just 4. second. The rear-wheel drive can generate up to 200kW and 360 N m, while completing the 0-100km/h sprint in 7.9 seconds.

Powered by a 76.6kWh/90kWh tertiary lithium battery pack, the C11 offers a NEDC-rated range of up to 480km, 550km or 600km based on different trim levels.

LEAPMOTOR C11 uses today's leading automotive-grade processor - the third generation Qualcomm Snapdragon automotive digital cockpit platform, integrated AI core, 8-core processor, performance compared to popular models The current throughput on the market has increased by nearly three times, effectively handling multiple systems and multiple tasks.

The 10.25 * 12.8 * 10.25 inch ultra-high-definition triple screen establishes a more comprehensive connection with the user and is suitable for the new generation iFLYTEK 3.5 intelligent voice interaction system. The unique "dual living room" mode allows independent Bluetooth access and dual audio zones for the main and secondary drivers. Voice interaction, enjoy an immersive driving experience without mutual interference. Since most of the vehicle's controls are self-developed by not running, the smart cockpit can also control and manage the entire vehicle hardware such as doors, windows, air conditioning, seats, thermal management and charging. In addition, the car also has a self-adapting function with Face ID, which can automatically recognize and adapt to the exterior mirrors, seat memory, air conditioning and driving mode.

Through mobile APP connection, functions such as car locking, door and window control, air conditioning reservation, remote vehicle monitoring and automatic parking can be performed. C11 also adopts the country's first batch of rapidly adopted in-vehicle eco-platforms, which can enable unlimited expansion of car applications; at the same time, it has the function of "remote clairvoyance", and the user can remotely monitor and control the vehicle's condition and the safety vehicle through the mobile APP terminal.

In terms of intelligent driving, the entire system of LEAPMOTOR C11 comes standard with 28 high-precision sensor hardware on par with the Model Y, including 10 body cameras, 5 millimeter wave radar, 12 ultrasonic radars and 1 face recognition camera. can be done 360° without dead angle detection. At the same time, it is equipped with two fully self-developed Lingxin 01 intelligent driving chips, with 8.4Tops computing power.

C11 uses a self-developed chip to open the whole intelligent driving system and can support a total of 22 intelligent driving assistance functions of Leap Pilot 3.0. In the mass production phase next year, it can achieve eight functions such as automatic emergency braking AEB and intelligent parking system APS. In the future, 14 functions such as automatic lane change assist ALC can be realized through an OTA upgrade.

It is worth mentioning that the C11 car system can continuously upgrade the system version like a smartphone, recognize the system faster, update apps and services via OTA, ADAS supports OTA tracking remotely, continue to optimize and upgrade the drive and battery. ., Software control strategy of core components such as the whole vehicle.

In terms of power, the zero-powered C11 uses a self-developed next-generation Hercules electric powertrain. The maximum efficiency of the three-in-one electric drive assembly exceeds 93.2%, with more complete energy conversion and better energy savings. The C11's dual-motor intelligent all-wheel drive version has a maximum power of 400kW and a maximum torque of 720N m, which gives a speed of 4 seconds per hundred kilometers. The single-engine rear-wheel drive version has a maximum capacity of 200kW, a maximum torque of 360N m and an acceleration of 100 km. ≤7.9 seconds;

In terms of driving control, the car is equipped with a luxurious double wishbone front and 5-link independent rear suspension. Stable automotive handling performance, reduced crash damage and full consideration to handling comfort and performance. The body weight ratio is close to the 50:50 front and rear golden distribution, plus the luck of all Continental standard tires, so stability and cornering performance are better than other products. competitive products at the same level.

LEAPMOTOR C11 has a long wheelbase of 2930mm, outperforming similar models in space performance; 22 clone storage compartments, with higher space utilization; 1.14㎡ segment panoramic sunroof, support voice control function, can close the doors automatically; full package Nappa cockpit, in which large areas of the seats, steering wheel and doors are made of Nappa leather, with imported suede, the leather is friendly and refined, and the body feels more comfortable; PM 2.5 filter & eco AQS air quality management system. cockpit; The car is also equipped with a custom 12-speaker DSP digital power amplifier system for idling, borderless doors and borderless interior rearview mirrors, full-seat heating, LED welcome lights and other components. other comfort shapes to create a feeling of luxury.

In addition, the zero-powered C11 advocates a design philosophy: a natural aesthetic of technology, a design that feels digital. Adopting Affinity Technology's natural curve design and the warm ambient cockpit atmosphere creates pure, intellectual and natural visual effects.

The C11 uses "waist circle" geometric element symbols for extended design, such as hidden door handles, ambient light panels, air conditioning outlets, and more. The vehicle features unique cloud and flowing LED headlights, arc light holographic waistline, digital waveform front panel, borderless doors, borderless interior rearview mirror, integrated hanging headrest, mirror teardrop-shaped LED exterior rearview mirror and “tomahawk”” sport wheels.

As a "global powerful midsize SUV", the ZeroRun C11 faces the midfield and mainstay of society in the age of practicality. Smart car.” What is most expected is that a large number of luxury configurations of the C11 are standard equipment of the whole line, entry is luxury.The launch of the C11 will establish a deep connection. and more comprehensive between LEAPMOTORning and users, thereby supporting the "improvement and promotion of the brand".

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