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Starting price is about € 32,900 EUR - ( $38,083 USD )

With a design inspired by the third-generation C4 and the CXperience concept, the new C5 "combines the modernity and appeal of an SUV, the luxury and status of a saloon, and the versatility of and the practicality of a scooter." In other words, the new C5 X is now a "support". Hard to understand isn't it?

Citroën has been around for decades with the art of surprising with its designs and placement. The latest announcement is no exception to this rule, as evidenced by the new C5 X.

The new flagship of the French manufacturer, the C5 X is astounding at first sight. The engineers made no secret of it, the sedan's features clashed with the utility of the D-segment.

The strong development axis of the designers is to harmonize as much as possible the advantages of sedans, scooters and SUVs. In this regard, the Citroën fits perfectly into the emerging fad in the automotive world, between the “sedan-SUV”. We can remember here that the ground clearance is higher than that of the traditional C5, while the roofline lengthens and bulges to provide more space at the rear. Thus, the trunk has a standard volume of 545 liters, while the wheelbase of 2,785 mm clearly facilitates rear space. We note that the C5 X incorporates the brand's new light signature, in the letter V, announced alongside the new C4.

The new C5 X measures 4,850 mm (190.9 inches) long, 1,865 mm (73.42 inches) wide and 1,485 mm (58.46 inches) tall. It is built on a wheelbase of 2,785 mm (109.6 inches).

2022 Citroen C5X - Powertrain

Regarding the engine, Citroën is emphasizing the communication feature on the plug-in hybrid version. With a capacity of 225 hp, it allows for 50 km of self-driving in all-electric mode, which can be activated up to 135 km / h. However, we are told that pure petrol versions are also planned, no further details are available.

For added comfort, the C5 X plug-in hybrid will also be equipped with Citroen's Advanced Comfort Active suspension. It has three modes, and under certain conditions it "softens" the suspension and offers more control and precision when cornering.

2022 Citroen C5X - Interior

The interior is defined by luxury, comfort and unique attention to detail.
As a standard feature, the C5 X offers Advanced Comfort seats - they have high-density padding and thickly structured foam for the most relaxing driving experience, even on long journeys.

The dashboard is clean and tidy, and all models will be offered with a 12-inch high-definition touchscreen, four USB sockets, and wireless smartphone charging.

With the seats upright, the C5 X offers a load volume of 545 liters (19.24 cu. Ft.), but it can be expanded to 1,640 liters (57.91 ft.) simply by folding the rear seats.

While we can't say exactly which category you should put the C5 X in, we have to admit it's a nice evolution over previous generations. It offers a fresh, clean design, a spacious interior and plenty of technology, but most importantly it keeps up with the times to offer the right kind of powertrain.

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