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Starting price is about $$65,000 USD.

Basically, Mercedes-Benz EQE 2022 is an electric version of the E-Class line that competes directly with the Audi A6 e-tron and Tesla Model S. However, when it comes to Vietnam, EQE will have no rival when the luxury brands are not ready to distribute electric vehicles – EV Cars.

Think of the all-electric 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQE sedan as a smaller, albeit exceptionally similar, version of the Mercedes EQS. Both models essentially represent electrochemical alternatives to the brand's usual E-class and S-class models. The EQE's slick bodywork and spacious cabin share styling cues with the larger EQS, and it's available with equally impressive features, including a display that spans the entire width of the dashboard. called Hyperscreen. EQE will fill the gap between Tesla's compact Model 3 and the mid-size Model S. The electric Mercedes is expected to have a driving range of more than 300 miles as well as fast-charging capabilities that will allow it to charge the battery from 10 to 80 percent in about 30 minutes. The single-engine, rear-wheel drive EQE300 will debut first with 288 hp, but a more powerful variant with dual engines and all-wheel drive will follow.

The EQE is new in the Mercedes-Benz lineup and will slip below the larger and more luxurious EQS. We expect it to arrive in US showrooms by the end of 2022.

What powers the 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQE ?

The EQE 350 uses a single electric motor mounted on the rear axle. Future all-wheel-drive versions will have an additional electric motor on the front axle. This is pretty standard stuff for luxury EVs. The motor is paired with a 90-kWh battery pack mounted beneath the car's floor. Total output for the EQE 350 is 288 horsepower and 391 lb-ft of torque.

That's notably less power than the base Porsche Taycan (321 horsepower) and Audi e-tron GT (469 hp). Tesla doesn't typically list horsepower outputs, but it's fair to assume that the Model S Long Range generates more than 500 hp. There's also the Lucid Air that promises more than 1,000 hp. Mercedes estimates the EQE 350 can cover 0-60 mph in 5.6 seconds. That's decent for a luxury sedan but off the pace of these EVs. Then again, Mercedes seems to be focusing more on the EQE 350's technology and comfort rather than maximum performance. And it wouldn't be a surprise to see a high-powered AMG version down the line.

What kind of range does the 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQE have?

Mercedes says the EQE 350 can go an estimated 400 miles on a full battery charge, at least by the standards of the WLTP European testing procedure. If true, that would put the EQE near the top of all EVs for range. There are some question marks here since WLTP estimates aren't directly comparable to the EPA's range estimates. Also, we've found that real-world range can vary considerably in Edmunds' EV range test. But as a generalized takeaway, it would seem that the EQE will have plenty of range for an EV. As for recharging, Mercedes says that the EQE 350 can charge from 10% to 100% on a 240-volt outlet in 9.5 hours. Plug it into a DC fast charger and the EQE can accept up to 170 kW, which means you'd get from from 10% to 80% in as quick as 32 minutes.

How's the 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQE's interior?

Dimensionally, the EQE is roughly the same size as the Mercedes-Benz CLS and within inches of the Tesla Model S. We don't have figures for passenger or cargo space, but we expect the EQE to be comparable to its rivals. We only have one photo of the EQE's interior, and — as with the EQS — Mercedes' dash-spanning Hyperscreen immediately draws your eye. It uses three screens all under one large, curved piece of glass. The interior design itself so closely follows the EQS that it's difficult to tell the pair apart in side-by-side images.

How's the 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQE's tech?

The Hyperscreen is easily the most eye-catching thing inside the EQE. Three panels — 12.3-inch OLED screens for the driver and passenger as well as a 17.7-inch central display — can control or display most functions in the car. The Hyperscreen uses the latest version of Mercedes' MBUX infotainment system that can now adapt to drive preferences, learning when a driver activates certain features, displaying various menus and functions on the screen as needed. MBUX also features a robust list of voice commands, online music streaming and over-the-air updates. The latest version of MBUX is included in all EQEs, not just models with the optional Hyperscreen.

As with any modern car, the EQE offers many advanced driver aids. Standard features include blind-spot monitoring, automatic emergency braking and lane keeping assist. While that's not a lot, Mercedes will offer other aids including adaptive cruise control, parking assist, a 360-degree surround-view camera and more.

Mercedes hasn't said how much the EQE will cost, but we expect its starting price to be around $13,000 more than the entry-level E-class sedan, which will be around $65,000 when it finally goes on sale. out.

2022 Mercedes-Benz EQE - an electric version of the E-Class that competes directly with the Audi A6 e-tron and Tesla Model S | Cars Blog 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQE - an electric version of the E-Class that competes directly with the Audi A6 e-tron and Tesla Model S | Cars Blog Reviewed by Dang Nhan on September 29, 2021 Rating: 5

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