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Starting price is about $138,050 USD

Twelve years ago, Porsche introduced the first GTS version of the 911. Now a new generation of the popular sports car is being launched - more powerful and visually different, and at the same time. have better driving dynamics than ever. Its six-cylinder boxer engine delivers 353 kW (480 PS), 22 kW (30 PS) more than the current 911 Carrera S and previous 911 GTS.

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A Porsche eight-speed dual-clutch transmission (PDK) or a seven-speed manual transmission, as well as a GTS-specific suspension with Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) and high-performance braking from the 911 Turbo, ensure ensure superior longitudinal and lateral force transmission. Driving dynamics will be further improved with the Lightweight Design package, which will be available for the first time on the GTS and save up to 25 kg.

The refined sporty look of the new models is accentuated by contrasting black bodywork and darkened headlamp areas. Black is also the main color of the interior. Many features are made of Race-Tex microfiber creating an atmosphere that is both dynamic and elegant. The latest generation of Porsche Communication Management (PCM) offers many improvements in performance and connectivity.

Technology: custom suspension and unique sports exhaust system

The turbocharged three-liter six-cylinder in the new 911 GTS delivers 353 kW (480 PS). Maximum torque is 570 Nm, an increase of 20 Nm compared to the previous version. From 0 to 100 km/h takes just 3.3 seconds in the 911 Carrera 4 GTS Coupé with Porsche's eight-speed dual-clutch (PDK) transmission: three-tenths faster than its predecessor. A seven-speed manual transmission with a special short throw is available for all 911 GTS models as an alternative to the PDK.

Its suspension, derived from the 911 Turbo and modified for the GTS, meets the demands of precise operation. Thanks to Porsche's standard Active Suspension Management (PASM) system, the dampers respond to dynamic changes at lightning speed. In the Coupé and Cabriolet, PASM is standard, combined with a 10mm lower sport chassis. The concept of a power spring at the rear is derived from the Turbo model: the main spring is under tension in all driving conditions. Rebound is still the same. The 911 Targa 4 S chassis with PASM is used for the 911 Targa 4 GTS.

Engineers have also adjusted stopping performance to match the increased performance of the GTS, using the high-performance braking system from the 911 Turbo. The 20-inch (front) and 21-inch (rear) black central locking alloy wheels are from the 911 Turbo. The standard sports exhaust system is responsible for an even more emotional sound, thanks to its specific GTS setup and the omission of some interior insulation.

Exterior: lots of black silk or high-gloss accents

Many black or dark exterior details are characteristic of the 911 GTS. On the Porsche 911 Targa 4 GTS, this also includes the model identification washer and the Targa lettering. Additional elements painted in glossy black silk include the spoiler, central locking alloy wheels, engine vents, and GTS lettering on the doors and rear. An exterior package, where these and other details are done in high-gloss black, can be selected as an option.

All 911 GTS models come with the Sport Design package, with special trim elements for the front, rear and side sills. The headlights and daytime running lights are darkened, and LED headlights are standard with Porsche Dynamic Light System (PDLS Plus). The rear lights are unique to the GTS models.

Lightweight Design package: less weight, more downforce

Driving dynamics are further improved with the Lightweight Design package, which will be available for the first time on a GTS. Up to 25 kg will be saved by the lighter carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) full bucket seats, lightweight glass for the side and rear windows, and lightweight battery. The rear seats are also removed. Other performance enhancements include rear-axle steering as standard in this equipment package and additional aerodynamic finishing touches.

Interior: black Race-Tex and standard Sports Seats Plus

The sporty details of the GTS models continue inside – functionally as well as visually. The gear lever of the optional seven-speed manual transmission has been shortened by 10 mm, which enables fast gear shifts with a flick of the wrist. A GT Sport steering wheel as well as the Sport Chrono package with mode switch, Porsche Track Precision app and a tyre temperature display are standard features. The standard Sport Seats Plus with electric four-way adjustment provide lateral support, comfort and convenience. The interior insulation has been reduced, which enhances the emotive driving acoustics.

Numerous Race-Tex features underscore the elegant dynamic ambience. The central sections of the seats, the steering wheel rim, doorhandles and armrests, storage compartment lid and gear lever are all trimmed in the microfibre material. With the GTS interior package, the decorative seams are available in Carmine Red or Crayon as an option. The seatbelts and embroidered GTS lettering on the headrests, rev counter and Sport Chrono clock come in the same contrasting colours. The decorative inserts on the dashboard and door trim are matt Carbon with the GTS interior package.

New display and operating concept: now also with Android Auto

The new generation of the Porsche Communication Management (PCM) features additional functions and significantly simplified operation. The touch areas in the Media menu have been enlarged and the option of rearranging the tiles on the homescreen is new. The improved voice assistant recognises natural speech and can be activated with “Hey Porsche”.

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