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Starting price is about $46,000 USD

Great Wall Motors has big plans for the Tank brand, continuing to expand its range of body-on-frame SUVs. At the 2021 Chengdu Auto Show in China, Tank introduced not one but two new models - Tank 400 and Tank 500. The second model was previewed with a teaser sketch of how it's been a month and now it's officially launched after the company renamed it. from Tank 600 to Tank 500.

The tank can be considered as one. Very good reputation and hard to find a car. That's all the information the tank can proudly put out. Since the news of the Tank 600 came, the racers paid attention to it, and then the Tank 500 was changed. Now tank 500 has given us official interior images - this is not breaking news but, this yacht set interior in blue + ivory is simply wonderful.

In terms of design, the Tank 500 is quite impressive with its traditional 4×4 ratio. It comes with a large grille surrounded by chrome, a bulging bonnet and muscular fenders above large diameter wheels.

The SUV measures 5,070 mm (199.6 inches) long, 1,934 mm (76.1 inches) wide and 1,905 mm (75 inches) high, with a wheelbase of 2,850 mm (112.2 inches). This makes it larger than its main rival, the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. In fact, it's even slightly longer than the Land Cruiser 300 Series with the same wheelbase.

Like the aforementioned models, the Tank 500 is based on a body-on-frame chassis and comes with a coil spring suspension setup and locking front and rear differentials. As you'd expect, the Tank 500 is quite capable off-road with a ground clearance of 224 mm (8.8 inches), an impressive wading depth of 800 mm (31.5 inches) and a decent off-road angle ( approach angle 29.6 degrees and 24-degree departure angle).

The cabin looks more impressive with premium design features. On the center console, there is a 14.6-inch screen for the infotainment system, combined with a 12.3-inch instrument cluster behind the steering wheel. The materials used for the upholstery and the controls, seem to be of high quality, while the color combination looks like what you'd expect from a luxury automaker. Other notable features include a Volvo-inspired gearbox selector on the overhead center tunnel, Rolls-Royce-inspired stars on the dashboard, and an analog clock between the air vents. . The Tank 500 has three rows of seats that can accommodate up to seven people.

The extreme contrast has moved more than a tough racer Everyone is excited to discuss Yacht blue is so stylish Who would have thought that a tank with a tough exterior but inside has many hidden meanings such meaning

In the early years, yacht blue was an optional interior color only available to Porsche, even now it is only available in high-end Mercedes-Benz models. , plus color combination with ivory white.

The combination of a watch with a tank LOGO in the center and a large number of extremely solid metal plates is the finishing touch, both the visual and the actual textures are moving enough.

Under the bonnet is a turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 petrol engine that comes with a 48V mild-hybrid system. It produces 349 hp (260 kW / 353 PS) and 500 Nm (369 ft-lb) of torque, which is sent to all four wheels through a nine-speed automatic transmission developed by Tank.

The same engine serves as the basis for the company's hybrid system with a combined output of 510 hp (380kW / 517 PS) and 750 Nm (553 lb-ft) of torque, although it's uncertain whether This powertrain can be used in the Tank 500 or is still offered exclusively in the larger 700 and 800 models. In the future, the Tank may also offer less powerful variants of the 500, equipped with 2.0-litre petrol and 2.4-litre diesel engines.

In the near future, the Tank's range will grow even more with the addition of 400, 700 and 800 models. The company did not provide pricing information, but local media reported that the Tank 500 could cost around 300,000 yuan in China, or about more than $46,000.

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