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Not long ago, I just attended the static press conference of XPeng P5. The clever expandable third space gimmick is really creative. But when I thought that this car had no other advantages than this space expansion function and was the world's first mass-produced lidar, it turned out that my thinking was indeed a bit sloppy. After this road test, the humanized configuration, good driving quality and more complete driving assistance system of XPeng P5 left a deep impression on me, and on the P5 I also noticed some shortcomings. small omission.

Overall, the design of the XPeng P5 is more rounded, although the front of the car adopts the family-style X Robot Face front design. It is worth noting that the new car does not continue to use the split headlights on the P7 and G3, but directly uses the integrated headlights with a penetrating light, this design helps to improve identification and better match the aesthetic of the car. public beauty.

The air intake grille above the sports front bumper adopts the matrix design of the XPeng car logo style, and it is captured in quite detail. Since the model we tested this time is a top equipped model, two high-precision devices such as a cover, a high-precision millimeter wave radar, an ultrasonic sensor and a high-sensitivity camera have been arranged. on the back cover for safety protection. of the vehicle. It is estimated that maintenance costs for future problems will not be low. Of course, because of the lack of these configurations on low-end models, the original position will be replaced by a decorative plastic shell.

In pursuit of a lower drag coefficient to improve vehicle durability and stability at high speeds, the XPeng P5 adopts a rear-sliding body style and hidden side door handles. There are charging ports for fast charging on the left and slow charging on the right respectively on either side of its front. Good cars must have good tires, low-end P5 is equipped with 17-inch 5-spoke wheels with Bridgestone energy-saving tires, high-end models use 18-inch petal-shaped wheels with better handling. electricity. Michelin Tires.

At the rear of the upcoming P5, a see-through LED taillight echoes the headlights. This design is not only highly recognizable, but the design of XPeng's English name "XPENG" makes the tail of this part even more prominent. - luxury and fashion, also in keeping with its identity as a smart new energy vehicle.

As a compact family sedan positioned in the 200,000 yuan segment, the body length, width and height are 4808 mm × 1840 mm × 1520 mm, and the wheelbase of 2768 mm is clearly in above average for this segment. Bringing good interior space After experiencing the driver and occupants of the 170-high car adjusting their front seats, the rear seats still have a lot of leg room, Ge You lying on the Erlang also does not have a footrest. What's the problem.

When it comes to the car's overall configuration, it can be described in three words: forward-thinking, spot-on and smart. Talking about the leap is due to the super-luxury configuration on XPeng's car. Unlike other automakers, XPeng takes all the luxury configurations that are tied to us and are often used daily as standard equipment, and some driving aids have become optional. This is very suitable for the Chinese habit of using cars.

For example, all systems are equipped as standard with 6-way power adjustment in the main driving position, 4-way power-adjustable passenger seat for the co-driver, dual-zone independent air-conditioning, large-screen central control Smart car center, anti-glare rearview mirror, electric adjustment and seat belt. A rare configuration at this level. In addition, refrigerators equipped on high-end models, seats with additional ventilation and heating functions, 8-speaker surround sound system with three basic interior flavors will appear on high-end cars. And the P5 has more Bluetooth digital keys than the P7 that can unlock the car without having to take out the phone.

The description is correct because the P5 is well made in terms of comfort. During the test drive during the day, I felt the thickness and shape of the steering wheel, the perforated leather material, the overall feeling of holding was very good. And the buttons on the steering wheel are very logical and easy to use. During the ride, although the seat cushion is hard, the softness of the backrest combined with the aviation backrest and delicate Nappa leather helps me maintain an extremely comfortable sitting position when driving for a long time. The standard 12.3-inch LCD meter and the 15.6-inch floating vertical touchscreen display in the mid-size car can provide me with a full range of driving information.

In terms of internal intelligence, XPeng P5's engine has a pretty good score in terms of display quality, smoothness when running or functionality. During use, the functions we often use are located at the top and bottom of the screen, clear and easy to understand icon design allows us to quickly control the functions inside the car while driving. car. By adopting the standard Xmart OS 3.0 system of the whole system, you can also directly call the AI ​​artificial intelligence directly by saying "Hello little P" and quickly issue more simple commands, can be perfectly recognized. What's more interesting is that its artificial AI can also customize the image, so that the male god and goddess accompanying you on every path will no longer be a dream. If you take a short break and play this bike carefully, you will find that there are many popular apps for you to buy time.

As a purely electric vehicle, its power and durability are also what we care about most. XPeng P5 uses a high-performance permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum output power of 155KW and a maximum output torque of 310 N m. It takes just 7.5 seconds to accelerate from a standstill to 100 km an hour, and the whole process has a strong sense of repulsion. According to different car models, NEDC has 3 different options of 460, 550 and 600 km in all-round operating conditions, according to actual use, we feel that if you only travel in the city, 460 km is enough. Also, in case of overcharging usage, it can charge the P5 from 460 km to 600 km for a range of 92 km, 138 km and 126 km respectively.

In terms of driving feeling, the chassis of XPeng P5 is relatively solid, the shock absorber can well support the car when changing lanes in an emergency and cornering at high speed without sacrificing comfort. During rapid acceleration and deceleration, the throttle and brakes operate very linearly without loss of power. After the comfort mode is activated, the drag sensation due to the vehicle's kinetic energy recovery becomes lighter, and the overall feel is close to that of a fuel-powered vehicle. Compared with some imported brands, it is easy to control and meets the needs of family cars. In addition, it is commendable that Auto hold's intervention method is designed to be moderate in the process of parking and waiting for the car, you only need to pedal lightly and deeply to be able to start.

Possibly becoming the world's first smart car to use mass-produced lidar, the XPeng P5 naturally has outstanding performance in driver assistance systems. Freeway. Implement adaptive battery life at top speed, lane centering control, and more. I believe there will be no problem if it recognizes the autopilot feature. And for all this, you just need to move the lever on the right side of the steering wheel down twice to turn on the system, to turn off the system, you just need to touch the brake, and the system will have a clear hum. Voice warning, very safe. Of course, this system also has some shortcomings during testing, such as for safety reasons, the rear autopilot distance of this system is relatively long and the S-curve of urban roads cannot be passing by itself and needs to be improved in the Future.

In the automatic parking, XPeng P5 played a super level. First, it recognizes parking spaces quickly and accurately, is very intuitive and simple to activate the automatic parking function, and acts quickly and consistently when the entire parking lot is stopped. . Pro-test it can be done in a variety of environments, you can also visually see the vehicle's running status on the central display, and its memory parking function can also assist in cross-parking. floor.

Because it is positioned as a smart home sedan, XPeng puts the safety factor of the P5 first. In terms of active security, it offers automatic emergency braking, blind spot monitoring and early warning, door opening early warning, and more, which are more practical everyday safety configurations. In real life, because we know that it has a configuration like a dangerous bonnet that can detect the front sooner, we have more peace of mind during the driving process.

In terms of passive safety, the XPeng P5 uses a body structure that combines three mixed materials including high-strength steel, ultra-high-strength steel and 1500 MPa hot steel. space and it can also make the whole frame neater. In addition, the whole car is also equipped as standard with 6 airbags, front-load-limiting seat belts, 4 high-precision collision sensors, 45mm dual-cylinder front brake calipers, Bosch ESP system 9.3 and IP68 super resistance with protective armor and battery management Dustproof and waterproof battery system gives P5 comprehensive protection for driving safety.

In summary: The final selling price of XPeng after the subsidy is expected from 160,000 to 230,000, depending on the different needs of consumers, the company will launch a total of 6 models with different battery life and configurations. together. Although we can have a lot of choices in the car market at this price, if you want to spend a small amount of money to experience a new energy car with intelligence, high safety and environmental protection, then surely XPeng P5 is a good choice. And its intelligent third space is not found in other cars, it allows my car to have more uses than just being a vehicle. Finally, the price is expected to be announced on the September 15 press conference, interested people can keep an eye on it.

CHINA - XPeng P5 - Test drive experience, good driving quality and more complete driving assistance system | Mini Auto CHINA - XPeng P5 - Test drive experience, good driving quality and more complete driving assistance system | Mini Auto Reviewed by Dang Nhan on September 11, 2021 Rating: 5

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