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Starting price is about £22,465

After rolling out an update to the Fiesta last month, Ford is refreshing the Focus with plenty of tweaks inside and out. All trims feature redesigned standard LED headlights with integrated fog lights for a cleaner front fascia. For an additional cost, pixelated LED headlights work with the front-facing camera to turn off parts of the headlights to avoid blinding oncoming drivers. The top spec lights also use the camera to read the road ahead and illuminate the inside of the curve.

The new design for the family hatch echoes the recent refinement of the Fiesta, with a focus on reworking the front end. As with the Fiesta, the Ford badge has been moved from the Focus's bonnet down to the enlarged grille. LED headlights are now standard on all Focus variants and feature built-in fog lights and darker rear light effects including a new "ring-light" style.

Ford unveils the new Focus mid-size family car for the first time, featuring an impressive new design and fuel-efficient electric powertrain along with advanced connectivity and driver-assist technologies designed to makes owning and driving experience easier and more rewarding.

A new iteration of Ford's "people-centered" design philosophy brings more confidence and boldness to the Focus exterior, with a more distinctive approach to Titanium, ST-Line variants. and Active. Each gets unique styling elements that express their individuality, with an X pack available offering high specs and the extended Vignale pack availability offering luxury and features. exclusive design capabilities.

The new Focus introduces Ford's next-generation SYNC 4 technology to more customers than ever before, enabling cloud-connected navigation and connected voice control with natural language understanding. The SYNC 4 is aided by an all-new 13.2-inch horizontal center display, the largest in its class with an intuitive interface designed to help you easily navigate a range of driving and comfort features. This technology also allows Ford Power-Up to update its software wirelessly to improve functionality over time.

Advanced driver assistance technologies introduced for the first time for the Focus include Blind Spot Assist, which monitors the driver's blind spot for vehicles approaching from behind and can apply a driving mode. steer in the opposite direction to warn the driver and prevent lane changes if a collision is detected. .

The new Ford Focus also introduces an automatic transmission option for the fuel-efficient 48-volt EcoBoost Hybrid mild-hybrid powertrain for the first time, delivering up to 155 PS. The seven-speed dual-clutch Powershift automatic transmission makes driving less demanding - especially in city and stop-and-go traffic - while complementing the powertrain's enhanced performance. hybrid dynamics for typical Focus while driving.

Ford has also increased the 1,653-liter load space of the Focus wagon variant to provide greater practicality, responding to customer feedback to introduce a new wet area, easy-to-clean carpets and side trims. , and a vertical divider for simple and efficient load space organization. A spacious and practical five-door hatchback is also offered.

In addition, Ford today also revealed the new Focus ST, developed by Ford Performance. With its sporty exterior and alloy wheel design, optional Mean Blue for the front fascia and all-new, in-house developed Performance Seats, the Focus ST continues to be offered with the powertrain. High-performance EcoBoost petrol and five-door or wagon body styles.

Roelant de Waard, General Manager, Passenger Vehicles, Ford of Europe said: “Ford Focus is a success story for more than 20 years of construction and its appeal has always been based on offering an attractive design. First-class steering and driving dynamics. . "With the next-generation SYNC 4 adding Connected Navigation to the largest screen in its class, new Focus customers will enjoy enhanced digital experiences that seamlessly fit into their lives."

Technology to make life easier

The new Focus seamlessly integrates Ford's latest convenience and driving technologies for a comfortable and connected driving experience.

Focus is the highest-volume Ford passenger vehicle to-date to benefit from the new SYNC 4 communication and entertainments system, which uses a sophisticated machine learning algorithm to learn from drivers' behaviour and deliver more accurate suggestions and search results over time.

SYNC 4 is supported by an all-new 13.2-inch central touchscreen, with an intuitive interface that means drivers never are more than a touch or two away from any application, information or control they need. The new touchscreen also incorporates controls for functions such as heating and ventilation that were previously activated using physical buttons, resulting in a cleaner and less cluttered centre console. The system also delivers wireless Apple CarPlay and Android AutoTM compatibility, allowing seamless integration between smartphone functions and SYNC 4.

Advanced speech recognition allows occupants to use natural speech in 15 European languages, combining on-board data with Internet searches - enabled by FordPass Connect - for quick, accurate responses to commands for everything from entertainment, phone calls and text messages to climate control and weather information.

The SYNC 4 system also enables Ford Power-Up wireless software updates that will improve the new Focus over time, and can install much of the new software in the background or at pre-scheduled times, with many updates requiring little to no action by customers. These upgrades can help improve the ownership experience and may help reduce the need for repair trips, as well as enhancing features, quality, experiences, capability and convenience.

Using the FordPass app, a range of connected services can be accessed using a smartphone, allowing the customer to stay connected with their car from anywhere with a data signal and utilise features such as Vehicle Status - for checking fuel levels, oil life and more - and Remote Start. Ford's SecuriAlert system can provide extra peace of mind by using vehicle sensors to monitor for any attempt to enter the vehicle - even if a key is used - and send alerts to the user's phone.

New Focus vehicles with SYNC 4 benefit from complimentary trial access to Connected Navigation and Ford Secure subscriptions, which enables features such as live traffic, weather and parking information as well as Local Hazard Information for an enhanced customer experience.

The Ford Secure subscription includes Stolen Vehicles Services, which provides 24-hour on-call assistance in the event of the vehicle being stolen, including tracking and recovery. The Ford Secure subscription will receive Neighbourhood Alerts - notifications from other SecuriAlert-protected vehicles in your area, and Location Alerts - the ability to create user-chosen boundaries and push notifications should the vehicle leave these areas, as Power-Up wireless updates at a later date.

Connected Navigation includes real-time and predictive traffic information delivered by TomTom, with Garmin® supplying in-vehicle and in-cloud routing to suggest the most efficient routes. Live weather information keeps the driver informed of conditions along their route and at their destination and can warn of severe weather events that may affect their journey, while three-dimensional maps of major cities and parking information help navigate unfamiliar environments.

Advanced lighting technologies include standard full LED headlights incorporating Automatic High Beam Control, and Manoeuvring Light that activates a wider beam pattern for better visibility when the vehicle detects a low-speed manoeuvre. In addition, an available high-series Dynamic Pixel LED headlamp incorporates advanced features including:

Glare-Free High Beam which uses a front-mounted camera to detect oncoming traffic and create a "glare-free spot" within the beam pattern by blocking those rays that would otherwise shine in the eyes of other road-users
Camera-based Dynamic Bending, which uses a forward-facing camera to read the road ahead and illuminate the inside of curves in the road, increasing the field of vision
Bad-Weather Light, which changes the beam pattern for better visibility when windscreen wipers are activated
Sign-based Light, which uses a forward-facing camera to detect road signs and use them as a cue to adjust the beam pattern and better illuminate cyclists and pedestrians at junctions and roundabouts
The new Focus also adds to its comprehensive suite of advanced driver assistance technologies, designed to boost driver confidence and make driving less demanding.

Blind Spot Assist builds on the functionality of Blind Spot Information System by monitoring the driver's blind spots for vehicles approaching from behind, and can apply counter-steering to warn the driver and discourage a lane change if a potential collision is detected, guiding the vehicle away from danger. The system scans adjacent lanes for vehicles up to 28 metres behind 20 times per second, and can operate at speeds from 65 km/h (40 mph) up to 200 km/h (124 mph).

Also new to Focus is Blind Spot Information System with Trailer Coverage, which allows the driver to enter the length and width of the trailer they wish to tow using the SYNC 4 touchscreen. The system will automatically compensate, warning the driver if another vehicle is in the blind spot of the trailer being towed.

New Intersection Assist uses the Focus's forward-facing camera in combination with radar to monitor the road ahead for potential collisions with oncoming vehicles in parallel lanes. The system can automatically apply the brakes when travelling at up to 30 km/h (18 mph) to help prevent or mitigate accidents where a driver is turning across the path of an oncoming vehicle, such as at a crossroads or junction. The system functions without the need for road markings or furniture and also at night with headlights activated.

Also available are Local Hazard Information that can inform drivers of a hazardous situation on the road ahead, even if the incident is not visible due to a bend in the road or other vehicles, and Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go, Speed Sign Recognition and Lane Centring, which helps to ease the strain of driving in stop-start traffic. Pre-Collision Assist with Active Braking helps drivers avoid or mitigate the effects of collisions with vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, while Active Park Assist 2 operates gear selection, acceleration and braking to enable fully automated parking manoeuvres simply by holding down a button.

New Focus models also feature Rear Occupant Alert, designed to help drivers avoid leaving children or pets in their vehicle by reminding them to check the back seats when the rear doors have been opened at the start of a journey.

"The new Focus is packed with new technologies and features that all deliver a tangible benefit to the driver or passengers in terms of comfort, convenience or safety," said Glen Goold, Ford Focus vehicle line director. "Our customers expect to find the latest features when they step into a Ford and that they will blend seamlessly into their lives - this is what we have achieved with the new Focus."

Focus wagon more practical than ever

In response to customer feedback, a range of innovative new features have been introduced to the new Ford Focus wagon loadspace that make it even more practical and convenient for customers.

The luggage space is now trimmed with a high-quality cropped carpet - previously used exclusively as cabin flooring and floor mats on Vignale-specification vehicles - which not only delivers a premium feel but uses short fibres that make it easier to clean. An additional side load net is ideal for storing smaller items that could otherwise move freely around the loadspace while travelling, and twin LED lights provide clearer illumination in low-light conditions.

The adjustable load-floor now has a central hinge, allowing it to be folded to create a vertical divider that locks into place at a 90-degree angle, creating two separate spaces to keep items more securely in place.

The load area also now features a wet zone, with a load-floor liner inserted into the space to provide water resistance against items such as wet suits and umbrellas. The water-resistant lining can be removed from the space for easy draining or cleaning, and the area can be enclosed from the rest of the boot with floor folded down, or separated with the vertical divider to create wet and dry zones.

In addition, the Ford Focus wagon luggage space now contains a "quick guide" customer instruction label with simplified diagrams to explain the multiple functionalities of the load area. During customer research, Ford found that 98 per cent of current Focus wagon owners were not aware of all the existing features such as the stowable tonneau cover and boot floor, remote seat release and floor divider system. The label simply and clearly explains the features without the user needing to consult the owner's manual for instructions.

In the Focus Estate, the adjustable boot floor is now hinged in a way that helps to divide your luggage, but the overall boot space is unchanged; it can hold about the same amount as the Volkswagen Golf or Seat Leon Estates.

The updated Focus hatchback starts from £22,465, which is only a slight increase over the current car. This means the Ford will be cheaper than the Golf but more expensive than the rival Leon or Kia Ceed. Expect similarly small price increases for the Focus Estate and ST versions, too.

2022 Ford Focus Facelift Revealed - ushers in the use of Ford’s latest Sync 4 infotainment | Cars Blog 2022 Ford Focus Facelift Revealed - ushers in the use of Ford’s latest Sync 4 infotainment | Cars Blog Reviewed by Góc chia sẻ 'Of Nhân on October 15, 2021 Rating: 5

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