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Meet the cryptically named 2022 Honda Integra, a small Chinese sedan molded after the eleventh-generation Civic. Coming from the Guangqi Honda joint venture in the People's Republic of China, the Integra will be assembled in Guangzhou while the Civic based on that comes from the Wuhan (yes, Wuhan) factory under the Dongfeng Honda joint venture. The two flavors are largely identical, but the new Acura version looks better thanks to slimmer matrix LED headlights alongside a slightly larger grille with a honeycomb pattern.

The Integra seen here goes on sale in China in the fourth quarter of this year and is essentially the 11th-generation Civic, but with a new name and some styling tweaks. Why not just call it a Civic? That's because there is already a Civic in China, built by Dongfeng Honda, a joint venture between Dongfeng Motor Group and Honda Motor Company.

This alternative to the Civic is built by Guangqi Honda (GAC-Honda), another joint venture the Japanese automaker has with GAC Group. The company decided to revert to the Integra name to put it on the Civic, as it said it would appeal to younger consumers.

Having two almost identical Honda models with different names is nothing new in China, as we saw with the GAC-built Vezel (we call it the HR-V). and Dongfeng's XR-V. Other examples include GAC's Breeze and Dongfeng's CR-V.

With that cleared up, let's talk about the Integration itself. Still called the Civic, the most noticeable styling changes can be seen at the front, where it now has the usual six-point grille instead of a bar of the same color. This is flanked by slimmer headlights, while the lower doors have smaller air intakes and more subtle fog lights.

Moving to the rear, you'll see a distinctive inverted L-shaped taillight that extends into the trunk lid, catching up with the folded number plate recess. Based on the photos and images from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, the back apron will come in two types.

The standard car has a strong rear bumper with longitudinal reflectors, central fog lights and large black panels covering the twin exhaust pipes. There's also a sport option that swaps out the spacer for a diffuser-like unit, which also comes in black and adds chrome finishes to the exhaust outlets.

Detailed specs are yet to be announced, but based on the "240 Turbo" badge, it's possible that the engine will come from a regular 1.5-liter VTEC Turbo four-cylinder (in spec 182 Higher PS is available for Civic globally), paired with a CVT to drive the front wheels. There are also two colors on offer, including Emerald Green and Fire Gold.

Other features noted in the Kit documentation include 16- to 18-inch wheels, LED headlights, Honda Sensing suite of safety systems and driver assistance systems, and black exterior items. and leather seats. We'll only know more when the car is properly launched later this year.

Given that the Integra nameplate has something to do with the Civic's history, Honda's choice to use it for this Chinese model isn't entirely strange. While it won't be sportier than any of its siblings (besides the exterior design changes), the name's legacy will appeal to Chinese buyers.

The official Guanqi Honda website states that the new Integra will be offered in China starting in Q4 2021. Pricing is expected to be close to the Civic.

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