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Starting price is about $90.000 USD

Good things come to those who know how to wait", said that era. After three impressive generations, the wait is over - a brand new LX has arrived. Completely redesigned from the ground up - inside and out - the all-new 2022 LX 600 is the flagship sport utility vehicle in the luxury brand's growing and diverse portfolio of models. The large luxury SUV, with its newly redesigned chassis, pioneering styling and luxurious cabin, demonstrates Lexus's commitment to meeting the diverse needs and lifestyles of its customers. It is expected to arrive in US dealers in the first quarter of 2022.

Since its debut in 1995, the LX has been a luxury SUV icon shaped by an identity distinguished by indomitable duality. Comfortable ride quality and long list of amenities have defined it as a luxury long-range cruiser, yet its proven and tested off-road specifications and equipment have taking it beyond the sidewalks in more than 50 countries and regions around the globe. As of August 2021, more than 500,000 LX models have been sold around the world.

For the fourth generation, the LX offers unparalleled refinement thanks to the complete optimization of nearly every component. It adopts the all-new GA-F platform that is 20% stiffer, which serves as a solid foundation for body-on-frame construction. Weight is 441 pounds less than its predecessor and body rigidity has also been increased.
The new platform offers significant weight savings along with improvements in rigidity. Compared to the old platform, the new platform is 20% stiffer. The LX's total weight has also been reduced by 441 pounds. Weight-saving measures include increased use of aluminum, including for doors. Engineers have also managed to lower the center of gravity, which is said to result in more stable, predictable handling both on and off the road.

Lexus says the suspension has also been designed for improvement. The multi-link axle suspension is changed from the previous model, but with new designs for the swingarm and shock absorbers for better control of axle movement, which is said to improve stability and comfort. while riding. The suspension is still long for off-road driving, with 3.93 inches limited and 5.7 inches rebound, and there is the ability to adjust the vehicle's height. Wheel sizes range from 18-22 inches in diameter.

No more V-8s under the hood. The standard powertrain is a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V-6 with 409 hp and 479 lb-ft of torque, mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission. While we know that the Land Cruiser will eventually offer a diesel engine, don't look for this to appear on the LX, at least in the US, a hybrid powertrain will be possible one day. day after that.

The interior has the fit and finish we've come to expect from a modern Lexus. What's new, however, is that the center stack has a dual-screen interface for the first time. At the top of the stack is a 12.3-inch display, and below it is a 7-inch display. The upper screen is for the infotainment and displays images from the external camera. The lower screen shows the climate settings and information for the driving modes.

Speaking of driving modes that the driver can select via Multi-Terrain Select, there's a new Auto mode that uses information from various sensors to estimate road conditions while driving and make adjustments. Vehicle systems such as brake pressure, steering and suspension controls accordingly, meaning the driver doesn't have to change modes whenever the surface changes. Climbing assist and crawling features are also included.

The 2022 LX is expected to arrive in dealerships in the first quarter of 2022, and buyers will be able to choose from five grades, including an F Sport option that will come with a Torsen limited-slip differential. The F Sport option isn't the only new option for the LX range. The other is the Ultra Luxury that swaps the second row for a pair of seats. Lexus hasn't said whether a third row of seats will be offered on the new LX.

NEW GA-F Platform

By adopting the new GA-F platform and redesigning the vehicle's entire chassis from the ground up, the engineers modified the basic characteristics of the LX and reduced its center of gravity and weight, while increasing the ride height. body stiffness for superior smoothness and comfort, according to Lexus Driving Signature. The new LX is 441 pounds lighter than its predecessor and realizes predictable, balance during swerving, acceleration and deceleration, and improved off-road stability.

To achieve both off-road performance and on-road stability, the front high-mounted double wishbone suspension, optimized suspension geometry and coil springs provide stability. Excellent vehicle design and driving comfort. Suspension travel, which is an important factor for off-road performance, is made long enough with 100 mm/3.93 inches of limit and 145 mm/5.7 inches of rebound (long). 15 mm/0.6 inches more than that of the previous model) to help achieve both off-road and off-road driving performance.

The rear lateral controllable four-link suspension is inherited from the previous model, while the characteristics and arrangement of the swingarm and shock absorbers have been tweaked to facilitate movement control. of the axle, resulting in enhanced vehicle stability and driving comfort. The rebound stroke is increased by 20 mm / 0.8 inches compared to the previous model to ensure excellent traction performance.

The rear shock is located outside of the bottom handle, and the mounting angle has been adjusted to match the angle at which the axle moves. This makes it easier to damp according to the vertical wheel movement, increasing damping efficiency and thus, better absorbing shocks and vibrations from the road surface to provide exceptional vehicle stability.


The 3.5-litre twin-turbo V6 petrol engine (V35A-FTS engine) is smaller than the included naturally-aspirated V8 and provides increased power and torque through turbocharging. The engine makes 409 hp (415 PS) and a maximum of 479 lb.-ft. torque and maintain peak torque over a wide range up to about 3,600 rpm, making it easier to handle not only when driving on the road but also when driving off-road, which can requires frequent use in the low speed range.

Direct Shift-10AT offers smooth starts that only a torque converter can provide, as well as direct acceleration like a manual transmission by activating the lock throughout nearly the entire range. its operation (except when the vehicle starts from a stop). The gear ratio setting - which brings the gear ratios of each stage closer together - and the quick shift times help to shift clearly and evenly, creating a driving rhythm that harmonizes with the sound of the engine.

A wide range of gear ratios are used to provide comfort during strong departures as well as driving at high speeds. Low gears increase drivetrain at low speeds, resulting in smooth starts and strong low-speed off-road performance. In contrast, the high gearshift in 10th gear keeps the engine speed low during high speed travel, making the car run smoother and with lower fuel consumption.

An oil pan guard is fitted to the lower body of the automatic transmission, which is designed for off-road operation, to help reduce the risk of oil pan damage from an unintentional collision with the vehicle floor that can happens when conquering the rocky road.

Check back here for all the details on the 2022 Lexus LX600 next week. We'll update this post with a link to the direct disclosure when it becomes available. The new LX will go on sale early next year with prices starting at around $90,000.

2022 Lexus LX 600 Debuts With an all-new 3.5-liter Twin-Turbocharged V6 and Direct Shift-10AT | Cars Blog 2022 Lexus LX 600 Debuts With an all-new 3.5-liter Twin-Turbocharged V6 and Direct Shift-10AT | Cars Blog Reviewed by Dang Nhan on October 14, 2021 Rating: 5

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