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Starting price is about £26,465

Toyota's smallest SUV gets an impressive score from ANCAP Safety, but is appreciated for its lack of reversing AEB

Toyota's decision to fully equip the new Yaris Cross small SUV with safety tech paid off with ANCAP Safety this morning, giving it a five-star rating for Toyota's smallest crossover.

The score applies to the entire Toyota Yaris Cross range in Australia, with a five-star rating for both the hybrid and petrol Yaris Cross, plus the GX, GXL and Urban.

The Australian Automotive Safety Authority has recorded a high level of confidence in the Yaris Cross, with ANCAP Safety chief executive Carla Hoorweg saying the SUV "has achieved maximum marks for adult protection in the tests. check side impact, oblique column and bump.”

The decision to equip the Yaris Cross SUV (and the smaller Yaris hatchback) with a central airbag benefitted in ANCAP testing, with Hoorweg noting "very good person-to-person protection as well" with The central airbag minimizes head injuries.

In terms of crash reliability, the Yaris Cross scored 86% for adult protection and 86% for child protection.

The majority of ANCAP scores are for advanced safety technologies in recent years - both their presence and effectiveness in testing.

Ms Hoorweg called attention to the AEB system fitted to the Yaris Cross, which "scores well in forward-moving situations" and demonstrates its proven ability to avoid collisions with pedestrians. experience.

Loss of points due to lack of reverse AEB

However, the Yaris Cross was pinged because it was not equipped with a reverse AEB. Ms. Hoorweg notes that “the standard AEB system does not react against vulnerable road users” with ANCAP scoring 0 for AEB Backover or reverse AEB.

Thus, the Yaris Cross scored 78% for the ability to protect vulnerable road users but a good 82% for the safety assistance systems.

Toyota Australia to Chasing Cars earlier in 2021 that the Yaris Cross is fitted with reversing AEB from the mid-tier GXL upward, though the base model GX does not feature this potentially life-saving technology.

Ms Hoorweg said the Toyota Yaris Cross is “very well equipped in the areas of physical crash protection and active collision avoidance.”

This 2022 Cross is expected to follow the regular model of the Toyota Yaris.

By the way, you will find out that the car is very much built on the new platform of the GA-B car, In other words, the Cross has the same 2,560 mm wheelbase.
However, unlike regular Yaris models, the Cross comes with a longer hatchback. In total, the ground clearance is 4,180 mm, making the car 240 mm longer than its brother.
Not only comes with a longer size, the chassis is also 30 mm higher than the regular Yaris model.
As one of the best 2022 Hatchbacks on the market, the Cross is specifically designed to be minimalist and powerful.

Interior design and passenger space

Toyota Yaris Cross 2022 has a larger body than its brother. As a result, there will be more spacious rooms available for passengers.
The manufacturer also promises that this new Yaris Cross will give you a great balance between cargo and passenger space, There is also an additional electric tailgate for the car.

For added comfort, the Yaris Cross 2022 is also finished with an adjustable deck height. The coolest thing about the deck is that you can split it into two.
It means you can use the deck to increase trunk space or simply as an underfloor compartment. As for the materials used for the interior design, there are no leaks from the manufacturer about it.
However, the rulings say it may be similar to the one used in regular Yaris models.

Engine and performance
The 20220 Cross is expected to follow in the footsteps of other Yaris models. It will use a 1.5-litre three-cylinder petrol engine. The machine is said to produce 116 horsepower. It also comes with both 4-wheel and front-wheel drive.
Meanwhile, the vehicle's fuel consumption is estimated at 120g/km according to WLTP.

Safety Features
To meet a high standard of protection system, Toyota Yaris Cross 2022 is equipped with driver assistance and safety features.
One of them is the Safety Sense feature that will help you capture everything going on around you while driving.

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