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Starting price is about $28.465 USD

At this year's SEMA Show, the automaker showcased a range of offerings - from the rugged TrailSport trim that debuted on the Honda Passport to the latest version of the 11th-generation Civic. side by side the 2022 Civic Si and the HPD Civic Si race car, as shown in the circling video at the top of this page.

The Honda Civic Si is the automaker's sporty trim that has become a symbol of affordable performance. It serves as the forerunner to the upcoming Honda Civic Type R, packed with performance upgrades such as an improved turbocharger connected to a six-speed paddle shifter with rev-tuning technology, New dual exhaust system, larger brakes, limited slip. differential and a lighter mass single flywheel.

The engine installed is the same 1.5 liter inline 4-cylinder turbo petrol as the other models, but it has been tuned in various places to deliver a maximum power output of 200ps / 6000 rpm / min and maximum torque of 260Nm/1800-5000rpm. 18ps and 20Nm higher than the standard model.

Only 6MT drive. The aluminum gearshift knob has a design reminiscent of "Type R" and has a better shifting feel.

There is also news that a new "rpm matching system" automatically controls engine speed to optimize target shifting when gearshifting is set. When shifting gears while braking, the appropriate engine speed is calculated and the control automatically performs throttle to complete the shift as if the heel and toe had been decided perfectly. Moreover, at the time of shifting, even if the driver's clutch is delayed, the upper gears are synchronized so that the rotational speed does not decrease too much.

A custom mode has been added to the driving mode allowing the engine control and the amount of power steering to be individually set to the user's preference. When sport mode is selected, the idling stop mechanism is canceled and throttle response is improved.

The suspension has also been tuned for the Si and the brakes have been beefed up. Tires 235/40R18 are all-season and summer tires are optional.

On the outside, the design of the front and rear bumpers has been redesigned, the shape of the left and right exhaust pipes has also been changed to an oval shape. Newly installed front and rear clearances are said to have improved stability at high speeds. The black cover and LED lights on the door mirrors are exclusive to Si.

In the interior, sports seats integrated with eye-catching headrests. Backrest with Si logo. The steering wheel, center armrest, gearshift paddles, gearshift paddles, etc. are stitched in red. A 7-inch dashboard and a 9-inch, 12-speaker infotainment screen including a Bose premium sound system are standard. The same advanced safety equipment as the original Civic.

Of course, the infotainment screen that seems glued to the top of the dashboard is a focal point, but not in everyday driving. Extending 9 inches here (the rest of the lineup has 7-inch units), the touchscreen doesn't interfere with outward visibility, great in all directions. The screen is set low enough that the driver can see through the dashboard and hood from a suitable sitting position without straining and straining.

The infotainment interface itself has been vastly improved over its predecessor, using an enhancement of the Accord system that adds programmable shortcut icons that stretch across the bottom of the screen. While they are hidden when using Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, they provide quick access to various functions without navigating to the home screen first. Should that need arise while using those phone mirroring systems, doing so is simple thanks to the physical buttons on the side of the screen, along with the volume dial and audio controls.

The rest of the controls are equally easy to understand, with a full set of switches on the steering wheel, and a regular gear selector on the center console along with a few other buttons like a button to select modes. driving degree. It's that rare blend of simplicity and sophistication that sets the Civic apart from the rest of its segment.

The car maker says the rear windshield camera works with many of the standard functions - forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking; lane departure warning and lane keeping assist; adaptive cruise control; and traffic sign recognition - there's a wider field of view than before, while braking and steering response have been made to feel more natural with adaptive cruise control.

That was certainly the case during testing; and forward collision warning are not nearly as sensitive as conventional Honda systems. However, adaptive cruise is a bit quick when applying the brakes when there's traffic ahead, and it's not quite as smooth as some other modern systems like Nissan's.

Other standard safety features include 10 airbags throughout the cabin, including front airbags designed to hug occupants, and a federal government-required reverse camera (and its resolution). much higher than other Hondas, although it is still far behind the night). There's also sensor-based blind-spot monitoring, although interestingly only the Touring version combines it with rear cross-traffic alert. The front end is also equipped with an automatic braking system when reversing at low speed and rain wipers are not present elsewhere.

With a stop at $28,465 for the EX version and $29,565 for the sport version. Finally, there's the Touring version, a car worth $31,965 before taxes. This is still higher than the asking price of the most expensive Elantra and Corolla models, although the difference is not as significant as it is lower in the lineup. More importantly, it manages to feel like it offers good value despite its hefty price tag, with premium quality that few others in the segment can match.

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