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Guangqi Honda's new INTEGRA small sedan was launched at the 2021 Guangzhou International Motor Show. As the sister model of Dongfeng Honda Civic, it sports a sportier design style and an intelligent navigation system. Honda Connect 3.0 and the newly added 6MT transmission are the biggest highlights of the style.

In terms of appearance, the style using the youthful and novel color system, along with the similar fastback sport style of the Civic, tends to be clearly younger. The length, width and height of the new car is 4689/1802/1415 (1420) mm, the wheelbase is 2735 mm. The front of the car is clearly different from the Civic, the fog light area is removed, the air ducts are added, the standard LED headlights of the whole system are designed to be slim and sharp, hidden under the hood, creating intuitive feeling. general horizontal expansion.

On the side of the body, the sharp and flexible lines further accentuate the sporty atmosphere of the whole car, with the addition of black embellishments to the windows, door handles and rearview mirror, further brightening the ready spirit. ready to fight.

The L-shaped taillights at the rear are very recognizable, the overall style is simple, the lower bumpers of the two models are designed as a diffuser, and the dual exhaust pipes also highlight the character of a modern style. sporty way. sedans.

Regarding the interior, regardless of design style or materials and overall structure, it is basically the same style as the Civic, equipped with a 10.2-inch LCD clock and a 9-inch smart connection screen. Parallel layout, can reduce the up and down movement effectively. At the same time, some physical buttons are reserved at the bottom of the screen.

The entire center console is made from sugar and plastic technology, combined with leather, metal and other materials to enhance the overall texture. The honeycomb penetrating vents are still eye-catching but are indeed problematic for obsessive-compulsive disorder.

In terms of configuration, Guangqi Honda Model will be equipped with Honda Connect 3.0 intelligent guidance connection system, including voice recognition, digital key (mobile phone to open the engine, doors and windows. ) and Home Link car connection, remote control of car functions. In addition, the new car will also provide a 12-speaker BOSE audio system and magnetic card key.

In terms of power, both cars are equipped with a 1.5T 4-cylinder engine with a maximum capacity of 182 horsepower, in addition to the CVT gearbox, there is also a 6-speed manual transmission with independent front suspension and behind. Definitely fun to drive. Provide more space to play.
In the Chinese market, Honda Integra is priced from 142,900 yuan (Equivalent to about $22,370).

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