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Starting price is about £14,500

Toyota developed the first two generations of the smallest car in Europe with the help of Peugeot and Citroën (now part of Stellantis), but that's no longer the case with the new Aygo as it's an effort by Toyota. The two former PSA Group brands have decided to leave the segment, with no plans to replace the 108 and C1, so Aygo will no longer face too many competitors.

The all-new Toyota Aygo X is a unique crossover in the A-segment, designed and manufactured in Europe to meet the demands of urban and suburban life in Europe.

To make the all-new Aygo X the best in its class, Toyota has conducted thorough research on urban driving requirements across the continent by listening to customers' wishes for a vehicle. Fashionable, compact and confident.

The result is the latest compact car in Toyota's lineup, built on the successful Toyota Global New Architecture (TNGA) GA-B platform, introduced for the first time alongside the new Yaris-the current car. of 2021 in Europe—and more recently with the Yaris Cross.

Whether traveling in the city or on open roads, a truly great A-segment car must be distinguished by its compactness and agility to give the driver confidence. It also needs to create and convey emotion, and integrate the best of technological advancements in a compact, economical package to run.

The all-new Toyota Aygo X delivers all this and more, becoming everything European customers expect from an A-segment car.

"The A-segment is very important to us. It not only brings new customers to Toyota. It also fulfills our mission to provide everyone with the right mobility solution." Andrea Carlucci, Vice President, Product & Marketing, Toyota Motor Europe


Starting with the opening concept car Aygo X developed at Toyota European Design and Development (ED2) in Nice, France, Toyota designers wanted to bring a bold and spicy feeling to car buyers. compact in Europe.

Since its first appearance on the market in 2005, the Aygo is not only Toyota's most accessible model in Europe, but also delights customers with its youthful and fun personality. These qualities have attracted many new style-conscious European buyers to Toyota.

More than ever, new Toyota customers are demanding sophistication, differentiation and the opportunity for personal expression. By building on the leading style icon of the A-segment, ED² set out to design a concept car just for them.

"Everybody deserves a great car. When I look at the opening sequence of the Aygo X, I'm really proud to say that the ED² Team created exactly that. I'm happy to see it create one. revolution in the segment." Ian Cartabiano, Toyota Europe Design, Design and Development Director

Following the successful reveal and positive reception of the eye-catching Aygo X "Sparkling Chilli Red" opening, the Aygo X project was moved to Styling at Toyota Motor Europe in Belgium, where the design teams worked. closely with product planning and R&D to turn the new A-segment car from concept to reality.

The bold two-tone implementation of the Toyota Aygo X, together with the new spice color concept creates a unique graphic profile that captures attention by emphasizing the new model's readiness to move forward. motion.


In adapting the proven and successful GA-B platform for the Aygo X, the new and unique A-segment rival offers a unique crossover, featuring a revised and miniaturized rear chassis with reduced front and rear overhangs.

At 3,700mm long, the new Toyota Aygo X is 235mm longer than its predecessor, although the wheelbase has only increased by 90mm. The front overhang is 72mm less than the Yaris, while the maximum wheel size has been increased to 18”.

Designed for the city's narrowest roads, the Aygo X also features an exceptionally small turn of just 4.7m, one of the narrowest in its class.

The total body width is increased by 125mm to 1,740mm compared to the Aygo. As a result, the front seats are moved 20mm further, increasing shoulder space by 45mm. Luggage space is also class-leading with an increase in luggage length of 125 mm and a clever space design behind the rear seats, increasing cargo capacity by 60 liters to 231 liters compared to the previous generation.

Moreover, Pagoda's canopy design maintains its compact overall dimensions, while providing a spacious and comfortable cabin for the driver and passengers. The ride height has been increased by 50mm to 1,510mm.

At the wheel, the steering has been tuned to suit urban and suburban European driving, with the new S-CVT transmission offering best-in-class initial response, direct-shifting. objective and linear while maintaining a balance between fuel consumption and electric power.

In addition to its bold design and spiced color scheme, the Aygo X delivers a strong, go-anywhere feel with a 40% tire-to-body ratio like a crossover.

Interior noise levels have been minimized through extensive use and optimization of soundproofing materials to create a quieter cabin, where the Insulation Index has been improved by 6%, within among the best performing vehicles in the segment.

Toyota and JBL have teamed up to deliver a premium audio system whose sound profile matches the characteristics of the Aygo X. The sound system consists of a set of four speakers paired with a 300W amplifier and a large 200mm subwoofer sits in the trunk. to deliver powerful bass, dynamic speaker response, and a wide and clear sound stage.

The sky is the limit in the Aygo X with an optional retractable canvas roof, a first for an A-class crossover. The new canvas roof is designed to maximize the driver's experience when the doors are open. is extended by 40mm with a 20% increase in viewing angle.

Using high-quality materials commonly found on high-end models, the canvas upper improves water and dust resistance. The new wind deflector structure also improves durability and sturdiness for added peace of mind.

Standing still, enjoying the quiet, or the wind blowing, every driver is guaranteed emotion.


The Toyota Aygo X is a compact car packed with some of the biggest new features.

Customers will be able to connect to their Aygo X through Toyota Smart Connect and the MyT smartphone app.

Toyota Smart Connect centers around a large 9-inch high-definition touchscreen, ambient lighting, and wireless charging, providing customers with a seamless user experience with the included MyT smartphone app. With the MyT app, customers can track various vehicle analytics, such as driving analytics, fuel level, alerts, and vehicle tracking.

Toyota's latest multimedia system also offers cloud-based navigation to provide live route information through always-connected services at higher levels. New services are introduced over time through over-the-air updates, so new software and connected services are automatically included in the system. Toyota Smart Connect also offers wired and wireless smartphone connectivity via Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Advanced full LED lighting technology is also being introduced on Toyota's latest A-segment model, making it accessible to a wider range of customers. The daytime running lights and turn lights include two tubes surrounded by a magical light to emphasize Aygo's distinctive shape in all lighting conditions.

"With the Aygo X headlights, we've made the front end centered and confident. In Toyota's design language, 'sharp'." Tadao Mori, Head of Styling, Toyota Motor Europe

The Toyota Aygo X takes a big step forward in terms of safety, introducing Toyota Safety Sense as standard in all markets for the first time in a compact A-segment sedan.

The latest Toyota Safety Sense uses a combination of a monocular camera sensor and millimeter wave radar, a Pre-Collision System (PCS) with the ability to detect vehicles currently operating at higher speeds. Debuting on the Aygo X are Day and Night Pedestrian Detection, Daytime Bicyclist Detection, Collision Mitigation Assist, Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Tracking Assist, and Lane Tracking Assist. emergency driver assistance.

The Aygo X has additional passive safety features, such as reinforced construction to absorb shocks for all-round safety.


The Toyota Aygo X has been designed to maximize economic performance from the outset.

For example, the Aygo X has the lowest white body weight of any A or B segment car, resulting in excellent fuel economy.

The front bumper and wheel arches also help improve fuel economy by directing light airflow away from the tyres, thereby reducing turbulence around the front and sides of the vehicle. The rear wheel arches also direct airflow away from the tire and direct it to the convergence point at the rear of the vehicle.

The Toyota Aygo X is powered by the award-winning 1-litre, 3-cylinder 1KR-FE engine, which has been refined to meet European regulations while providing a high level of reliability and performance. high, with a target fuel consumption of just 4.7l/100km and 107 g/km CO2.

Designed and manufactured in Europe for European customers, the all-new Aygo X will set the stage in European cities in 2022.

Toyota says the car will go on sale across all European regions by the end of spring 2022. There's no word on pricing yet, but we expect the Aygo X to start at around £14,500 .

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