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Starting price is about $30.000 USD.

The four-door sedan has a fastback-like styling. It's finished in the Indy Pearl shade we've seen on the NSX and the third generation 2000-01 Integrated

When the Acura Integra left the US market in 2001, it was also the last model in the Acura lineup with a pronounceable name. Twenty years later, the Integra was also the first model to bring it back. Replacing the ILX in the Acura lineup, the Integra is designed to cater to both retro lovers as well as younger enthusiasts.

I can already tell you it will be a four-door hatchback, mainly because Acura told everyone that in September. We also saw spy shots of the test mules being tested. camouflage, most recently taken by our friends at Car Bibles. Its overall shape is quite similar to that of the 11th-generation Civic hatchback, and we expect them to share many parts.

While it won't retain the two-door form we all remember about the Integra, we do know it will be available with a six-speed manual transmission. Acura has confirmed this, although it has yet to say which engine will power the car. An intro video appears to feature four high-revving cylinders, which isn't surprising and we still don't know which one that could be. I wouldn't be surprised if the Civic Si's 1.5-liter, 200-horsepower turbo engine makes an appearance here as well; here's also hoping for a variant with the power of the Civic Type R somewhere.

If you remember Acura's sexy Type S concept, you might see some familiar touches in the Integrated. The frameless Diamond Pentagon grille is straight from the Type S Concept, and its "Chicane" LED daytime running lights are now located above the headlights of Integra's Jeweled Eye.

The rear end shows a more muscular appearance, as the wheel arches become stronger and the rear apron with dual exhaust pipes is finished in Pearl Gold paint - the same paint color as the NSX. The taillights mimic the design of the headlights, giving more presence to the rear. The 19-inch wheels found on the prototype give it a sporty look, and the large Brembo brakes with yellow brake calipers help provide good stopping power.

Acura will reveal the interior later, but we expect it to look similar to the Civic, which isn't a bad thing. The new compact sedan has a premium cabin, and we like its roominess, technology, and overall design and versatility.

If the Integra's overall shape looks like a Civic hatchback to you, that's because it shares a lot of parts with its Honda sibling. The integration is based on a revised version of the Civic platform and will most likely offer a similar level of performance. While Acura doesn't spill the beans on the Integra's numbers, we'd expect to see somewhere between 180 and 200 hp to begin with.

Should Acura take the rumored 2.0-liter engine from the Civic Type R in the future, power ratings will likely range from 315 hp to 335 hp. While previous reports claimed the new Type R will be a hybrid with all-wheel drive, the latest information suggests it will follow the tried and tested petrol FWD formula. Like the Si, the Type R will only be a manual version and would make sense for an equivalent Acura Integra that also comes with only one clutch pedal.

We expect to hear more details about the new Integration in the next few months, but as with previous Integrations, the new integration will be affordable. Prices will start around $30,000, which will put it in a competitive position in the segment and it might even take away some sales over the Civic hatchback. The Civic Sport Touring hatchback, which comes with a six-speed manual transmission and a 1.5-liter turbo engine, starts at $30,415.

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