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Starting price is about $68.840 ( at CHINA )

The last major domestic auto show in 2021, the Guangzhou Auto Show, is in full swing. At this auto show, it can be seen that many manufacturers have brought their latest models, either launched or launched. Among them, Cadillac brought the mass production version of its first purely electric model, the LYRIQ. Its appearance height restores the design characteristics of the concept car. Vehicles using the new generation VCS intelligent virtual cockpit and 33-inch curved LED screen are very eye-catching. In addition, it is powered by Qualcomm's flagship 8155 chip, and its battery life can exceed 650 km in CLTC conditions. In addition, the new car went on pre-sale on the evening of the 17th. The pre-sale price of the first rear-wheel drive luxury version is 439,700 yuan.

The Cadillac LYRIQ is the first SUV built on the Autoneng platform. The mass-produced version of the LYRIQ concept car has undergone a major overhaul in appearance. Multiple LED strips are incorporated into the grille to illuminate when the vehicle is started. The illuminated "Mens 'Shield" logo is also a symbol of renewed energy status. While keeping the classic design, the entire front of the car incorporates a large number of electrical elements, which have a great visual impact.

Viewed from the side, the LYRIQ's graceful waistline runs across the front and rear, creating a simple and elegant body pose. The rear position of the cockpit maintains the classic proportions of a luxury SUV. The roofline behind the A-pillar naturally falls, making the overall visual effect of the LYRIQ more sporty. The charging port is cleverly hidden on the left front fender, and the hidden touch door handle is also not absent. In terms of size, the LYRIQ rear-wheel drive premium version has a length, width and height of 5,003/1, 977/1, 637mm respectively and a wheelbase of 3,094mm, positioned as a mid-size SUV. and large size.

The rear end has rich and regular lines, the visual effect is still the thickness and heaviness of the Cadillac series, a bit fierce and even makes people not think that this is a new energy car. . The taillights are divided into two groups above and below, starting from the D-pillar and connecting to the middle to form a light-through pattern, the lower part echoes the previous daytime running lights while maintaining the classic vertical design of the family.

Coming to the car, the ring-shaped 33-inch super retina display occupies position C, the visual effect is not inferior to the iPad Pro, the resolution is up to 9K, equipped with Qualcomm 8155 chip, supports 5G network, helps the car connect than. Smooth; The use of a premium fidelity sound system in AKG's 19-speaker studio also makes Cadillac the only car brand currently working with AKG.

On the smart side, in addition to the previously mentioned software and hardware to enhance the human-computer interactive experience, the LYRIQ is equipped with Cadillac's proud Super Cruise assist system, and also added automatic lane change and command functions, measured in millimeters only. User is allowed to turn on wave radar, camera and high precision map at the same time.

In terms of power and endurance, the maximum power of the rear motor of the Autoneng version is 255kW, the maximum torque of 440N m and the acceleration time of 0-100km / h is 6.9 seconds (the leading model). future four-wheel drive could reach 4.9 seconds); the Autoneng platform's power is a 95.7kW·h Tertiary Lithium Battery, the CLTC has a maximum flight range of more than 650 km and is equipped with a battery heating system.

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