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Geely subsidiary Farizon Auto has just introduced an electric semi-trailer truck called the Homtruck with an architecture that can carry various zero-emissions powertrain options. Start of production and first deliveries are scheduled for early 2024.

Farizon Auto is the commercial vehicle subsidiary of Geely, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd., known as Geely for short, is a multinational automobile manufacturer with headquarters in Hangzhou, China. In addition to developing and manufacturing its own vehicles under the Geely Auto brand, the company owns the Volvo Group, which manufactures both Volvo and Polestar EVs.

Geely is also affiliated with auto brands such as Lotus and the latest premium EV brand ZEEKR. Part of the Geely New Energy Commercial Vehicle Group is Farizon Auto, one of a number of commercial vehicle manufacturers focused on net carbon transport.

The Homtruck architecture can accommodate powertrain options such as a range extender, a methanol fuel cell hybrid and an all-electric version with a battery swap option. Both the battery and fuel cell swap options offer faster acceleration, which the company says should be in minutes.

The announcement that a battery replacement option will also be introduced for the BEV version is not surprising given recent developments in China: At the end of October, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China ( MIIT) announced the launch of the government battery. Alternative pilot program for electric vehicles - also for trucks.

When the Homtruck debuts in 2024, Geely's commercial vehicle group, Farizon Auto, has its eyes on international markets. The division's CEO Mike Fan told CNBC: "This product is designed and developed with a global market in mind," adding that the company will target Europe, Korea, Japan, and Europe. North America, with new vehicles.

As shown in the video link in the Twitter announcement below, the vehicle will be able to operate a number of Level 4 partially autonomous unmanned features. For this purpose, a sensor, millimeter wave radar Ultrasonic as well as 5G and V2X modules must be installed as standard equipment. Fan says that Geely plans to introduce the autonomous driving system in three stages. By 2023, the company hopes to have some partially unmanned features with more advanced systems by 2026. Geely plans to achieve full autonomy by 2030.

The truck's name and concept is based on the idea of ​​a trip away from home by the driver in the truck's spacious cabin which will have its own toilet, shower, single bed, fridge, tea maker , kitchen and even a washing machine.

Aside from the truck's self-driving capabilities, it's well-equipped with a number of technological perks. Among other usual features, for longer journeys, the trucks will be able to communicate with each other within a train so they can maintain a safe speed and distance. Trucks can also connect to the logistics network's big data platform so drivers can access optimal orders in real time and can check operating costs along routes.

Geely has really hit the market at an opportune time with this truck as governments around the world are trying to phase out their transport sectors and the heavy-duty, long-distance trucks that place A specific problem with battery weight suggests that fuel cells are a more viable option. Here, Homtruck delivers the full potential of every drive, including swapping out batteries to shorten recharge times. The only other company currently unveiling such a concept for an electric semi-trailer truck is Baidu. The Chinese internet giant is targeting the heavy-duty truck market through the company. baby DeepWay. For 2023, the company is looking forward to an electric "robot truck", of which some important data has been published, such as a battery replacement system that is said to provide new batteries in six months. minute.

As for Geely's Homtruck, speaking at the launch, Geely Holding Group Chairman Eric Li said, "Farizon Auto's Homtruck is the result of a synergy between Geely Holding's technological expertise and partners in the industry. global auto industry. Homtruck represents an important step towards a net zero carbon freight system and ushers in a new era for logistics.”

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