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Starting price is about $100,000

Regarding the relationship between Audi and Horch, those of you who are knowledgeable about automotive culture know that before the birth of the Audi brand, the Horch brand founded by Mr. August Horch can be considered the true birthplace. After that, Horch was dropped from the company founded by his partners for some reason, and switched to Audi Latin, which meant Horch as the new brand. In 1932, the two brands, together with then-DKW and Wanderers, formed the Auto Union automotive alliance, and eventually adopted the "four circles" as their brand identity. Among them, the Horch brand has always been the main luxury car line in the Automotive Alliance, basically using a large displacement of 8 cylinders, and its position at that time was comparable to that of Maybach. Just like Mercedes-Benz using the Maybach as its premium car, many are also expecting Audi to restart the Horch.

Now, the Audi A8L has finally launched the Horch Founders Edition model, which with a longer wheelbase and more luxurious interior is enough to rival today's Mercedes-Benz Maybach S-Class. In terms of appearance, the Audi A8L Horch Founder's Edition is based on the mid-term facelift of the A8, the front has many changes, the center grid is decorated with three-dimensional chrome, looks sturdy and somewhat stronger. Halo.

The headlights also have a completely new shape, the lower corners match the design of the current Audi family and high-end models have matrix digital LEDs. A chrome border is also added under the front bumper, as the main luxury model, it also adds a bit of sporty air.

The core highlight of the car is that the wheelbase has been extended by 130mm, and the extra-long rear doors provide ample space for getting in and out. At the same time, the Horch line logo has been added to the front fenders and C-pillars. Instead of using a logo from hundreds of years ago, it uses a simpler design that looks better suited to today's digital era. .

The wheels have a size of 20 inches in the form of a "big wheel", a shiny reflective effect that helps to add aura to the car. Tires use Goodyear EAGLE F1 series, size 265/40 R20.

Compared to the current A8L, the tail has not changed much, the combination of the light strip and the simple but haloed chrome border, the logo on the right side of the rear is also printed with the word Horch, showing its unique identity.

As for the interior, the new car's center console is essentially the same as the Audi A8L, while the door panels and seats are upholstered with diamond stitching, combined with light brown monolithic wood panels. create elegant and fresh visual effects. still luxurious. The motorcycle system is equipped with the Audi connect connection system based on the MIB3 + Asterix platform.

The front seats are very wide, the main and auxiliary drivers are equipped with a small pillow, which can also be suitable for lumbar support.

The rear seats are uniquely designed, the length is extended by 130mm, providing very spacious legroom. The rear seats are independently designed left and right and are equipped with a screen in the middle, which can control the sun visor, massage for the rear seats, adjust the sound and other amenities, integrate the rear seat adjustment button, have can make the seat surface move forward and lie down. In addition, a car refrigerator is integrated in the backrest of the rear seats.

For luxury cars, the co-driver's rear seat is usually the most noble position, so it also has the same comfort as first class. The buttons on the door panel can support reclining at the touch of a button, the seat cushion can be adjusted forward and the seat back elevation angle becomes larger. When the rear seat is adjusted to the maximum angle, after continuing to press this button, the front passenger seat will fold forward and open a foot pedal, this position can almost reach a flat state.

In terms of power, the Audi A8L Horch Founder Edition is equipped with a 3.0T turbocharged engine with a 48V mild hybrid system. The high-power version can reach 340 hp, but whether it will offer the low-power version 286 hp. is still a mystery. Its quattro full-time four-wheel drive and dynamic all-wheel drive system are also standard, but since it's a flagship product, we're still hopeful that it can offer versions V8 and V12 in the future.

Verdict: The Audi A8L Horch Edition is specially built for the Chinese market, the interior space is strongly upgraded and the feeling of luxury in the exterior can fully meet the requirements of the rich. But after all, the Maybach S-class has a relatively better starting price, and Maybach is also an independent ultra-luxury brand, with a price tag of nearly 10 million yuan. The Horch is still relatively unknown to the Chinese and only true car aficionados can understand its value. Of course, with such great product power, if the price is not much higher than that of the regular A8L, there is still a chance to compete with the Maybach S-class.

Audi A8L Horch Adds Ultra-Luxury for China - Return of the real king | Cars Blog  Audi A8L Horch Adds Ultra-Luxury for China - Return of the real king | Cars Blog Reviewed by Dang Nhan on November 02, 2021 Rating: 5

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