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Starting price is about £69,905

In an era where the internal combustion engine is invincible when it comes to test driving, we have every reason to expect and wait for high-performance products from Bavaria, Germany. So will electric cars. There is no doubt that the BMW iX is an all-electric luxury car with all the latest technology, or BMW is keen to redefine SAV in the electric vehicle era with the iX. So the question is where should I focus on a short experience day?

Objectively speaking, the audience is arguing about the design of the BMW iX, which on the one hand is considered to be extremely creative and simple, leading BMW's design ideas in the future, and on the other hand is a challenge. very large consciousness. according to the traditional concept., more than splendid but lacking in essence. Subjectively speaking, I can still accept, and gradually come to like the avant-garde and minimalist look of the BMW iX after a short time together.

Especially referring to the past, such as Hofmeister's earlier hidden corners, Chris Bangor's radical BMW 7 Series and the large hexagonal grille of the new X5, ... I am also very trust BMW for its ability to drive the fashion and future of car design.

The body dimensions of the BMW iX are length, width and height: 4953 × 1967 × 1695mm, with a wheelbase of 3000mm. Similar in length and width to the X5 model, the X6's height and the same large wheel position as the X7 (available for 21 or 22 inches), the BMW iX has a spacious and unique visual experience. unique. From front to back, there is almost no excess decoration, all corners and angles seem to be integrated into the body lines, even the front and rear lights are laser headlights and LED taillights. smallest in the history of BMW vehicle production The shape of the grille (actually more like a double shield) informs the audience loudly that it is also a member of the BMW family. In fact, this design concept is derived from a polished stone, which BMW calls "raw stone". The front design is derived from the iNext concept car. The overall design adopts the concept of "minimalism + Shy Tech invisible", which means Under the uniformity, there is really a hidden mystery.

The first is the appearance of a simplified design, which can help the BMW iX achieve a lower coefficient of drag Although it is similar in size to the BMW X5, the drag coefficient can be as low as 0.25cd (0.26cd for the BMW X5). with BMW i8). At the same time, the 4953mm car has a wheelbase of 3m, which is unthinkable for a fuel-powered car.

The giant kidney-shaped air intake just mentioned is actually the perception center of the external environment, like the compound eyes of insects, including the front camera, surround-view camera, full-range radar, and more. for the high end. driver assistance function. And to deal with minor scratches or damage caused by rock particles that can collapse during high-speed driving, the polyurethane coating on the surface has a self-healing function, and users can choose between black or black. Gold according to your needs.

In addition, the BMW iX also has some quite unique details, such as no hood that can be easily opened and closed in the traditional way, but only a glass inlet door under the "Blue Sky and White Clouds" logo. on the front of the car. The rear BMW logo pops up to clean the rear of the car. Dash cam function. Opening the door is neither a traditional mechanical handle nor a hidden design commonly found in pure electric vehicles. It uses the same inline design as some high-performance models. Openable doors and large carbon fiber frame and frameless glass Of course, the BMW iX is also equipped with the electric intake feature that many luxury car owners love.

BMW iX With a spacious interior

Before the BMW iX, I had never heard BMW position itself as a "mobile luxury living room". Many people think that BMW seems to be only sporty and exciting. Even if you're wearing a suit like the 7 Series, it's a must and a common practice for high-end sports brands. Clearly, in the era of pure electric vehicles, BMW has begun to rethink luxury and they hope to become the endorsement of smart travel. For example, the BMW iX is the first BMW model to use a hexagonal steering wheel, and it is also the first new model to use the 8th generation iDrive system. This is also the first time BMW has used a control screen. integrated central control in a production car, and the first use of a panoramic visor with variable light transmission ... and the result of all this was: an experience completely different from before.

The integrated large display is based on the seamless coupling of the 12.3-inch instrument panel and the 14.9-inch center console display, and the overall tilt is 6° towards the driver, prioritizing ensuring efficient performance. Better visual effects for the driver. In terms of functionality, you won't see many function buttons doing their job anymore, detailed operations are replaced by screen touch operations and voice control. All are replaced with high-quality crystal materials, as well as environmentally certified wood grain materials.

The 50% reduction in the number of unused physical buttons makes the BMW iX interior look more compact than ever. Of course, this will certainly come at the expense of some tweaking convenience, especially if you're new to focusing on finding seat ventilation, turning on functions like glass dimming, or determining whether you've chosen one. position P when you want to park or not. In short, even if you are already a loyal fan of BMW, upgrading to a BMW iX requires a process of learning and acceptance, certainly longer than changing from 5 series to 7 series.

In the eighth generation iDrive, almost all functions are displayed on the system interface as an APP icon. This looks like using PAD. You can arrange the functions however you like and are familiar with, so it will take some time. Once the installation is complete, it becomes an iDrive suite that is perfectly suited to you and fully supported. OTA upgrade support.

Of course, this system is also very friendly Apple Carplay, on the basis of wireless connection, it also supports displaying navigation information on the watch screen. The image is nice and smooth, when switching between different driving modes will have the corresponding stylish interface, which looks pretty but still feels the same. We have reasons to be drawn to tradition and classics, but we have no reason not to adopt smart technology. Convenience provided.

Not only can the seats and steering wheel be heated, but on the BMW iX there are also 6 heating plates. As for the door interior and center console knee position, in cold temperatures, infrared heating can quickly bring the car into a comfortable temperature state. Equally interesting is the exclusive B&W’s Diamond sound system created especially for this new car. This is the first electric car to use B&W's Diamond Dome tweeter as the sound system. It houses three aluminum dome tweeters, five Kevlar armor midranges, and two diamond dome tweeters. Due to the hardness of the material, these two speakers use a diamond-like material. Additionally, there are eight speakers built into the front and rear headrests, which can be individually tuned for a personalized audio experience. Four woofers and a 4D vibrator are housed in the cabin. This is also a first in the auto industry. I don't think I need to go on describing the listening experience and you don't need to worry. This set of speakers is currently the best listening experience in mass-produced pure electric vehicles. of the.

There is no need to worry about the space of a purely electric-based electric vehicle, there is plenty of legroom and flat headroom, the seats are spacious and comfortable, and a sense of relaxation can be felt in both front and rear seats, and each row There are two USB Type-C ports behind the backrests of the front seats and corresponding expansion ports to ensure that you will not worry about the battery of your mobile phone and computer laptop during the journey.

Similar to the i-series, the latest environmental concepts related to pure electric vehicles are also adopted by the BMW iX, which will be fully displayed where you can and cannot see, for example for example olive leaf in co-driver Leather is a vegetable tanning agent extracted from olive leaves, every year in Europe about 1.2 million tons of olive leaves are discarded because of demand. about olive oil and its fruits. In addition, some of the plastics and fabrics used in the trim are also obtained from recyclable raw materials, and the entire seat is made of Sensatec artificial leather. Of course, if you're a determined vegetarian, there are also completely eco-friendly interior solutions that don't contain leather products. This is what you can see.

BMW iX - and real experiences

In fact, developing and producing purely electric vehicles is a challenge for any traditional car manufacturer, and a brand like BMW, which is known for its efficiency and controllability in its combustion engine. in, must add the word "more". Which everyone understands. of the battery from the manufacturer Effect of uniform chassis layout, etc. to the operation of the car is obvious. Therefore, it will not be easy for BMW, a company with a long history, to develop a purely electric platform and produce pure electric vehicles.

Specifically, the BMW iX uses the 5th generation eDrive system. The xDrive50 model uses a battery with a real capacity of 105.2kW h and has a range of 630km in WLTP conditions. It is worth mentioning that the battery pack of BMW iX is developed and assembled by BMW itself, the battery comes from two suppliers, Samsung SDI and CATL.

There is a motor on the front and rear axles to form all-wheel drive. The front uses a double wishbone front suspension and is equipped with an electronic power steering system with a gear ratio. The rear uses a multi-link rear suspension and is equipped with a two-axle pneumatic system, suspension and active rear-wheel steering. The maximum power of the propulsion system can reach 385kW, the maximum torque of 765N • m and the official acceleration time from 100 km is 4.6 seconds. Of course, you shouldn't make the mistake of thinking that the BMW iX will be a lightweight benchmark just because you can see the huge carbon fiber parts when you pull the door or trunk lid. In fact, the curb weight of the xDrive50 has reached about 2.5 tons.

Fortunately, in everyday driving and when you need higher power output, you can hardly notice the effect of such a vehicle's weight on handling, thanks to its lightweight and durable body construction. High strength composite materials include high strength steel, aluminum and carbon fiber. At the same time, the variable-ratio steering system and the active rear-wheel steering system also contribute to the vehicle's stability and tracking ability in different road conditions. Driving on mountain roads with constant turns, compactness and dexterity still match this 3-meter wheelbase all-electric SAV. With the excellent NVH performance of the whole car, the typical road surface of the luxury car is full of "floating feeling" and very smooth.

In addition, there are the good things brought by technology, AR real-world navigation and adaptive energy recovery function, the predecessors are better understood. Real-world AR technology will help guide navigation more clearly, especially suitable for use in urban areas with many Intersections. In contrast, adaptive energy resilience is more unique and better understood. It can match the appropriate energy recovery intensity according to the following actual distance and congestion during driving, which can effectively reduce the driver's frequent manual intensity adjustment. It's like a combination of adaptive cruise and brake recovery functions. Of course, if you've adapted to the "one-pedal" mode of pure electric cars, you can simply shift into B gear.

With the launch of international auto shows in many regions, the BMW iX appeared almost immediately in Europe, North America, China and Southeast Asia. Series 50 and XDrive 40 The price of the X5 model in the domestic market is close. At the same time, this also means that the BMW iX will not launch a more entry-level purely rear-wheel drive model. In the Chinese market, the final price will also be announced at the Guangzhou International Auto Show. Either way, it still comes from a centuries-old luxury. inherent brand genes, and also allows us to experience the latest crystallization of the traditional luxury car companies research into electrification and the smart age of travel.


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