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To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the iconic Renault 4, the automaker has partnered with motion design center TheArsenale to develop the futuristic flying car. This reimagined version of the 4L boasts a carbon fiber bodywork and has been redesigned to accommodate concepts such as thrust as well as lift. The team spent hours calculating and testing, including with the help of artificial intelligence, to refine the design.

Renault's announcement of the Air4 made the modern world sound like astigmatism, and airplanes were the solution. "Air4 is a symbol of independence and freedom, born of the awareness that traffic is multiplying, life is stopping, and the world above us is not at peace," the company said. the company said.

The design of the Air4 takes the basic idea of ​​the original and updates the shape to be more modern. The bodywork is now completely carbon fiber. Up front is a cluster of LED lights, including DRLs located along the sides of the grille. The overall lines are softer and more curved than the boxy 4L.

Thrust comes from a pair of rotors attached to extensions at each corner of the vehicle. The reimagined body was hinged at the front to let the pilot into the cockpit. Power comes from a 22,000mAh lithium-polymer battery that produces a combined 90,000mAh, enough for a horizontal top speed of 58 mph (26m/s (, ​​with 45° incline in flights, incline). The flying car can fly as high as 2296ft (700m) at a takeoff speed of 31 mph (14m/s), thanks to its propellers generating 209lb (95kg) of vertical thrust ), each with a total of 838lb (380kg) will be introduced in central Paris at the Atelier Renault store on the Champs Elysées next week.

Air4 fulfills the promise of the flying car by allowing people to zoom in on all the people stuck in traffic. Though, a pilot's license is a pretty expensive investment and you might not be able to land this in the grocery store parking lot for your weekly shopping.

It's worth noting that this is simply a show car. There is no intention to build a flying Renault 4.

The Air4 will be on display at the Atelier Renault on the Champs Elysées in Paris, France, from November 29 to the end of the year. Important versions of the 4L will also be there. After that, Air4 will appear in Miami, Florida; New York, New York; and Macau.

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