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Starting price is about  £40,000

  • Volkswagen's electric offensive continues to advance with the launch of the new ID. leading family model as part of brand strategy ACCELERATE
  • The ID.5 and ID.5 GTX sport dual-motor all-wheel drive that inspires excitement with impressive design, long-distance capability and the latest generation of software.
  • Comprehensive digitalization and online updates represent the next major milestone on Volkswagen's journey to becoming a software-driven mobility service provider.
  • Sustainable e-mobility: like the ID.3 and ID.4, the new ID.5 is manufactured in the Zwickau factory and both models are carbon-neutral when delivered to the customer.

On the “Way to ZERO”: The new ID.5 does more than just expand the successful ID. family; the new Volkswagen launch moves the electrification of its new car fleet forward and into a new market segment. The elegant, expressive E-SUV coupé is equipped with the new ID. software version 3.0, which includes improved charging performance and voice control among other features. With the use of swarm data and latest-generation driver assistance systems, Volkswagen is also taking the next step towards automated driving.

“ID.5 is electric, sporty and elegant. Ralf Brandstätter, Brand CEO, said: "It brings the feeling of local carbon-free driving to a discerning clientele. We are breaking into a whole new market segment. with this model”.

Elegant and dynamic design, outstanding aerodynamics, wide range of activities. The new ID.5 and the sporty ID.5 GTX with twin-engine full-time four-wheel drive are the new, long-range flagship models in the ID. family. Like all IDs. model, Volkswagen's first e-SUV coupe based on Volkswagen's modular electric drive matrix (MEB).

With a length of 4599 mm (ID.5 GTX: 4582 mm), Volkswagen's e-SUV coupe will debut in 2022 with three engine options. The ID.5 will be powered by an electric motor at the rear. The ID.5 GTX's all-wheel drive system will be powered by an electronic motor on the front and rear axles.

The new Volkswagen e-SUV coupé represents independence and originality from every angle. The signature LED technology, with front (optional) and rear light strips, unmistakably identifies ID.5 as a member of the ID. family. Many features – including prominent bumpers, painted door panels and new roof lines – set the e-SUV coupé apart from the ID.4, which was named World Car of the Year. Expressive Coupé design has high recognition value. Large air intakes and IQ.Light LED matrix LED headlights with intelligent high beam and 3D LED taillights as standard give the ID.5 GTX an even more dynamic look. Vehicle dynamics management systems network the transmission and chassis control systems, while the optional adaptive DCC chassis ensures optimal driving dynamics. ID.5 and ID.

The new body style and the concept of a lounge-like space highlight the creative power of Volkswagen and its ID. family. Despite its coupe-like shape, the ID.5 has 12mm less rear space than the Volkswagen ID.4. The 2766 mm long wheelbase facilitates interior space conditions comparable to SUVs in higher vehicle classes. The luggage compartment volume is 549 liters, the materials and construction are of high quality. The upholstery material varies depending on the interior version. The optional top sport seats are distinguished by the perforated ID logo at the top of the backrest.

One battery, three powertrains with up to 295 hp in ID.5 GTX

Speaking of batteries, the only option available on the ID.5 is the massive 77 kWh pack, which allows for a range of up to 520 km (323 miles) in RWD (combined WLTP) models.

All ID.5 motors are powered by a large, long-range battery. The low drag coefficient of 0.26 (or 0.27 in the ID.5 GTX) boosts efficiency and widens the vehicle's range. This ability is further aided by the spoiler integrated in the extended, aerodynamically shaped tailgate. Electric cooling vents at the front of the vehicle open only when necessary to ensure optimal airflow.

While there is only one battery option, VW offers three powertrain variants for the ID.5. The base model ID.5 Pro has a rear-mounted electric motor of 128 kW (172 hp/174 PS) and 310 Nm (229 lb-ft) of torque, while the mid-range ID.5 Pro Performance has same power but a more powerful engine that produces 150 kW (201 hp / 204 PS) and 310 Nm (229 lb-ft) of torque.

The new ID.5 and the sporty premium ID.5 GTX with all-wheel drive are manufactured at the Volkswagen plant in Zwickau and are carbon-neutral when delivered to the customer. When charged with 100% green energy, the vehicles are already virtually climate-neutral. With the We Charge charging system, Volkswagen offers the fastest growing eco-friendly system for convenient, networked and sustainable charging. The network has around 250,000 charging points across Europe. Using a standard Mode 3 cable, the e-SUV coupé can also be charged with alternating current (AC) up to 11 kW, even when it is outdoors. Charging efficiency can reach 135 kW as standard at a fast charging station.

The ultra-modern digital cockpit offers a new operating concept. The high-resolution multimedia system and driver display delivers impressively vibrant visuals. The enhanced augmented reality head-up display (optional) in the driver's field of vision provides additional information. New ID. software 3.0 has various enhancements including natural voice control (“Hallo ID”.) It is now supported learning and allows online access to information from the Cloud . For atmospheric interior lighting, the Ambient Lighting feature offers a choice of up to 30 colors. We Connect services provide drivers with real-time online traffic information, online map updates, information on toll booths, web radio and more.

The new generation of software 3.0 enables over-the-air updates and enables additional functions so that ID.5 can stay up to date for a long time. Innovative assistance systems such as Herd Data Travel Assist allow for an easier and more predictable driving experience. The new Park Assist Plus option with memory function handles personalized parking procedures on demand.

Volkswagen's onslaught of new electric cars continues today with the introduction of the ID.5. The model will come in two versions - standard and GTX - with three trim options and three powertrains. ID. 5's familiar shape - if you use the right amount of squint - is because it shares quite a bit with ID.4 . Both have the same wheelbase and overall length, although the ID.5 has a coupe-like roof to separate it from the more traditional looking ID.4.

The VW ID.5 and ID.5 GTX will launch in Europe in early 2022, but the automaker hasn't said anything about a US launch. However, the ID.5 GTX's dual-motor AWD powertrain will appear this fall in the ID.4 GTX.

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