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Starting price is about: $14,422

The best selling kei car in Japan. About a third of the cars sold in Japan are kei cars, the size-restricted vehicles that attract favorable fees and tax breaks in the largest cities.

In Japan, the kei reigns supreme. In fact, this government-regulated segment accounted for about a third of all new car sales there last year, as people switched from larger cars to smaller, cost-effective cars. more cost. The best-selling kei car? You're looking at it: the brilliantly named Honda N-BOX.

Kei-car regulations state that no vehicle model can exceed 133.85 inches in length, 58.26 inches in width or 78.74 inches in height, and that they must be powered by a 660cc engine. Maximum power is 64 horsepower. In addition to their obvious aesthetic, kei cars are also distinguished by their distinctive yellow number plates (regular cars in Japan have white number plates).

About 20,000 Honda N Boxes are sold every month. The car is also notable for having been commissioned by Honda's ambitious boss, Takanobu Ito, and its success is said to have formed part of the foundation that would enable the company's more forward-thinking plans. company today.

It sits on a reservation platform, the investment which explains some of Honda's ambitious plans to launch more kei cars in the near future, including the Honda successor to the road. Beat is iconic but selling slowly.

The N Box is available in front- and all-wheel drive (an extra 60kg and seemingly unnecessary given the car's urban credentials), with three trim levels offered. We tested a mid-range GL version with a CVT box.

As with the Honda N Box, buyers can opt for the Honda N Box Plus, which is built for increased practicality and has features including a rear ramp and Honda N Box Custom, which allows buyers to customize the color scheme. their colors and decorations. vehicle.

Honda's kei is considered a bit more premium than rival cars from Daihatsu, Suzuki, Nissan and Mitsubishi. Most kei cars fall into the cost-cutting trap of having nice materials in the front but cheap plastic mounting in the back, but Honda's use of soft-touch materials extends to all seating areas. sit. The N-BOX also offers plenty of premium feature content, including automatic low-speed braking, a backup camera, automatic headlights, Apple CarPlay, and even heated seats.

It also has smart rear seats that fold flat, turning the N-BOX Slash into a proper cargo van. Or the bottom of the rear seats can be folded like that in the Honda Fit to be able to carry taller items like potted plants or maybe a Chiitan.

As with all kei bikes, the N-BOX Slash is powered by a 64hp 660cc three-cylinder petrol engine, with the addition of a turbocharger providing lower handling. All N-BOX versions are equipped with a CVT automatic transmission; Honda doesn't cite any official 0 to 62 mph time, but let's just say it's possible. The top speed recorded on the speedometer is 140 km/h (87 mph), but, that's mostly theoretical. While the small engine is economical - I averaged around 35 mpg - you really have to be on gas to get it going.

Kei cars operate in Japan because of the cost benefits they offer, such as lower taxes, insurance savings, and road toll benefits. In big cities like Tokyo, before you can buy a suitable car, you need proof that you have a parking space to be able to keep it. You don't have to do the same with kei cars.

There are several markets to which kei cars have been exported, including countries in Europe and parts of Asia, but it is unlikely that the N-BOX or any of its variants will be there is more than one show in America, except perhaps in a handful of dense urban areas.

It's easy to imagine that the Honda N Box could quickly garner a fan base if it were to go on sale here, and it's more practical and engaging than the already-loved and less-loved Nissan Cube. enjoyed in the European market a few years ago.

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