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Starting price is about: $151.895

New RWD performance R8 R8 V10 available as Coupé or Spyder with an extra 30 PS, a sporty addition to the R8 V10 performance quattro

The performance Audi R8 V10 RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) is the new sporting breakthrough of Audi's serial rear-wheel drive sports cars. “The Audi R8 V10 RWD really impressed customers from the start with its rear-wheel drive from the R8 LMS race car and its unfiltered powertrain. It now has 30 PS output and an additional 10 newton meters, taking the driving experience to the next level.

The new rear-wheel drive performance that distinguishes the Quattro is not just the reduction of the driveshaft. It uses a 5.2-liter V-10 version with 562 horsepower, 30 horsepower more than the capacity of the previous RWD base type, but still 40 horsepower less than its AWD sister. The two-wheel drive car also doesn't have the carbon-ceramic brakes, 20-inch wheels, carbon fiber side skirts and laser headlights that the Quattro comes standard with. All of these shortcomings can be rectified with optional packages, though doing so will split the $51,100 gap between the two versions.

Audi describes the RWD Performance as a more dynamic choice, although its pure purpose is largely due to cost-saving measures. Unusually for this market, it uses passive rather than adaptive dampers and sends power to the rear wheels via a conventional limited-slip differential rather than an electronic control unit.

According to Audi engineers, the loss of the center differential and front-wheel drive axles results in only a modest 110 pounds of mass savings and doesn't change the car's character at day-to-day speeds. Delivering power from slower corners, Performance reaches the point of traction control intervention quicker than the Quattro, but that intervention is unobtrusive. In Comfort mode, there is simply an invisible balustrade that prevents overfitting.

Selecting more aggressive modes increases the threshold for intervention and allows for more rear slip, especially with the race-biased Performance setting included with the optional Sport Exhaust package. But the chassis is better at dexterity than outright gadgets. Even at quick speeds on the Spanish mountain roads, the Spyder's cornering is easier to adjust thanks to gentle accelerator input and shifting weight between the axles rather than trying to overpower the Michelin Pilot rear tyres. Sport 4S.

The R8's role as an example of dynamics from basics back to basics has the biggest knock with the steering. It's certainly not bad, but it's not particularly good either - an area where it feels close to the wider Audi range. Both the Coupe and Spyder that I drove on the Gran Canaria have a rack-tightening Dynamic setting that won't be offered in the UK, but even after the low-speed-ratio adjustment feedback feels far and muted, poorly much more natural than Porsche feels manage to associate with the 992's all-electric rack. Of course, the final verdict will have to wait until we get the UK fixed-ratio system. - and, unlike the quattro, the rear-wheel drive car never showed any indication of a shift in torque from the rear effort sent forward.

Audi may seem like an unlikely champ in terms of dynamic purity given the amount of technology typically found on the largest displacement bikes, but that's where the R8 Performance drives. new rear axle. The relative lack of all-wheel drive stands in stark contrast to the company's longstanding commitment to the quattro, but the rest of the spec sheet also carries some glaring gaps from the competition.

But R8 always does things differently and plows alone. It's still an attractive car, and while Performance is more expensive than the upcoming RWD model, it's well priced for the top-of-the-range sports car segment and looks like a bargain compared to supercars. juniors, especially when it has extremely prominent engine characteristics with one of them. It won't be around much longer and Audi has confirmed its next R car will be all-electric - so we should celebrate this R8 while we still can.

The R8 remains a bit uncertain as to whether it's a luxury sports car or a supercar, and it often tries to downplay the theatrical nature of its spectacular engine. RWD performance is now entry-level to the range, and its starting price of $151,895 ($164,095 for the Spyder) is likely a bigger part of its appeal than the slightly enhanced potential for the monitor. power. Still, even with the slight increase in price over the old RWD car, it's still very well priced considering the inherent magic of that V-10 engine. We'll definitely miss it when it's gone.

2022 Audi R8 Performance RWD - Coupé or Spyder with an extra 30 PS, a sporty addition to the R8 V10 performance quattro| Cars Blog 2022 Audi R8 Performance RWD - Coupé or Spyder with an extra 30 PS, a sporty addition to the R8 V10 performance quattro| Cars Blog Reviewed by Góc chia sẻ 'Of Nhân on December 22, 2021 Rating: 5

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