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Starting price is about: $21.103

As a classic SUV model of the Chinese brand, the Changan CS75 series together with Haval H6 and Geely Boyue have been occupying the leading positions in SUV sales rankings, outstanding appearance and good performance. has also been widely recognized in the market. . Today, Changan CS75 PLUS has launched a new model, the sense of technology and fashion has also been improved, let's take a look at the changes on this new car.

In terms of appearance, the new CS75 PLUS takes "energy crystals" as inspiration. The front grille offers two styles. In it, the "whale tail" grille (left) originates at a 46.7-degree angle in the Changan LOGO, resembling a whale. The tail is raised when jumping out of the water and then thrown into the water; The crystal matrix grille (right) adopts a parameterized mesh design, which looks sportier, simpler and more intuitive presenting a sense of power.

The headlight adopts the left and right integrated penetrating pattern, the main light group uses a full LED light source, and the inner light strip uses a laser engraved texture, making it more identifiable at night.

The side skirts of the new car are unchanged, the classic side windows are still used, and the visual effect also reveals a fully sporty atmosphere. The wheelbase remains the same at 2710mm.

The taillights also use a full-LED integrated light strip. The structure uses vertical thick walls to create a relief effect like a burning flame. The side lights are laser-engraved with a light transmission pattern to give the taillights a deeper look. With the sturdy twin exhaust pipes below, the strong sense of motion can also win the hearts of young users.

The new car offers 18-inch and 19-inch wheels, 18-inch wheels are equipped on Hankook's Ventus S1evo3 SUV with size 225/60 R18.

In terms of interior, the new CS75 PLUS maintains the general style of the current model, while the design is significantly simpler. It uses straight lines with stronger angles to create a more luxurious space, and a large area of the car is covered with soft plastic, which further improves the sense of class and technology on the car. . Real shot of our Blue and white program is very popular nowadays.

The cluster of display screens and entertainment screens are connected together, both of which are 12.3 inches in size and have a one-piece design that also has a folding effect in the middle, allowing the viewing angle of the car's large screen to tilt towards the side. driver, at the same time increased. sense of science and technology in the car.

The functions of the vehicle system are also very rich, the built-in applications are rich, the navigation supports both Tencent and Baidu, the voice interaction also has a stronger recognition ability.

The multifunction steering wheel has a flat shape and a two-piece leather design. It has great grip. The sport-oriented design can also be better used during intense driving.

The car seats use racing-style integrated headrests, which look very sporty. And this set of seats adopts ergonomic design, with high elasticity, which makes the contact surface larger, better support and better resilience. The diamond-shaped stitching also highlights the attention to detail and adds a sense of class inside the vehicle.

The backrest angle of the rear seats is adjustable, providing a very good comfort effect, the rear floor is flat, the seats support 4:6 reclining and the space flexibility is very good.

The standard luggage compartment volume is 620L, which can be expanded to 1450L when the rear seats are fully lowered, this performance has a clear advantage in small SUVs of the same class.

In terms of power, the new CS75 PLUS will be equipped with Blue Whale NE series engine, offering two engines 1.5T and 2.0T, specific parameters are still provided by the manufacturer with more information. The 8AT gearbox is suitable for the engine. Compared to the common dual-clutch transmission at this price point, the AT's ride comfort and reliability have a big advantage. The suspension structure still applies the Macpherson multi-link rear.

Personal review:

 Although the Changan CS75 PLUS is not a real replacement, the changes from the outside to the inside are indeed radical enough. In terms of appearance, these two grids can better meet the individual needs of more users, and the interior design also becomes simpler, fresh and more advanced. It is reported that the new CS75 PLUS will be sold at the same time as the current models and priced slightly higher than the current models, in order to enrich the CS75 series lineup.

2022 Changan CS75 PLUS - More advanced design and first-class experiences | Cars Blog  2022 Changan CS75 PLUS - More advanced design and first-class experiences | Cars Blog Reviewed by Dang Nhan on December 17, 2021 Rating: 5

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