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The beautiful design of the two SUVs that have been released before, as well as the intelligent interaction system, can also be considered as the design that builds the concept of the future car for us. For this series, it seems that Changan also wants to continue in this way, now that the first sedan of this series, the UNI-V has officially arrived in our hands, let's see what this new car will bring to us. What surprises.

The Changan UNI-V is positioned as a compact car, but the new car uses many coupe-like elements. Sports and fashion are its highlights. To serve young users, the company has launched many beautiful car colors. . Its front uses a borderless mesh in the middle, the sides are gradually disappearing. The shape of the LED headlights is flat and sharp, the air ducts on the sides look very angular, with visual tension like a show car.

In terms of body dimensions, the UNI-V has a length, width, and height of 4680/1838 / 1430mm and a wheelbase of 2750mm, it is in fact positioned as a B-class car. The short front and rear overhangs of the vehicle. It maximizes the space inside the car.

Seen from the side, the fastback of UNI-V is extremely attractive to young people, at the same time, the body also uses many sharp cuts, the "short, flat and fast" rear end looks clean and neat, and Simple design language. enough to achieve stunning effects.

The rear end looks more like a coupe like the Audi A7. The rear windshield has a large slope, the rear lights are angled, and the interior uses a grid-shaped triangular width indicator strip.

In terms of creating a sense of movement, the new car is equipped with a liftable rear spoiler, which can increase downforce by about 25 kg when raised, while reducing drag coefficient of 0.007Cd. And the tail bar is equipped with a sturdy diffuser and dual exhaust pipes, creating a visual effect that is explosive enough.

18-inch wheels with a simple and sporty multi-spoke design, more like an improved car. Tires use Continental MC6 type with size 235/45 R18.

Inside, the new car continues the UNI-K design style. The clock and large center console display form a staggered front and rear. The clock is under the windshield. The driver does not need to go out on the road, and convenience is effectively improved. And the interior of the car also uses very rich angular elements, creating a strong sense of science and technology for the whole car.

To ensure the instrument's vision, the upper part of the steering wheel is straight, the small steering wheel can create a driving feeling like a racing car and the control of the whole car is more flexible.

Outstanding technology, equipped with the FACE ID facial recognition system, by swiping your face when you get in the car, you can log in to many eco-apps in the car and in-vehicle. Its functions include voice interaction, gesture recognition and a variety of audiovisual applications, its richness completely ahead of its time.

Leather seats use a combination of two colors and an asymmetrical design is applied on the left and right sides, looking very personal.

The rear seats also use a similar design style, but overall comfort is good, and the nearly longest wheelbase in its class also offers plenty of legroom.

The luggage compartment of the hatchback can not only provide spacious space, but also has a higher storage capacity, making it more convenient to load luggage. Coupled with the 4:6 rear seat support, it can make hauling large items easier.

In terms of power, Changan UNI-V will be equipped with a 1.5T engine, in the future it is expected to be equipped with a 2.0T and hybrid engine, on the dashboard there is also a yellow Super Race button, equivalent to the mode. super sporty, but the current power figures have not been officially announced. The suspension structure also uses McPherson multi-link front and rear, the type most often used on sports cars.

Judging by the static performance of the Changan UNI-V, it will continue the advanced design of this series and the relatively high-end positioning in the brand, to gain the favor of younger users. Judging by the hot sales of many recently launched high-performance home-made family sedans such as Lynk & Co 03, Trumpchi Shadow Leopard and MG 6, the market prospect of UNI-V is truly very promising. Of course, we're still hoping to get the specs on its dynamic performance as soon as possible to see if it can turn out to be another sports sedan killer.

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