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Starting price is about: $47,875

The 2022 QX60 is a radical redesign of the brand's three-row midsize SUV, complete with more dramatic styling and a more upscale cabin.

The Sensory Decorator is the model we would recommend. It comes standard with premium features such as front-seat massagers, second-row heating, air purifiers, wireless smartphone charging, motion-activated power liftgates, and power liftgates. 17-speaker Bose stereo system. Front-wheel drive is standard and will probably be fine for most buyers but all-wheel drive is a $2000 option.

After the marathon production of the upcoming QX60, Infiniti doesn't need to do much to make the 2022 model seem like a step forward. However, the brand has worked to make its popular crossover legitimately appealing. The distinctive, stylish appearance of the new QX60 envelops a cabin that offers plenty of comfort and practicality.

Compared to the old model, the new QX60 ditches the curves in the sheet metal and windows in favor of a theme closer to the brand's roots. As we saw with the QX50 and even more so with the QX55, the focus is no longer on attracting attention at all costs. The 2022 QX60 is more self-contained with its windows located on a horizontal ring road. In addition, according to increasingly high standards in the industry, the final pillars on either side are darkened to "separate" the roof from the body.

The crossover's two ends have also been tweaked, so you get a familiar yet more dignified grille with slimmed-down headlights and origami-inspired details inside them. Infiniti, like Nissan with Pathfinder, proudly displays its letters, whether at the base of the front grille, in the middle of the rear doors and even inside the door sills. To be honest, the QX60 2.0 will age over the years compared to its predecessor.

The only downside to the exterior, for true design enthusiasts, is that the pre-made fake chrome exhaust pipes remain in place. The pipes are actually under the car. On the other hand, a new, simpler layout will be less expensive to replace over the course of several years.

With a luxurious three-row SUV interior, the focus should be more on the interior of the Infiniti QX60 2022 than on the test results — that's where it impressed us most. Materials are quite nice, especially in the front seats, where nearly every surface is covered with soft finishes, opaque wood and metallic details. The dual 12.3-inch screens for the instrument cluster and infotainment provide a high-tech atmosphere, although we would have preferred it if there were more HVAC controls than hard buttons rather than tactile sensors. . The sliding bearing selector has a pleasant feel and is part of the center console that contains some useful storage space.

The rear seats also have some premium treatments; Our sensory trim test unit was fitted with second-row sunshades and heated seats. Passengers in the third row have air vents and USB ports. Although the legroom in the rear seats is tight, the legroom has been much improved. Despite that, accessing the seats is a breeze thanks to the way the second row seats tilt and slide forward with the touch of a button. There is such a button on the base of the seat for the passengers to climb in and another on the back of the seat so that they can get out on their own. The second row of seats can still be tilted forward even with a child seat attached.

Interested readers will notice the similarities between the QX60 and the Nissan Pathfinder, also redesigned for 2022. Indeed, an inspection of the Infiniti's cabin reveals items nearly identical to its counterpart. See the steering wheel, seats, various switches, and center console — not to mention, the 3.5-liter V-6 and the nine-speed automatic. The QX60 isn't the only luxury SUV that shares core components with workaday parity, but it's less successful at hiding those cost-effective details. Is that acceptable given its starting price of around $48,000, but for over $61,000 as tested here? More differences are guaranteed.

The 2022 QX60 is powered by a 295-horsepower V-6 from 2020, but Infiniti ditched the old model's continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT) in favor of a more traditional nine-speed automatic. All-wheel drive will be optional, but the new QX60 will continue to use front-wheel drive.

The QX60 offers up to 6000 pounds of towing, a 1000 pound increase over the upcoming 2020 model's ratings. During our first test drive of the 2022 QX60, we appreciated the smooth shifting of the new nine-speed automatic transmission and the well-controlled body movements during cornering. The ride was harder than we expected for what else is a comfortable cruiser, especially on the optional 20-inch wheels. When we get a chance to bring the QX60 to our test track, we'll update this story with test results.

The EPA hasn't released any fuel economy estimates for the 2022 QX60, but the previous model performed well in this metric. A front-wheel drive model we tested in 2019 delivered a decent 26 mpg on our 75 mph highway fuel economy test route. When we get a chance to test the new QX60, we'll update this story with the results. For more information on the QX60's fuel economy, visit the EPA's website.

Personal rating

Nissan has been through all sorts of ups and downs over the past few years, with the automaker even having to scale back its ambitions in the coming years. This is even more true for luxury brand Infiniti, which is still struggling to break into a niche as important as compact SUVs.

The good news is that the most popular model in the lineup has finally been renewed and all indications are that fans or even those willing to try out the brand will be delighted with the second generation. this. The ride is more inspiring, the interior is more appealing and the design is more modern, and must have aged well.

The car isn't perfect - fuel economy if only marginally better, third-row seats are just right for small people and navigating through the infotainment system's many menus can be difficult - but it's real. is a new model that will quickly make you forget its predecessor. Furthermore, the QX60 is cheaper than many of its direct competitors.

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