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Starting price is about: $27,400

For a time, the Nissan Leaf was the face of the electric vehicle movement. The model was introduced in 2011 and its second generation made its debut in 2017. It was Nissan's only electric vehicle in the US until the Ariya EV crossover went on sale. school in the second half of 2021.

Its new reduced price is a big part of the appeal of the 2022 Nissan Leaf, but its lackluster range means other entry-level EVs are more practical and value for money. The Leaf's standard battery pack performs well for an estimated 149-mile driving range; Upgrading to the Plus model increases the driving range to 226 miles — better but hardly groundbreaking. Some of the main EV competitors like the Chevy Bolt EV and the Kia Niro EV offer more driving range as standard. The Leaf's cabin is spacious and comfortable, and features a host of high-tech driver-assist features, including a semi-autonomous driving mode. Despite all that, the Leaf simply lags behind segment leaders like the Ford Mustang Mach E, Tesla Model 3 and the more recent Vinfast e35 as well as Vinfast e36.

The base 2022 Leaf S and S Plus models come standard with automatic headlights with automatic high beam, LED taillights and keyless entry. The driver can start with push-button start and a digital instrument cluster, and the infotainment system is equipped with an 8.0-inch screen, four speakers and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. New for 2022, all Leaf and Leaf Plus models are compatible with CHAdeMO fast charging.

The Leaf SV and SV Plus get standard fog lights, side mirrors and heated front seats. Their speaker count increased to six and navigation was also added to the infotainment system. The Leaf SV also gets a standard 360-degree camera system. An eight-way power driver's seat, auto-dimming rear-view mirror, low-beam and daytime LED headlights, and ProPilot Driving Assist are new standard in this trim level, part of the update. Updated in 2022. The flagship Leaf SL Plus comes with a standard seven-speaker Bose premium sound system.

Although the cabin of the Leaf S and SVs has a lot of black plastic, the well-assembled and uniform textures help it avoid looking cheap. The SL model offers an optional light gray leather interior with a matching dashboard that looks better. The instrument cluster features a large analog speedometer alongside a 7.0-inch digital gauge that can be reconfigured to display a variety of screens. The Leaf's seats are a comfortable La-Z-Boy; The spacious rear seats also provide plenty of room for adults. Despite the fact that the Leaf's rear seats don't create a flat load floor when folded, we found the cargo capacity to be the best in its class. We fit seven suitcases behind the rear seats and a giant 19 with the rear seats folded. By comparison, the Bolt EV keeps five in its cargo area and a maximum of 16 with its rear seats stowed. The Niro EV — which has more SUV-like styling — holds a bit more cargo in our testing, but the Leaf still comes out on top among electric vehicles.

Standard Leaf models come with a 147-horsepower electric motor powering the front wheels; a 40.0 kWh battery pack provides juice. Leaf Plus models come with a more powerful 214 hp electric motor and a larger 62.0 kWh battery. The previous managed a time of 7.4 seconds from 0 to 60 mph on our test track, but it feels harder than this number suggests thanks to the electric motor's instantaneous power delivery. This result makes it slower than the Bolt EV and Model 3. Upgrading to the more powerful Plus models will certainly lead to faster acceleration, but we won't know until we can. check them out. The Leaf's e-Pedal feature allows the driver to switch between regenerative braking modes, one of which allows the vehicle to go sideways when the driver presses the accelerator, and another that allows the vehicle to slow down when you hit the accelerator. remove the accelerator and use that energy to recharge the battery.

The foil can be plugged into a regular 120 volt outlet or a 240 volt outlet, but charging times vary considerably between the two. On a 240-volt connection, Nissan says both the standard Leaf's standard battery and the larger battery in the Leaf Plus can be replenished after seven hours. A DC fast charge connection is standard on all trims. The standard Leaf models all come with a 40.0 kWh battery, which offers a relatively limited range of 149 miles. This may be enough range for some short-distance drivers, but it's less than half of what the Model 3's Long Range model has to offer. The Leaf Plus offers more driving range thanks to a larger battery pack. To unlock the Leaf's maximum 226-mile driving range, you'll want to go with the S Plus trim level, as the SV Plus and SL Plus models are only rated for 215 miles.

The best deal here is the S Plus because it has a reasonable price tag, the longest driving range, a more powerful electric motor, and still offers a decent set of standard equipment. It has an 8.0-inch infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities, automatic climate control, keyless push-button start, and automatic headlights.

While Tesla spurred electric vehicle sales with its Model S and Model 3 sedans, the Nissan Leaf at the forefront proved that there was an appetite for electric vehicles from the start. When it debuted in 2011, the Leaf was an oddly shaped hatchback with a maximum range of less than 100 km. But it sold well enough that Nissan was able to refine the formula for the second-generation Leaf that debuted in 2018.

For 2022, Nissan is making the Leaf's price point lower than for 2021 models. Better yet, Nissan has expanded the amount of content on the two lower trim levels. The base leaf now comes standard with last year's portable charging cable, while the Leaf SV Plus is now equipped with the previously optional SV Technology package.

We suspect some shoppers will find the Leaf a bit unfashionable compared to the Model 3, Ford Mustang Mach-E and Hyundai Ioniq 5. Its maximum range isn't up to par with those models either. But the Leaf still means a lot to an affordable city.

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