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VF E36 - This three-row crossover has a length of 201 inches and a dual-motor drivetrain that produces a combined output of 402 hp. Vinfast plans to offer two battery options, with the larger one claimed to be able to offer a range of more than 400 miles. The smaller option will still offer a 300-mile range.

The large VF e36 aimed at US consumers boasts large dimensions with a length of 5120 mm and a wheelbase of 3150 mm. The squarish design focuses on making the body look bigger by using lines and weight in a sensible way, the lamp design carries the Beanfest logo to add to the perfection.

Enhancing aerodynamics, the front end is flat, the bonnet with air vents, the front glass is beveled and limited in details. Even the door handles are flush with the bodywork. These efforts of VinFast aim to increase the travel distance on a single charge for the VF e36 - an important parameter on electric vehicles.

22-inch wheels, the C-pillar is stylized with the highlight of the V-logo, increasing the car's identity when viewed horizontally. The rear glass runs from the hips, similarly is the rear light layout.

The interior compartment of VinFast VF e36 has a spacious space commensurate with the massive size of the car. The design language is similar to the VF e35 but the materials and features are more advanced.

The highlight is the button-shaped gear lever. 15.4-inch infotainment screen, interior lights are arranged quite delicately. The VF e36 has the trend of today's large SUVs when it comes to reducing the mechanical control keys. The central screen takes care of most functions from entertainment to the car control system via touch, the armrest follows the minimalist orientation, increasing the space for the occupants.

The dashboard on VinFast VF e36 has a Tesla-like layout when there is no traditional speedometer instead of a large central screen displaying information.

The second row of seats is most noticeable with a 2-seat business design with a control panel of comfort features in the middle. This area at least has its own air conditioning system and screen located behind the armrests of the front seats. The front and rear seats are both electrically adjustable.

Smart Services features include virtual assistants, playing video games, controlling car functions remotely via VinFast App, connecting online shopping, personalizing announcements of offers, events and office utilities. room.

Meanwhile, VinAI contributes to this product solutions to meet Level 2 self-driving, including automatic lane keeping, self-driving on highways or in cities with low traffic, and parking assist. car. In the future, the car can progress to level 3 self-driving.

According to VinFast, the VF e36 has two battery versions for an expected travel distance of 485 km and 680 km.

VinFast VF e36 uses a combination of two electric motors with a maximum capacity of 402 horsepower and maximum torque of 640 Nm. Combined with all-wheel drive, this electric SUV can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.5 seconds.

Vehicles towards safety quality according to the standards of the US National Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) or Euro NCAP are 5 stars. VF e36 is equipped with many safety technologies, including 11 airbags, including 2 front airbags, 2 curtain airbags, 2 side airbags for front seats, 2 side airbags for rear seats, 2 front row leg airbag and 1 front seat center airbag.

VinFast VF e36 is expected to open for sale in the first half of 2022 and hand over to customers in the US market from the end of the year. The price of this electric SUV has not been announced by the Vietnamese car company yet.
2022 VINFAST VF E36 - A three-row crossover at the Los Angeles Auto Show 2021 | Cars Blog 2022 VINFAST VF E36 - A three-row crossover at the Los Angeles Auto Show 2021 | Cars Blog Reviewed by Góc chia sẻ 'Of Nhân on December 02, 2021 Rating: 5

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