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The Anglo-American startup that is hoping to revolutionize electric vehicle design and manufacturing is ready to talk about its first car. The Arrival Vehicle, as it is known, is designed, first and foremost, for the use of cargo drivers during their working day.

Dubbed the Arrival Car, the model is designed for use by shared drivers, the company announced today. The company says it will now begin testing the vehicle and incorporating the feedback into its next prototype design.

“This is an important milestone for Arrival and today we are excited to present our first look at the Arrival Vehicle,” said Tom Elvidge, executive vice president of vehicle platforms at Arrival. ".

The Arrival Car was launched just six months after the company announced it had partnered with Uber to create a "purpose-built vehicle for riding".

Uber's general manager for North and Eastern Europe, Jamie Heywood, said the launch of the prototype was "an exciting moment" for Uber drivers and an important step forward in the company's efforts to move the entire fleet to zero-emission models.

“Uber drivers worked with Arrival to provide feedback on the design of the first all-electric purpose-built for the ride-hailing industry,” he said. "This exciting new vehicle will support our commitment to all cars on the app in London to be all-electric by 2025, helping to accelerate a green recovery and clean up urban transport." town."

The electrification of carpooling is seen as a key component of road transport decarbonisation efforts, with the average moving vehicle generating significantly more emissions than passenger vehicles due to being use more.

Elvidge said Arrival hopes its newest vehicle will have a significant impact on curbing road traffic emissions.

“Electric ride-hailing will play an important role in reducing vehicle emissions in cities around the globe, providing a sustainable and multimodal transport system,” he said. clean for the community. "We are interested in supporting drivers in this transition by developing the best possible product for ride-hailing, enhancing the experience for both them and their passengers, making clean urban air in the process."

Arrival says it was able to design the vehicle so quickly because of its vertically integrated business model, manufacturing the vehicle using a modular design in a single production cell.

The Arrival Car has a very aggressive design, a box on the wheels with a focus on maximizing interior space for passengers. It was shaped like a French-made pickup truck; you can easily picture a row of these parked outside a Saturday morning under-15 football game. But, because it completely rejects the need for aesthetics for the sake of aesthetics, it's also pretty cool.

And despite the sci-fi style, there is something quite human in its design, something quite organic. Because the thrust is on the floor, no discernible bonnet is needed, so the windshield just melts into the chassis. There is a curved glass roof extending over the cabin, making the interior space feel airy and spacious.

A big focus, naturally, is on maximizing interior space and legroom, and I've seen visitor centers more cramped. Despite sitting on (almost) the same amount of legroom as a VW Golf, the Car may have more legroom than a (widely popular) London Black Cab. The front passenger seat can also be folded down and pushed forward slightly, if you need more room. The height also means it's easier to step on and into this vehicle than clumsily crouching, which should help those with mobility issues.

The only problem with this first version, which will likely change in the second prototype, is luggage space. This first model has a rather small luggage compartment, designed for two large suitcases and two small suitcases and little else. But Tom Elvidge, EVP of Vehicle Platforms, believes changes will be made to improve this for the second prototype.

Arrival's custom software platform controls the system, and the Tesla Model 3-esque's 13-inch display is mounted in the center of the dashboard. That's fine for localization, as this will need to be accommodated for left and right driving models. But it also eliminates some of the clutter that drivers share that can sometimes clutter their vision.

Another driver-focused benefit is the fact that the car has been designed to be comfortable but not full of sophisticated materials. Of course, most of this is still intact, but the prototype uses light-colored textiles for the upholstery and something spill-proof on the floor. With the risk of passengers dirtying the car, reducing driving time on the road, ease of cleaning is a top priority.

Those are early days, and Arrival still has the better part of two years to answer many of the important questions we have about the vehicle. The information on battery capacity, range, speed and cost are all left blank as the company is currently focusing on perfecting the design. We know there's no speed limit just going around city streets, as 10% of carpool journeys go to airports. And it should at least pass as a family hatchback when drivers aren't working and want to use the car as a ride of their own.

And, of course, cost will be a big factor in helping drivers abandon their existing vehicles. Arrival thinks the many improvements the company has developed will help it, but has yet to have specific numbers. Given how many taxi fleets are already using Priuses (and other Toyota hybrids) to help save more from their fuel budgets, you can imagine this becoming a hit.

What we do know is that Arrival's EV platform makes for an extraordinary driving experience and is fun to use. I was allowed to drive one of the test trucks around the company's parking lot cum track and it was wild. This is a heavy duty UPS-style cargo vehicle that can be driven as easily and precisely as a go-kart. I'm sure a lot of professional drivers will enjoy the sense of connection to the road that this particular system provides.

Currently, Arrival is working to determine which elements from this first model don't work and refine them for the second prototype. However, there is a lot of work to be done between now and the end of 2023, so we will wait and see how this plays out in the end.

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