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Starting price is about: $17,245

The first fuel model equipped with Huawei's smart cockpit is the first model to experience Beijing Auto's Rubik's Cube

Smart cars are a growing trend today, but this advantage seems to be more evident in the new energy sector. There will be a new SUV coming soon, and its Chinese name - Rubik's Cube has been announced. The new vehicle is also the world's first fuel-powered SUV to use Huawei's intelligent cockpit-Hongmeng Motors' operating system.

The naming of the new car was also collected through the Internet. The wisdom, flexibility and evolution symbolized by the Rubik's Cube coincide with the characteristics of this vehicle. According to official information, the new model is positioned as a compact SUV, which will officially launch in the market in April 2022, with an expected price of 110-150 thousand yuan ($17,245 - $23,516).

In terms of appearance, the design of the new car is based on the design language of the RADIANCE concept car, overall avant-garde and fashionable. The front of the new car does not use the open grille of traditional fuel vehicles, but uses a closed treatment commonly found in new energy vehicles, and the interior is created with a three-dimensional effect. strong through dot matrix decoration.

The LED lights on both sides of the new car are closely connected by a black decorative strip in the middle, creating a good sense of hierarchy with the mesh air intake below, creating a sense of depth, with the subtitle logo "BEIJING".

To the body side, the length, width, and height of the new car are 4620/1886/1680 mm respectively, with a wheelbase of 2735mm, which is positioned as a compact SUV. Overall, the new side of the car is soft rounded, not using sharp lines like previous SUV models. At the same time, the new car adopts the two-color body design that is more popular today, that is, the black roof and the light body create a sharp contrast, very recognizable.

It is worth mentioning that the hidden handle design for new cars, which only appeared on high-end cars, has now begun to sink deeper and deeper into the popular market, which is a great improvement in terms of design. next.

At the rear of the car, the design of the new car is very layered, echoing well with the front end. The see-through taillight design uses black details to adorn the interior for a very personal look. I believe that the taillights will have good perception when lighting at night. In addition, the lower part of the car is treated with a new black bumper, the exhaust pipes on both sides are well hidden in the rear of the car.

Regarding the interior, the new car has almost removed all the physical buttons, the center console looks very simple. The air vent of the air conditioner has a unique design technique and is embellished with red color. In terms of interior materials and workmanship, the center console and door panels are made from soft materials with a large area.

The grip of the flat bottom steering wheel is significantly more and the touch feeling is at an acceptable level. The integrated multifunction buttons can control the multimedia system and the panorama. The front of the steering wheel is equipped with a full LCD clock, and it is also equipped with an AR-HUD reality display.

According to the official statement, the vehicle will be equipped with the Huawei Hongmeng OS car system, which can connect to mobile phones, PCs and other terminals, with key functions such as real-time navigation. , voice interaction, gesture interaction and Internet of At the same time, it can also realize remote smart home Smart life with connected homes.

In addition to the center console, LCD clock and HUD display, there is also a small LCD screen in front of the door panel, which is the display of the electronic rearview mirror. Clearly visible when driving at night or in the rain. With the implementation of relevant regulations and laws in the country, Rubik's Cube can become the first domestic model to be equipped with electronic exterior mirrors.

In the intelligent driving assistance system, Rubik's Cube provides front and rear collision reminders, adaptive cruise, one-button automatic parking, traffic jam assist and other functions, which can help consumers Drive safer in complex urban traffic environments.

In terms of power, the car is equipped with a 1.5T fuel engine with a maximum capacity of 138kW and a maximum torque of 305N m, a torque far beyond Honda's Earth Dream 1.5T. According to the report, the acceleration time over 100 km is only 7.9S.


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