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Since 2014, the number of car manufacturers participating in the CES Exhibition is increasing. This is considered a new catwalk for car manufacturers, besides the traditional auto shows.

More than 20 years ago, Delphi Technologies brought to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) a concept car. The purpose of this company is not to introduce new cars, but to showcase the software technologies found in cars. That concept car changed the future of the auto industry, when it was equipped with the most modern technologies at that time such as collision avoidance, front and side sensors, keyless opening, anti-theft sensors.

New 'stage' for the auto industry

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is an annual trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). The first CES exhibition started in June 1967 in New York, in the period 1978-1994, CES was held twice a year. Until 1998, the exhibition only took place once a year in Las Vegas.

In its 54 years of operation, CES has become an important event to introduce new products and technologies in the consumer electronics industry. The attraction of CES is growing not only with the technology world, but also with the auto industry as car manufacturers realize this is a potential playground where car manufacturers can connect with capital customers. cares more about technology than mechanics.

It can be said that Delphi has created a new wave in CES history. Because not every technology company chooses to introduce products with a model like Delphi did, especially at CES, an exhibition that is more about consumer electronics than cars. But that has created a premise for car manufacturers to pay attention to this exhibition.

The fact that CES will become a new auto show has been predicted before. By 2014, that really happened when a series of car manufacturers participated in the exhibition and introduced products like never before, from self-driving cars, concepts to car technologies. Typical at CES 2014 is Audi's unveiling of laser lighting technology with laser headlights, while the low beams are diodes, the lighting range of this headlight is 500 m, twice as much as LED light. .

Since then, the number of car manufacturers participating in CES has increased year by year. At CES 2016, up to 11 car manufacturers attended as exhibition members, the exhibition space of cars was also expanded. In fact, 10% of the Las Vegas Convention Center's display space is assigned to auto companies, manufacturers, suppliers, or the aftermarket.

Because CES customers buy cars not just based on parameters, performance or durability. Now, users want to be more connected, experience the useful electronic features in the car firsthand. Above all, CES is still a consumer electronics exhibition, the experience element is a feature of this exhibition.

Cars gradually become the focus at CES

As mentioned, car manufacturers come to CES with a completely different mindset compared to pure car shows like Geneva Motor Show, Los Angles Auto Show or Paris Motor Show. Instead of just displaying new car models, automakers focus on introducing the most advanced technology and gadgets available on cars, that's why most of the models appearing at CES are usually concept models or models. car with the latest technology of the company.

After starting in 2014, CES 2015 welcomes more vehicles, especially self-driving cars, the highlight of which is the Mercedes-Benz F 015 concept that was also launched here. Other technology companies also see the attraction from cars and develop related products, such as Nvidia's new automotive technology platform.

By 2016, automotive technology continued to be the main theme at CES. The giants of the auto industry have launched important landmark products, not only in terms of vehicles, but also related forms.

As GM has just launched electric vehicles, has just announced a $500 million investment in transportation giant Lyft, with the goal of opening up new markets for autonomous vehicles in the future. Last year, CES 2020 attracted more than 160 automotive technology companies, including 10 major car manufacturers, to seek partnerships and recruit engineering and technology talents.

Those are typical examples showing the growing attraction of cars at CES. This exhibition is no longer just about consumer electronics, now it is expanded to a larger scale and more multi-industry.

Car manufacturers participating in CES also receive many benefits, this is the easiest way to reach a group of customers who are passionate about technology, or even those who love technology but have little interest in vehicles. In addition, CES also helps their products have more media coverage.

Above all, this is a suitable playground to introduce more deeply into the technologies found in cars. Therefore, CES gradually becomes one of the influential events for the auto industry, even on par with other famous car exhibitions.

CES is also a good opportunity for new car manufacturers to introduce products, and VinFast is no exception. Following the success of VinFast VF e35 and VF e36 launched more than a month ago, the Vietnamese automaker recently announced a plan to introduce three new pure electric car models within the framework of CES 2022.

VinFast's participation in CES shows its ambition in major markets such as the US and Europe, and at the same time popularizes its products closer to international friends. Information about the three new electric car models is still limited, but VinFast has certainly prepared its own stance and technologies for the show at CES this year.

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