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The UNI-K iDD performs very well in terms of steering feel, although not better than others on the market in terms of dynamic response or fuel economy

The Changan UNI-K that we test drove may already be familiar to everyone, but I think you must be very unfamiliar with this hybrid iDD version. This UNI-K iDD version is the first to be equipped with the iDD Blue Whale hybrid system, and the hybrid system is different from the conventional hybrid system currently on the market. The overall structure will be more complex but more stable.

The appearance of the UNI-K iDD version is not much different from the current petrol version, the two main points are the addition of orange caliper decorative caps and an increase in the size of the brake disc. It is equipped with a hybrid battery pack, the weight of the mobile version has reached 2 tons.

The biggest difference between Blue Whale's iDD hybrid system and those of other brands is that its electric motor and motor are both front of the transmission, which means that the power output due to this car's electric motor is in low mode. Pure electricity will also be transmitted to the wheels through the gears of the transmission. This structure in which both the engine and the engine deliver power to the wheels through a dual-clutch transmission has not been developed by other automakers yet.

The UNI-K iDD version of this model is equipped with a lithium battery with a capacity of 30.7 degrees, which can support this car to travel a distance of 110 km entirely on electricity. The power of the engine is 85Kw through adjusting the gear ratio of the gearbox, and the power efficiency in urban driving in pure electric mode is also acceptable. But the best state is HEV mode, the gasoline engine and electric motor intervene according to different driving conditions and the output power is more secure. In HEV mode, overall endurance over 1000 km is not an issue.

The battery of the UNI-K iDD will force the motor to intervene when the power is below 20% (in automotive systems the power ratio of the battery when the engine is interfered can also be set separately), the engine and the engine Power will work in low power mode, and the engine will also charge the battery, so that the engine is always in the best state of power generation. I think UNI-K iDD in this mode is the best power response state, because the motor is already running and will actively cooperate with the electric motor. In low power mode, the fuel consumption of the UNI-K iDD can reach 6 liters of fuel per 100 km and the acceleration time from 0-100 km is about 8 seconds. a two-ton SUV.

In the title I wrote that this is a very reliable hybrid system, why? The main reason is that the electric motor of this car is to make the car's power efficiency like icing on the cake, and won't completely rely on the electric motor's power output in low speed conditions. For example, in extreme conditions, the electric motor is overheated or the battery temperature is too low, this UNI-K iDD is still a fuel vehicle equipped with a 1.5T and 6-speed dual clutch, This is not currently available in other vehicles. hybrid models on the market.

After we drove this car on the road, we really didn't expect this to be the first hybrid system installed on a production car. In HEV and EV modes, you can feel a bit underwhelmed by the dual-clutch transmission, but the overall feel is quite interesting, after all, the front of the transmission is not a traditional internal combustion engine but rather electric motor.

The overall driving experience is very fast, in line with current electric vehicles on the market. In HEV mode, gearshifts and engine intervention are relatively reluctant, after all, this is a system designed to save energy and save fuel. But pedaling deeply, the engine interferes with the electric motor, the transmission downshifts, the explosion of power can certainly meet the needs of most drivers.

UNI-K iDD is equipped with a very large battery pack, the whole vehicle weight has reached 2 tons, although the brake disc size has been enlarged, but if left in power shortage and kinetic energy recovery mode. not maximum. I think the feel of the brake pedal is very soft. Hybrid models are equipped with brake calipers, but the core essence is still dual-piston brake calipers.

The overall tuning of the suspension is stiffer than in the petrol version, which also caters to the greater weight. But after hardening, I think the premium driving feel of this car will appear instead. With the battery pack at the bottom of the car, it makes its center of gravity lower, while reducing suspension vibration, and the NVH performance of the whole car is very good.

After talking about this car's most important hybrid system, let's take a look at the interior's looks and performance again. Especially, the design of the grille and headlights is bold with science and technology. UNI-K iDD is positioned as a mid-size SUV with a body length of 4865 * 1948 * 1700mm and a wheelbase of 2890mm, the overall size is still quite large.

As for the wheels, our test drive was the top-of-the-range model, so it's fitted with 21-inch wheels, and the caliper trim has been added to the hybrid model, which looks great, effect. In addition, UNI-K iDD is also equipped with 4 high-performance Continental MC6 tires with specifications 265/45 R21.

In addition, the shape of the rear of the car also has some changes, in addition to the rear of the car becoming iDD, the design of the tailgate has also been adjusted, compared to the UNI-K iDD 1.5 petrol engine version. The T engine has been replaced, the chassis is fitted with batteries, and the group's exhaust pipes have also been optimized. The tail throat has become a decorative design that is now single-sid

Coming to the car, UNI-K iDD has added a Senhai blue interior that matches the visual effects of very high-end blue and gray, and also has color-adjustable ambient lights and bronze. Full-featured LCD display technology. In addition, the shape of the steering wheel has also been refined, although it is still a "dual D" design, the decorative cover under the steering wheel has been removed, and the former three-spoke design has now been changed to a 5-spoke type. current dual.

The overall linkage system of the UNI-K iDD machine-to-vehicle system is also very good, in addition to the separate display of the rearview mirror of the media streaming, the in-vehicle device also supports AR real-time navigation.

Another very interesting design is that the UNI-K iDD has a fatigue detection sensor on the steering wheel, which can not only detect fatigue. I used my mobile phone to return to WeChat during the drive. This sensor can recognize my movement. And the car told me not to play with my phone, I should focus on driving, it was so much fun.

There are two other parts of the UNI-K iDD that are different from the petrol version, that is, two fast and slow charging ports are added on the right side of the car, because the battery of this car has a 30 degree tilt angle, it is better than traditional plug-in hybrid. The car engine is much larger, so a fast charging system is a must.

In addition, in the trunk of the car, there is no spare tire design, in the trunk is a small 12V battery that holds the tire repair solution and inflates the air. There is also a set of external power sockets, this function is quite practical. Since the UNI-K iDD can lock the battery, the battery maintains 90% power when the vehicle reaches its destination. This vehicle can instantly turn into a portable power station with 27 kWh of electricity. Utilities for outdoor travel needs. very good

The seats of the UNI-K iDD remain the same as the fuel version, this flagship model is equipped with Sony audio speakers and headrests. The leather stitching of the seat feels great. It is worth mentioning that the rear seats are really smooth and comfortable, with a wheelbase of 2890mm, the driving experience at the rear is not inferior to a B-class car.

Personal opinion

All in all, this UNI-K iDD is the crystallization of Changan's current hybrid technology, and it also represents Changan's overall car-building concept. Although the structure is complicated, to ensure the reliability of the whole system, it is not until now that this technology is officially released. The UNI-K iDD Blue Whale hybrid system also supports overall OTA upgrades, meaning that even if there is a BUG in the powertrain, it doesn't need to wait for product iterations to resolve it. This is simply the biggest benefit for used car owners.

The UNI-K iDD performs very well in terms of steering feel, although not better than others on the market in terms of dynamic response or fuel economy, but its most outstanding features are moderation and overall reliability. Fuel consumption is not high, power is not weak, These three points are enough for stable operation. 

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