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Starting price is about: $76,530

The Guangzhou Motor Show 2021, the Great Wall of China launched the new Salon brand, and at the same time launched the first model of the Salon-Mecha Dragon brand. Undoubtedly, Mecha Dragon is definitely a theme of the auto show and has a lot of attention. The car model is tall too. One of the reasons is because of the attention coming from the brand new sixth salon of the Great Wall. The second reason is that Mecha Dragon itself has a special design, and its price is also very trendy. Also, the biggest concern could come from the fact that it sold out in 3 hours.

First of all, Mecha Dragon sold out 101 limited editions in 3 hours, to be honest, the speed is quite fast. Because the Mechalong is priced at 488,000 yuan ($76,530), it's clearly not low, if you change to a 100,000 yuan model and sell 101 pieces in three hours, that's nothing new, but a brand new model priced at 488,000 yuan ($76,530) it is quite a surprise that models that have not been tested by the market can reach this level.

Except for the high-end brands of the Great Wall and the Great Wall which are endorsements for the brand, is Mecha Dragon any different in its own power?

The most controversial part of Mecha Dragon is its design. It has a supercar look, but breaks the conventional design; it's not on trend, but some say it's ugly; under a slightly weird appearance, the turn rate is usually more likely - this is the part about the mechanical dragon appearance that gives me the feeling. For those who can accept its appearance, the rate of return offered by the peculiar shape is the most attractive; For those who don't like it, the unconventional design is truly incomprehensible.

Then talk about the performance. In terms of power, the Mechalong electric car is equipped with two front and rear motors with a maximum capacity of 405kW and maximum torque of 750N, capable of accelerating from 0 -100 km / h in 3.7 seconds.

In terms of battery life, the Mechalong has a 115kWh battery that can reach a range of 802KM in CLTC conditions and its fast charging technology can charge in 10 minutes and has a battery life of 401KM.

In terms of technology and hardware, the interior of the car has a 10.25-inch full LCD dashboard + 27-inch central control screen, integrated with Qualcomm 8155 chip, 7 ultra-sharp cameras, 4 surround views. camera, 5mm wave radar, 12 sonar radars and a high-precision stand-alone locator.

Overall, aside from the controversial appearance when starting the Ankylosaurus, from the angles of the vehicle's smart configuration, steering assist configuration, power efficiency, cruise range, etc., I think the Ankylosaurus' hard power. still very good for the 101 limited edition model, the price is 488,000 yuan ( $76,530 ), not too exaggerated. It is reported that the price of the regular version in the future could reach nearly 400,000 yuan, which may be more acceptable for most consumers.

Great Wall Mecha Dragon sold out in three hours, While there were many negative opinions | Cars Blog Great Wall Mecha Dragon sold out in three hours, While there were many negative opinions | Cars Blog Reviewed by Dang Nhan on December 05, 2021 Rating: 5

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